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/wpIt’s quite comical to see the sheer amount of blogs and male enhancement pills on the internet that make extraordinary claims to gain size, but they continue to sprout up. One such supplement, called Megamagnum, promises gains of as much as 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth, by using their particular product. Well, the manufacturer does not specifically make the claim, but they do have a testimonial on their home page that indicates so. Claims like these should be considered carefully, so we decided to review this product for its claims, and see if guys like me and you actually did make gains.

Mega Magnum in a Nutshell

Their website is pretty straightforward, and talks about their reputation, including being involved in the industry for 8 years. They say they are #1 in Male Enhancement, but what exactly does that mean? Were they rated by some consumer reporting agency, or did they win some award from the Porn Actors Guild or something?

We searched through their FAQ section to find a list of ingredients, but came up short. They do mention that their particular product contains yohimbe, but that’s it. Determined to find an answer, we scoured the internet to see if anyone had a bottle on them which they could read us a list of the ingredients. Again, nothing. It seems that they do not want us to know what is in their pills i guess.

Update! 5-19-2011

MegaMagnum does not contain Yohimbe! We have had several customers send us the ingredients on the bottle, and it does not contain yohimbe. The full list of ingredients in megamagnum are as follows:

Niacin 50 mg (per serving) 250% (dv)
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 26 mg (per serving) 173% (dv)

Property blend 1145mg:
Meca (tuber), catuaba (bark), muira puama (bark), L-arginine(hci), barrenwort (aerial), tributes (herb), cola (seed), oatstraw (grassy stalks), stinging nettle (leaves), pumpkin (seed), ginger (root), cayenne (25,000 hu)(fruit), American.

Ginseng (root), eleuthero (root), Asian ginseng (root), sarsaparilla (root), orchic substance (bovine), born citrate.

Since it doesn’t contain any harmful stimulants, it is unlikely you will get any mega magnum side effects.

Who Has Used it?

We posed the question on yahoo answers, as well as a few other forums and discussion boards, and a few guys said they actually ordered it. Their are no reviews on their official site (other than the one on their homepage), and there are just a few other third party sites that talk about it, though no one has used it. Take a look at the reviews posted below in the comments section of this page.

So Does It Work?

Good Question! It’s hard for us to say, considering no one has claimed to use it. Like alot of male enhancement pills, they have a good chance of helping you gain a harder erection, and last longer. From personal experience, most of these pills give us a good quality erection, with very little side effects. What does need to be noted is that Megamagnum does contain yohimbe, which by an large, is not a very safe product. Read about the adverse side effects of yohimbe here.

Best Price and Where To Buy

Well it looks like megamagnum is only available on the internet, and you can only buy it on its official site. It is not sold in stores, and the average retail price is, well $80 for a months supply. The price gets cheaper as you order higher quantities, but tops out at $130 for a 90 day supply. The official site is


No pill will make you bigger on its own, and that has been proven time and time again. However, megamagnum does include a free enlargement exercise guide to go along with its pills, so there is a chance you may receive some desired results. Its always best to check with your doctor before trying out any of these supplements, especially ones that contain yohimbe. It’s not the cheapest male enhancer on the market, but there might be a chance it can work for you. If you do decide to use it, please contact us and let us know how it worked for you.

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