BSN NO Xplode Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-5-2017

/wp content/uploads/2011/03/noxplodeBSN NO Xplode is one very popular supplement that we came across while researching through  This pre workout supplement is supposed to amplify mental focus, increase performance in the gym, and help you with your training intensity.  Their are literally dozens of guys talking about it on over half a dozen forums, and the consensus seems to be that this is a great product.  But how exactly does this miracle powder work?  We set out to learn as much as we could about this product by studying the effects it had on participants, a detailed analysis of the ingredients, and comparing it to other products of the same caliber in this review.

Award Winning Supplement

BSN NO Xplode has actually won a variety of awards from, including nitric oxide supplement of the year (6 years in a row), best pre workout supplement, and muscle builder of the year.  While these awards say alot about the product, what really counts is the results that men have been getting from it.  Here are a couple of reviews we found online:

“This is by far the best pre-workout supplement I have used, and I have tried alot.  I used to take Jacked, but started to lose the effect from it, so i wanted to try something different.  The one thing I will say about this product is it gave me a little bit of a sick feeling.  I think it was because of the caffeine overload, but 3 scoops is like drinking 3 cups of coffee at once.”
Richard, Nevada

“I hit kind of a wall in the gym after about 4 months of working out.  It was just getting really hard to stay motivated, and I found myself dragging away and not making any progress.  One of the trainers at my gym mentioned NO Xplode, and suggested I give it a shot.  He said it is practically the best he has ever come across.  I ordered it and I definitely had some of the best workouts of my life when using it.  That said, I think i became immune to it, because I don’t seem to get the same effect from it anymore.”
Jeff, NY

Ingredients and Side Effects

BSN NO Xplode is formulated with a rich blend of ingredients that are supposed to help give you the extra pump your are looking for.  We noticed that 2 of the main ingredients, Vitamin B 6 and B12, are both found in energy drinks, so that would explain where the energy boost comes from.  It also contains a number of vital nutrients, including Calcium, Magnesium, Phospherous, Sodium, and Potassium, as well as a unique blend of amino acids too long to list here.

Pricing and Availability

After a ton of research, we found that this supplement is available in hundreds of stores nationwide, and also online.  Prices ranged from the downright dirty ($1 for a sample bar) to the all expensive $100, and everything in between.  The best price was available on for $9.99, and it is also available in a number of brick and mortar stores, including GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.


There are hundreds of NO supplements out there, but we believe this could possibly be one of the best ones we have come across to date.  The sheer amount of positive user feedback, coupled with high quality ingredients, leads us to recommend this product.  Some things to note however, were that the men that did experience adverse or dangerous side effects from BSN NO Xplode.  Many complained that it gave them a nauseous feeling, and also felt somewhat jittery.  We believe this is due to the fact that it contains high amounts of Vitamin B 6 and 12, but can not conclude that this was the reason.

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  1. I used to use this supplement for about a month to help give me a boost in my workouts. I felt great, but almost felt like it was just a caffeine rush that I could have gotten with a cup of coffee.

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