Asphaton Review – Amazing or Not?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-28-2020

Asphaton Review

There are a number of different reasons a man may suffer from premature ejaculation.

Additionally, this issue may affect men of all ages at different points in their life.

This problem can be related to stress, depression, or caused by some other type of medical problem.

For many men, prescription medications are not appropriate or unwanted.

The good news is that there are several over the counter and herbal male enhancement supplements that can help with these issues.

It takes care of and eliminates the awkwardness that comes along with going into a doctor’s office and having an embarrassing face to face encounter where you have to detail the sensitive and personal bedroom problems you have going on.

One product that is available to help treat premature ejaculation is called Asphaton.

Asphaton is a capsule that is manufactured in Britain.

The male enhancement supplement is presented on a website that is extremely user friendly.

However, there is very little information provided about the product.

There is no frequently asked questions page or any clinical studies offered to prove that the supplement works.

However, there are several customer testimonials provided as well as an explanation of how Asphaton works.

How Asphaton WorksAsphaton Review

The ingredients in Asphaton are all listed on the products website along with the amounts of each that are used.

However, most of the ingredients are unfamiliar to the average consumer and there is no explanation about how the ingredients help prevent premature ejaculation.

The list of Asphaton ingredients provided by the website includes Asphaltum, Kushta Qualee, Eggshell Calcium, Iron Murakab, Ascacia Arabica, and Withsnis Coagulns.

Asphaltum is typically called Shilajit and is a Himalayan rock that is thought to have several benefits sexually.

There are no instructions provided about how much a recommended dosage is.

The site does state that the consumer should start seeing results within 16 weeks.

Pros and Cons of Asphaton

Asphaton Pros:

  • All of the Asphaton ingredients are listed.
  • Contact information for the manufacturer is provided.
  • There is a guarantee of 30 days for the product.
  • There are testimonials from customers provided.
  • The process for ordering the product is secure.

Asphaton Cons:

  • The cost of the product is extremely expensive.
  • The ingredients of the product are not familiar.
  • There are no clinical trials or scientific evidence proving the product works.
  • There is no frequently asked questions page provided on the website.
  • There is no free trial offered.

Where to Buy Asphaton

Asphatoncan be ordered directly from the product’s manufacturer.

The cost is extremely expensive as a 75 tablet pack costs $49.99 and only lasts for 12 days.A pack of 200 tablets, which is a 33 day supply, costs $99.99. There is no free trial of the product available, but the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Is Asphaton Recommended?

I have difficulty recommending Asphaton for several reasons.The first is that there is very little known about the ingredients that are listed for the product.

Additionally, the cost of the product is somewhat high and there are no clinical trials or other scientific evidence provided proving that the product actually works.

With so little information known about the ingredients, it is tough to know whether or not they are in a good enough concentration to have good effects or if they are safe or effective.

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Sir my q is this i am suffiring from sperm drop after urination i dont know what is it butt i am little worried about it that is why i chose this tablet can thy work plez let me now if u online -Umer

I don't know of any supplement specifically meant to combat a drop in sperm count after urination. You should probably consult your doctor.- Rob

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