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Fact Checked On: 4-3-2020

/wp content/uploads/2011/04/oxydreneOxydrene is manufactured by a company called Novex Biotex, and promises to help oxygenate blood and tissue for enhanced performance.  Our review of this supplement will encompass all facets pertaining to the ingredients and formulation, a detailed analysis of the customer testimonials and feedback, as well as pricing and availability information.  This particular company has been making high quality supplements for bodybuilders, and has released such products as Endothil and Cutting Gel.

What is Oxydrene?

Derived from a formula containing 3 primary ingredients, Oxydrene is a deep tissue oxygenate, which pushes more oxygen into the bloodstream to give you better endurance and stamina.  It is actually one of very few products that actually make this claim, and generally takes about 3-4 days to start working effectively.  The directions state that the dosage is 2 capsules twice a day between meals, even when you are not working out.

This supplement is often paired with a product called Zantrex 3, a fat burning pill.  The official website of Oxydrene states that bodybuilders wishing to use their supplement should check with their trainers because of a potential ban in the IOC and WADA, 2 regulatory agencies involved with the Olympics and Anti-Steroids.  It’s not that this product is a steroid, but its chemical properties as well as the effect of increasing oxygen uptake during peak workout sessions contribute to an overall ban by these agencies.

Oxydrene is made up of a number of potent ingredients, including Sedum Crenulata, Hippophae, Fructose Lychii Chinensis, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, and Silicon Dioxide.  We researched these ingredients thoroughly to see what kind of effect thay have on the human body individually, and noticed that Hippophae is actually used to help treat cardiac patients.  Their is very little information on these ingredients that suggests they help infuse oxygen into the blood.

User Reviews

Nearly every review we read on various sites gave this product a 5 star rating.  The most common benefit derived from Oxydrene was an increased feeling of energy, and better workouts.  Check out these reviews we found:

“I tried this supplement for the first time last month, and it really helped boost my energy levels for the gym.  I’m also a pretty active guy, I like to play tennis and golf, but I’m pushing my late 50’s now and needed some sort of a boost.  This product did just that, and I will continue taking it for the foreseeable future.”
Jim, Ohio

“Before trying this particular product out I decided on Oxy Elite pro, which gave me the jitters big time.  I needed something else that would give me a rush of energy, but not leave me feeling like I drank 10 cups of coffee.   A friend recommended oxydrene, and when I started taking it, I was hooked.  No bad side effects, no jittery feeling, nothing.  Just a great overall boost for my workouts.”
Paul, Florida

Pricing and Availability

The best part about oxydrene is you can find it in a lot of stores, including GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.  The average retail price in stores is around $28, as opposed to purchasing it through an online retailer like Amazon for $33.  The cheapest price was on a website called luckyvitamin.com, which sold it for $21, not including shipping and handling.


Based on alot of the feedback we have seen, Oxydrene may appear to work for some men.  There are alot of products that give you extra energy for the gym, but very few actually deliver.  From the reviews above, and others we have seen, it looks like it definitely gives you more energy when compared to similar products like Panthera and Slin.  The price is unbeatable, at just $21 for a bottle, so it may just be to your benefit to try it out for yourself.

Even if it winds up not being quite your speed, at the very least it is cheap enough that you’ll be able to take your hard-earned cash to a different and similar supplement that maybe will wind up doing the trick for you in the way that you have been wanting and needing for some time.

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is it ok to take oxydrene if your on an antidepressant? -lisa

Any time you take a prescription medication, you need to check with your doctor before starting on a new supplement.  They'll be able to tell you if there are any contraindications.- Rob

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  1. I used Oxydrene for a couple of weeks, and saw pretty decent results. It was nothing like some of the other pre workout supplements I used, but it gave me an overall increase in energy and no side effects.

    I don’t think it’s available anymore though, I think they banned it because it contained some ingredients.
  2. I’ll give you my take on Oxydrene. I got it at GNC for like 50% off, and started taking it.

    This was in early 2011. My first workout was great, had alot of energy, and went strong for about 2 hours. Then, it seemed like everyday I took it, it worked less and less.

    Not sure if its because of the supplement or what, but I just didn’t get the same effects off of it that I used to.

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