Anadrox Pump and Burn Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

anadrox pump and burn reviewIn the world of bodybuilding there is a constant call for supplements.

Some are of the enhancement type and others are meant to just resupply the body when it is overworked.

Because most bodybuilders pay close attention to their diets, it isn’t often necessary to “sweat” the absence of a nutritional supplement, but it is important to seriously consider any of the beneficial products that can improve or support workout goals and efforts.

Product Facts

This is the reason that the Anadrox Pump and Burn product from MHP caught our attention.

It is one of the popular NO (nitric oxide) formulas that helps to increase muscle growth, but this formula also claims to be a fat burning “inferno” as well.

It also says that it provides a unique approach to NO use, which made us begin to research the ingredients and check out the claims through consumer reviews.

What It Does and Ingredients

What we immediately learned about Anadrox Pump and Burn is that it does have an extensive range of no boosters in the list of ingredients, but it also does provide a very unique feature where this issue is concerned.

This product addresses the issue of NO use and the different pathways of the body.

The manufacturer realized that NO use can be thwarted by the existence of “co factors” or other chemicals in the body.

By introducing Biofolin into the list of ingredients, however, they have created a system by which all of these NO agonists are avoided or overridden.

Additionally, the ingredients in Anadrox Pump and Burn include several proprietary matrixes that help to really burn away fat like never before.

These include the: VasoThermic Pump Inducing Fat Burning Activators, The Pump- NitroFolin, The Burn – Thermo Z7, Purine Nucleoside & Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors, Cyctooxygenase Inhibitors, and Beta Receptor Site Upregulating Factors.

These mixtures are used in a 7-step process that is considered to be a true supplemental fat burning breakthrough.

User Reviews and Feedback

When we began to read the different customer reviews for the Anadrox Pump and Burn we were not surprised to see phrases like “a serious cutter” and a way to “slash body fat”.

We also noticed that a lot of the comments talked about the product as a good “mix” between fat burner and NO machine.

Generally, the reviews are favorable about the product’s ability to increase muscle and reduce fat, but many also point to the increase in energy that they enjoyed during their workouts.

There were no comments about dosage or flavors, which means that this should be considered a non-issue.

Some people may balk at the idea of four pills per serving, but the reviews did not mention any discomfort in terms of size or after-taste, and this indicates that this is not something to worry about.

Pricing and Where To Buy

A single bottle of the Anadrox Pump and Burn product contains 28 of the 4-pill doses.

Because it is recommended that two servings a day be used for the best results, a 112 capsule bottle provides a two-week supply.

The average price for this size is currently around $22 to $25, and the top suppliers include MASS Nutrition,, and DAMuscle.Most online vendors offer some sort of incentive, and this includes’s 5% discount, as well as some reduced shipping options from other vendors.


We would recommend Anadrox Pump and Burn to anyone looking to enjoy the remarkable benefits of an NO boost, but who are also in need of some reliable fat burning.

This is not a basic dieter’s supplement, however, and is meant to be put to use by those who really work their muscles or perform resistance training on a very regular basis.

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  1. Does this product really give u the vaso pump and does it really burn fat and how? I’m in a wheelchair and still am pretty fit.

    Just have a belly now that i can’t walk.
  2. Hi,

    im just wondering,is Anadrox a suitable fatburner for a drug tested natural bodybuilding contest? (Ireland)
    1. Hey Monika,
      The only ingredient I would suspect might give you a problem is DHEA. It “might” be banned in Ireland, so check with your local resources to be sure.

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