Body Fuel Tribulus Review – Does It Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 12-24-2014

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Body Fuel Tribulus Overview

We all know that the “male hormone” testosterone is necessary for health, muscle tone, fat reduction, libido, and general vitality.

And what we should also know is that testosterone levels decrease rapidly as we age.

Starting as early as 25 or so, we lose more and more each year, until before long, it starts to become noticeable.

We gain fat, we lose muscle, we get tired, we lose interest in sex, we get irritable.

And all of this, while it sucks, is indisputable.

We get older, we lost testosterone, and we suffer the consequences.

For the last several years, natural testosterone boosting supplements have been gaining popularity.

And along the way, several different ingredients have come in and out of favor. Chief among them is Tribulus Terrestris.

There are some who swear by it, and there are some who say it’s useless.

Where you fall on this spectrum will determine how you feel about the supplement we’re talking about today.


Body Fuel Tribulusis a product made by Sports Innovations.

It’s designed to stimulate an increase in natural testosterone production in your body.

By doing so, Body Fuel Tribulus provides an increase in lean muscle mass building and retention, an increase in fat burning, an increase in energy, and an increase in libido.

Body Fuel Tribulus ReviewBody Fuel Tribulus Ingredients and How They Work

There is only one active ingredient in Body Fuel Tribulus, and that’s Tribulus Terrestris.

A daily serving of 3 Body Fuel Tribulus capsules contains 1800mg of Tribulus Terrestris with 45% Saponins.

This is important because it’s the Saponins that cause the increase in testosterone production.

And the increase you get from Body Fuel Tribulus will allow you to work out with more intensity, think more clearly, sustain more energy, breakdown more fat, and recover more quickly after workouts.

The recommended dose is 3 Body Fuel Tribulus capsules daily.

You take 2 in the morning and 1 before bed.

Body Fuel Tribulus Pros and Cons

One of the ways we’re able to determine whether or not a supplement is any good is by weighing out the pros and cons.

It’s really helps us when it’s time to come to a conclusion, be it negative or positive.

Advantages of Body Fuel Tribulus

  • The formula is pure and simple.
  • It boosts stamina and vitality.
  • It’s made by Bauer Nutrition which has a pretty solid reputation.

Disadvantages of Body Fuel Tribulus

  • There is uncertainty about whether or not Tribulus Terrestris does what it says it does.

    There is agreement that it increases libido, but some feel that only makes it an aphrodisiac, not a testosterone booster.

    The science doesn’t actually support the claims that Tribulus increases testosterone.

    Most of the “evidence’ is purely anecdotal.

    On the other hand, there are plenty of bodybuilders who take Tribulus every day because they believe it works.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Body Fuel Tribulus through the official website.

A month’s supply costs about $40.


If you know Tribulus will provide the results you’re looking for, Body Fuel Tribulus is a good choice.Otherwise, you’re probably better off going with something that’s got a wider ranging formula.

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  1. Tribulis used as a stand alone is a waste of money, priced at 40 bucks is hi way robbery ! There are so many products on the market that are better for far less money.

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