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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

/wp content/uploads/2011/04/nitroNitro Sport NO3 is a so called “nitric oxide” producing supplement that is supposed to help you build muscle quickly. I have personally seenmany of these lately, and every time one goes away, another one seems to appear on the market. This one, like alot of others contains the almighty L-Arginine, which has been the subject of some recent clinical studies pertaining to its effectiveness. While there isn’t alot of information available about this particular supplement, we will do our best to help provide you a better understanding of how it works.

Straight From The Manufacturer

According to the products own website, nitro sport no3 is supposed to increase muscle mass, boost blood flow, help eliminate your libido problems, and help you lean out faster. As we stated earlier, this supplement contains l-arginine, which is a precursor to the production of nitric oxide. Various research suggests that the presence of nitric oxide, or no as its commonly referred as, helps to dilate the blood vessels and allow for blood to flow throughout the body more naturally.

The premise of this supplement is to give you a lean, muscular physique, but is it the supplement itself that does this, or the resulting effects you get from it. We took to the discussion boards of various bodybuilding websites to help learn about the benefits of NO3 supplements, and got some great feedback from it.

We Take Our Discussion To The Forums

According to men who posted on, nitric oxide supplements are supposed to give you insane amounts of energy for the gym. While no one in particular stated that they tried nitro sport no3, several discussed that they had used products very similar and experienced great benefits. Some of the key benefits discussed were a keen sense of euphoria, and a very aggressive behavior, similar to that of steroids, which could be very beneficial for a workout. Since no one has come forward and said that they explicitly used this product, we can only assume that the results would be the same.

Where To Buy Nitro Sport NO3 and Availability

We scoured the internet for the best price of nitro sport, but could only find it available on the companies official website. It is definitely not sold in stores, and you actually cant even buy it online. You can, however, get a “free trial” which allows you to “try” the product for a period of 14 days. After your 14 day trial is up, you will be sent a new supply of the product every thirty days, and your credit card is billed almost $90! BE CAREFULL OF THESE FREE TRIALS!

I know from personal experience not to be sucked into some of these free trials. Because of a few bad experiences, and a few credit cards later, you need to make sure you read the fine print and know what your getting yourself into. Be sure to mark your calendar, and make sure you understand that you will keep getting the product for a long time if you don’t cancel.


This product, like pretty much all the other supplements we come across that make claims like this, does not seem to be much different from the others. The problem that we have with Nitro Sport NO3 is the fact that they have no FAQ page, no customer support structure, no way to just buy a one months supply, and no customer reviews or testimonials on their site. Furthermore, the terms and conditions require you to be a lawyer to understand all the legal terms. We are not saying that it doesn’t work, it may very well, but a decent company website will explain exactly how this will happen, instead of just talking about the ingredients 80% of the time.

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User Reviews

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By Shannon,  May 11, 2013

I fell for the "$4.95 trial" scam... Then two weeks later, I was charged, without notice, another $109.95 for another months supply that I never ordered. The website doesn't exist and the customer service reps only attempt to wrangle you into more bullshit.  DO NOT give these assholes your credit card information.

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Author: Rob Miller

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  1. I recently bought some NO3 and C4; I took both products as directed and headed to the Gym. I have used C4 in the past and it charges me up….the NO3 was new to me and I noticed that I recovered quicker between sets.

    I was able to work out harder and finished my work-out sooner as a result. It’s my first time using NO3 and I hope that it continues to contribute to more productive workouts and muscle gains.

    1. Hey Dawid,

      No, not at all. Nitro Sport NO3 is not a steroid. It’s a nitric oxide pre workout supplement, but when I did a quick search for it just now, it looks like it’s no longer available. If you’re looking for a pre-workout supplement, go with Nitrocut. It allows you to workout at your peak without stimulants.

  2. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!! I ordered the “free Trial” offer and before I received the “free trial” my credit card was billed $105LEANdot95. I called the customer service and was told it was in the terms and conditions. I just reread the T&C and could not find anything that said I was signing up for automatic shipments.


    I disputed the charge with my credit card company and hope I don’t have to pay this scam company!
  3. Glad you posted this because I was just about to be suckered. Special thanks to the author and all the comments as in this tight economy this would have torn me a new one!

  4. I have always gone by the slogan, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is." But, I ordered it anyways because it was a “free” sample and it couldn’t hurt. Next thing you know, I was charged $105 to my credit card, and I had received no new product.

    I called the company and they said that it was in the disclaimer. I said you mean the fine print that no one reads???

    She said that they are going to refund my money, minus the shipping and the “restocking fee”. I guess they are charging me to place it back on the shelf?? This is a HUGE scam I will try to do everything that I can to stop others.

    I don’t know if I am more pissed at them, or myself, for falling for this b.s. when I should have known better!!!
  5. I tried the supposed free trial of nitro sport no3 and they billed my credit card over $200! I was so pissed when I finally realized it, but it was too late.

    They would not give me a refund, despite me telling them I would send everything back.
  6. Nitro Sport NO3 does not work, at all! I bought this supposed “free trial” and they ended up charging me $50 for it like a month later.

    I called to get my money back but they said that they don’t offer refunds. So much for customer service!

    1. When I bought the trail I canceled the credit card after the payment and request a new card from my bank. Some inconvenience to me, but they can not bill the canceled card. lol

  7. I was wondering about this nitro sport no3 too, so your saying they don’t sell it in stores? I wish they just sold like a months supply in GNC or something, I would really like to try it out.

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