Boost Ultra Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-3-2018

boost ultra reviewWhat’s the best way to address a male performance issue?

There is no single cure, but one of the most frequently used is to increase the levels of testosterone in the body.

This is something known to have a direct impact on sex drive and performance.

This is the reason we decided to investigate the Boost Ultra product.

It calls itself a male enhancer and uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to provide a man with the ability to perform longer, obtain a strong erection, and to decrease his “recovery” time too.

We’ll look at the ingredients, customer reviews, and prices to determine if we can indeed advocate this product.

How It Works and Ingredients

The ingredients in Boost Ultra are very freely given on the packaging.

They include Maca, Peruvian Ginseng, Panax Quinquefolious and Tribulus Terrestris.

Each of these compounds has a long history of use in the treatment of male performance issues.

For example, the Tribulus Terrestris is known to boost testosterone, but it also encourages improved blood flow to the genitals.

This means it packs a one-two punch that enhances arousal while supplying the region with enough blood to sustain a large erection.

The Maca and Ginseng are known aphrodisiacs that stimulate arousal and encourage stamina by increasing the amount of sex hormones in the blood.

We learned that these are all very safe compounds, but when combined they can pose risks to those with blood pressure or heart conditions.

This is the reason that the packaging also recommends that a physician be consulted before use.

Because the formula also claims to work in less than an hour’s time, it is also a good idea to discuss sexual activity and safety with a doctor before using a potent formula such as this.

This is especially true when you realize that the product can function for up to 48 hours after being consumed.

User Reviews and Feedback

We had to see if all of the evidence about the supposed capabilities of the Boost Ultra product were valid, and began scouting around for customer feedback.

What we found right away was the industry reviews and these pointed out the lack of clinical studies to validate the manufacturer’s claims.

They also indicated that there was very little manufacturer’s information available, and that this was coupled with a total absence of a money-back guarantee of any kind.

Industry professionals also indicated that a lack of sample sizes made it seem as if the maker was going for the sale and little else.

Customer reviews were nonexistent, and this was an immediate “red flag” in our opinion.

Where To Buy and Best Price

The wider view of Boost Ultra only got worse when we began to shop around for prices and this was due entirely to the fact that very few high-quality suppliers make it available.

We did find it for around $17 at a few outlets, but most of them listed the product as unavailable or out of stock.The official website did make it available in plentiful supplies, but the prices were really exorbitant.

For instance, a three pack of pills required a whopping $15 price tag.


Unfortunately, we found that we could not recommend the use of Boost Ultra for a large number of reasons.Though the formulation seemed valid, we did find a lot of warnings about it.

We also discovered that Boost Ultra had few customer comments, even at the official website.

This left us scratching our heads about its effectiveness.

When we realized that there was no guarantee for those who invested in the product, and that the manufacturer asked for a very high price, we realized that it was not of a quality high enough to receive our approval.

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  1. I though boost ultra really did work good. I have tried alot of other male enhancement products, and the majority of them just suck. I popped one dose of these pills, and boom, I was ready to go in about an hour. Has a very similar effect to vierect.
  2. Well for me when I first tried up a couple of years ago
    It was better then great!
    I just tried it again last
    Night from a newer bottle and my erection wasnt there almost reversed
    Too bad

  3. Boost ultra did nothing for me but give me a stomach ache and give me a hard time falling asleep that night. I don’t know if i got a bad batch or something, but I don’t plan on taking it again.

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