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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018

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We have gotten a chance to try out several different types of Nitric Oxide supplements lately, and I wanted to share my personal results with Cellucor’s NO3 Chrome. I actually came across this particular supplement while researching various NO products on the market. Black Chrome was being compared to many other products, and GNC gave it an approval to stock it on their shelves, so I figured it must be good.

no3 black chrome reviewWhat is Cellucor NO3 Black Chrome?

NO3 Chrome is a nitric oxide supplement that is marketed to give you powerful pumps in the gym and increased energy for practically any activity. It works, just like practically every other NO supplement, through the use of L-Arginine, which is a precursor to the production of Nitric Oxide.

What separates black chrome from the competitors is that it also infuses pycnogenol into its ingredient blend, which acts as a strong anti oxidant. It is also stimulant and creatine free, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful additives like Yohimbe in the mix.

Dosage and How To Take NO3 Chrome

Unfortunately, the bottle only contain 21 capsules, and the dosage depends on how much you weigh. The directions on the bottle state:

Body Weight < 160 lbs. : 3 capsules
Body Weight 161 – 180 lbs: 4 capsules
Body Weight 181 – 200 lbs: 5 capsules
Body Weight > 201 lbs: 6 capsules

So, for the average guy that weighs in at say 185 lbs or so, your only really getting a 5 day trial or so. Your supposed to take it 60-90 minutes before training, and it usually kicks in right about then. The manufacturer says you can take it for up to 8 weeks at a time, with a 4 week break in between cycles.

Free Trial Details

I got a free trial of this product about a month ago, and finally got around to trying it out about 2 weeks ago. The trial actually only lasts about 14 days, and you receive it about 4 days after ordering, but the good thing is you can cancel the trial and don’t have to send it back. Alot of these free trials don’t allow you to do that, so this one happens to be one of the more legit ones out there. If you want, you can also get a small sample size from GNC, usually for just a few bucks.

My Results From No3 Black Chrome

Since I have taken many of these NO products before, I have had a chance to compare how this works when compared to the others. NO3 Black Chrome has 2500 MG of Arginine Nitrate, which is way more than what I am used to. Since I weight in at just under 200 lbs. I took 5 capsules about 2 hours before I went to they gym.

I started feeling the effects after about an hour, and was more than ready to get my chest workout in, so I left for the gym a little early. Normally I only workout for about an hour or so, but I was pretty freakin pumped after taking this for the first time. It gave me that excited energy you get from some of the fat burners out their, but I didn’t feel jittery at all.

I only took it a few more times, and like most other NO supplements, it started to lose its effectiveness as I took more and more of it. If I had to compare it to another product I would say it is just like Muscletechs NO fury, which actually contains a little bit more L-Arginine.


Like most of these products, I usually get a great pumped up feeling for the first few days after taking it, but then it starts to lose its potency over time. I think that for someone who has not taken an NO supplement ever in their life, the effects would probably last a little bit longer, but for the avid user, this is not something I would recommend for long term use.

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