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Like so many Americans, I want to lose weight.

After all, who doesn’t want that slimmed down body that walks tall with confidence?

But here’s the thing. . .

I don’t really want to exercise or eat healthy, I just want to take a magic pill that just sheds the weight away.

Is that too much to ask?

Sound familiar? The truth is, we live super busy lives.

And it can be hard to find the time and energy to exercise consistently.

And sticking to a healthy diet often seems like an impossible task in itself.

So why can’t we just pop a little pill, sit back and relax, and watch those unwanted pounds vanish into thin air?

Of course we all know this is not possible, right?

I mean, it just sounds way too good to be true.

But hey, we can dream can’t we?

I mean, surely if there was a magic weight loss pill that just lets you shed the unnecessary pounds it would be a household name and would make up most of the news headlines widely available.

Well, maybe it IS possible with the help of a fast-acting, weight loss pill called Zantrex 3.

zantrex 3 blue bottle

When I first came across Zantrex 3 in Walgreen’s, I was a bit skeptical.

zantrex 3 at walgreens

I studied that blue bottle closely.

I read all of the ingredients and potential side effects.

It seemed to check out fine.

But what really sealed the deal is that it actually claims you can lose weight without lifting a finger, let alone running on a treadmill for hours.

So how could I not want to at least take this supplement for a test drive?

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At this point, you’re probably thinking there is a catch, but believe it or not, there isn’t.

In fact, Zantrex 3 actually conducted a thorough clinical study on their product to show its effectiveness at burning fat without having to exercise or diet.

What is Zantrex 3 Blue Bottle?

Marketed as a rapid weight loss formula, Zantrex 3 promises to deliver an extreme amount of energy and also to help you finally lose those unwanted pounds.

In fact, the tagline on the Zantrex 3 website says it all:

“Because the weight won’t lose itself.”

Clever, eh?

The product description goes on to say:

“Zantrex-3 is way beyond ephedrine, way beyond fat burners, way beyond everything on the market today.”

According to a study published on their official site and on the label, Zantrex 3 users saw an average weight loss of 546% more than “America’s #1 selling ephedra based pill.”


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Unfortunately, the makers of Zantrex 3 don’t actually state what that #1 selling pill actually is.

Also, if you look at the details of the study that was conducted in 2007, you’ll see that no results have been posted. content/uploads/2011/12/no results

With that said, however, they do give you details about the study on the products own label.

zantrex 3 vs hydroxycut and lipozene

And they DO mention which products it was compared to…

Lipozene and Hydroxycut, which are actually 2 weight loss pills we’ve reviewed.

If this study is legit, that’s 546% more weight loss than you’d experience taking the best-selling pill on the market!

That’s reason enough to stop whatever you’re doing and take the time to learn more about this weight loss pill.

At least that was my thinking.

See our Comparison Between Zantrex 3 Blue Bottle Vs. Red Bottle

zantrex red vs blue bottlesWhile Zantrex 3 does a good job of selling and marketing their product, it hasn’t come without a price.

Doctors have weighed in on the potential dangers and side effects from taking a supplement such as Zantrex 3, which is not subject to FDA scrutiny (similar to all other OTC supplements).

They caution that taking a product like this may have hidden consequences which could be detrimental to your health, even frowning on reality TV star “Snooki’s” endorsement of it.

zantrex 3 snooki

But of course they’re going to say that, they’re doctors for crying out loud!

And just like with taking any supplement, you want to use your common sense, read the reviews and fine print, and proceed with caution.

You shouldn’t automatically count out any product simply because it sounds too good to be true.

Instead, do your due-diligence and make an informed decision on whether or not you’ll try the supplement.

Which brings us to the bottom line.

Does Zantrex 3 really work?

Can the blue bottle really deliver on its promises?

And if you take it, will you be included among those who experienced rapid weight loss without having to exercise or go on a diet?

We set out to find answers to these questions.

Like always, we read through several other weight loss review sites, and we poured through discussions and forums to get a good sense of Zantrex 3 users’ results and their experiences before we decided to take a crack at it.

And here’s what I found. . .

Zantrex 3 Side Effects

The majority of users that I came across in forums and on review sites were seeing some small side effects from Zantrex 3, most notably headache, trouble sleeping, and flushed skin.

does zantrex 3 cause headaches

So what’s causing this?

My guess as to what’s causing most of these side effects would be because the supplement contains the stimulants caffeine and yerba mate.

Both of these ingredients have been known to cause mild headaches and sleep disturbance in users.

yerba mate headaches

caffeine causes headaches

The reason being is that stimulants such as these affect the central nervous system.

I would imagine staying hydrated throughout the day would help in part to alleviate these side effects.

The users who experienced flushing of the skin are likely sensitive to niacin (nicotinic acid).

But the makers of the supplement say those who experience some flushing of the skin are not to worry, as it is typically mild and transient.


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Other potential side effects listed on the Zantrex 3 site might include:

  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Rapid heartbeat

Zantrex 3 Reviews

Finding reviews of the Zantrex 3 Blue Bottle was relatively easy.

The first thing I searched for was before and after photos.

When you search google, you’ll see a few of them, most notably this one:

Zantrex 3 before and after.
Zantrex 3 before and after.

Image by

However, whenever I see a before and after picture, I’m always a bit skeptical.

In this case, it turns out it was for good reason.

Case in point, run an image search for this particular picture.

search google for before and after pictures

When you do, you’re presented with about 5 pages that contain matching images.

If you click on the first result, you’ll see the before and after picture towards the middle of the page. content/uploads/2011/12/fat burner

HOWEVER, if you click on the result 2 down from there, you’ll see that this before and after photo was taken by Mens Journal!

mens journal before and after

This article in Mens Journal outlines how Charlie went through an 8 week “transformassacre”, in which he lost a ton of weight.

Essentially, one website stole from the other.

fake zantrex 3 before and after pictures

How about Youtube Vids?

Normally Youtube is ripe with crappy videos that call themselves “reviews”, but end up turning out to be nothing more than advertisements for the product.

This is not the case with Zantrex 3.

For example, you’ll find this video review when you do a search on Youtube.


Throughout the video, she details how she takes it, why she does NOT take it late in the day, and her ultimate results.

She mentions in the comments section below the video that she lost 81 lbs. from taking Zantrex 3, which is pretty impressive.

zantrex 3 review on youtube

Some of the youtube videos, however, aren’t so informative.

Take this one for instance:


She doesn’t really mention any results from taking Zantrex 3, but does say that she will post a follow up.

That was 5 years ago, and from what I’m seeing it’s her one and only video on the subject. content/uploads/2011/12/no other

Reviews on Amazon

Since Zantrex is also sold on Amazon, there are a wide array of reviews about the product.


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Reviews are fairly mixed, with about 47% of them rating it 4 stars or better, and 40% rating it 2 stars or less.

average star rating for zantrex 3 on amazon

Again, one of the most prevalent statements we hear explicitly mention the side effects from taking Zantrex 3.

As one 5-star review said of the product:

“I use these early in the day with my first meal, if I take one independently from food then I get a little nauseous and the niacin flush feels horrible.

I only use one and usually no more than one a day they seem to help maintain and I possibly feel a little more energy that is why I take it with my first meal of the day.

If you take it later or in evening I believe it affects my ability to fall asleep.”

One recurring theme from the positive reviews is the sheer amount of energy that it produces.

Almost every other review mentions something about how well it works to give you more energy, as noted by the screenshots below:

zantrex for energy content/uploads/2011/12/energy content/uploads/2011/12/energy

One guy even said it works great as a pre workout supplement.

zantrex as a pre workout

The negative reviews, on the other hand, don’t paint a very rosy picture.

Most of them simply say that Zantrex 3 doesn’t work.

negative reviews of zantrex

One thing I also noticed was that the vast majority of reviews were written by women, which suggests that it’s specifically supposed to help women lose weight.

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Ingredients in Zantrex 3

Zantrex 3 Blue bottle works through a combination of proprietary ingredients, divided into 2 categories: weight loss and energy.

The result is. . . you guessed it, a powerful one-two punch.

The ingredients you should be concerned with for weight loss include:

  • Yerba Mate
  • Guarana
  • Damiana

The ingredients listed for energy are:

  • Trimethylxanthine (fancy word for caffeine)
  • Guarana Extract

In total, there are about 24 other ingredients listed in Zantrex 3, but the ones listed above are the primary ingredients used.

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

zantrex 3 blue bottle label

The full ingredient list includes:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Kola
  • Schizonepeta
  • Black Pepper Extract
  • Rhodiola Crenulata
  • Asian Ginseng
  • Maca Root
  • Cacao Seed
  • Black Tea Extract

There are still other ingredients listed on the bottle, but these are mainly fillers and/or additives for coloring and to keep the product fresh.

The ingredient Trimethylxanthine, also commonly called xanthine, is especially important to consider.

The Zantrex 3 site says the product contains “a significantly potent xanthine (i.e., caffeine and caffeine-like stimulants) mixture of about 300 mg per serving.”

To put this in perspective, the typical 8-oz cup of coffee contains about 95 mg of caffeine.

how much caffeine in coffee google search result

So go slow, and remember, there’s no harm in taking less than the full recommended dose.

If you get the caffeine-induced jitters and heart palpitations, then you should definitely consider taking less than the full dose, or staying away from Zantrex 3 altogether.


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One other option might be to combing it with L-Theanine.

The combo of L theanine and caffeine has been show to not only help with weight loss, but also with cognitive performance and mood. content/uploads/2015/04/dr l

At the end of the day, you know your body best, so use your best judgement and consider testing the waters before diving in head first.

Zantrex 3 Warnings

Also, with this in mind, the makers of Zantrex 3 offer up a word of caution.

That is, you’ll want to consult with your physician before using it, especially if:

  • You’re taking meds
  • You are sensitive to certain stimulants
  • You have an underlying medical condition

And of course, steer clear of the product if you’re pregnant or nursing.

You’ll also want to limit other caffeine-like stimulants — whether they be food, drinks, or supplements — while taking Zantrex 3.

What to expect when Taking Zantrex 3

Within only a few short minutes after taking Zantrex 3, you’ll begin to feel it kick in.

You’ll likely experience a boost in energy and motivation, which tends to level out over time.

They say if you take it before a eating a meal, you might experience a loss of appetite.

But this tends to go away after you’ve used the pill for a while.

Within a few weeks of taking Zantrex 3 you should notice dramatic results in the weight loss department, especially if you’re exercising and eating well.

In fact, one reviewer emphatically said, “They work! Just take one NOT two as directed. I lost about 15-20 effortlessly.

They definitely cut my appetite and gave me energy.”

Review on weight loss supplement Zantrex 3
Review on weight loss supplement Zantrex 3

My Results From Taking Zantrex 3

I’m not really a big guy to begin with, but I could definitely stand to lose about 15 pounds.

I’m already active, but my diet sucks, so I needed to stay off of the pizza and beer for a few days to not skew the results.

I know, it’s rough, but I went ahead and took one for the team.

The dosage instructions on the Zantrex 3 blue bottle say to take 2 capsules, but I always like to start off with just one or 1/2 the dose to see how my body responds, and then adjust accordingly.

how to take zantrex 3 blue bottle

It’s a good thing I did that, because after about an hour I began to feel the same side effects that were mentioned from the other users of Zantrex 3.

I think for me though, the side effects began to wear off quickly, because I didn’t experience them for more than an hour or so.

And here are the positive effects: I felt a tremendous surge of energy, almost as though I could run a 5k with no problem at all.

Exercise and eat healthy while taking weight loss supplement Zantrex 3
Exercise and eat healthy while taking weight loss supplement Zantrex 3

After taking the Zantrex 3 blue bottle for about a week, I noticed that I dropped about 5 pounds, and the side effects were non-existent.

Remember, I wasn’t a big guy to begin with, so shedding 5 pounds in one week isn’t all that bad.

Over time, I think that the effectiveness starts to wear off.

But regardless, Zantrex 3 definitely works to give you that kick-in-the-butt to get you motivated to exercise and workout.

So in that respect, it fulfilled its promises just fine.


The good news is that Zantrex 3 is cheap enough to give it a shot without having to worry that it will break the bank.

In fact, I picked up the blue bottle for just $20 at Walmart, and found that it’s actually one of the cheapest weight loss pills you can buy there.

When compared to some of the other ephedra-based fat burners I have tried, I think it works better than most.

It seems like most of the people that did not experience good results from taking Zantrex 3 did not combine it with any diet and exercise, which is obviously crucial to anyone who is looking to lose weight and keep it off over the long term.

Pro tip

This reminds me, while supplements and fat-burners like Zantrex 3 can be powerful and fast-acting on their own, it’s important to keep in mind your overall lifestyle.Even on their website, they write “Use in conjunction with any sensible diet and exercise program.”


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And it’s true, while you might lose 5, 10, or 15 pounds using a weight loss pill, imagine the weight you could lose if you worked out and stuck to a healthy diet while simultaneously taking a pill!

Now we’re talking serious weight loss!

If you’ve tried Zantrex 3 and were happy with the results, the makers of the supplement also came out with a different formula which is supposed to be more potent than the original blue bottle, check out our review of that one here.

Have You Used Zantrex 3 Too? Leave Your Review Below!

User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By Casey,  May 24, 2013

So about 2 days ago I started taking the blue bottle I currently and 5'4 and weigh about 170 I used to weigh 135 and would love to get back there. I gained the freshman 15 and then some.  I did a lot of research on this am here are some things I have learned. The red bottles have ephedrine in it and the blue don't.  The FDA doesn't approve weight loss pills with that in there. So if your taking the red ones just be careful.  Also the red ones are for people who athletes or work out a lot so if you are taking the red and just sit down on the couch or at a desk all day the red ones arnt for you. I am an athlete but I don't want to put the ephedrine in my body so I have taken the blue ones.  I haven't really had any side effects and here's why. I drink a lot of water when I take it and I make sure I dont immediately sit on my butt after I go for a little walk or go to the gym.  These pills are supposed to give you energy to do stuff and move around, so move a little. The people that see the best results are the ones who move around even a walk or something small.  The pills have made me more hungry but that is because it increases metabolism. So to curve that I drink more water and i have noticed i have been eating smaller portions because i get fuller feelings sooner.  In 2 days I have lost 2 pounds. And so my recommendations are
1. Don't take the red unless you are active (I am an athlete and I don't even take them)
2. If you take them drink plenty of water (makes sure you won't feel dizzy)
3. Move! (Right after you take the pills don't just sit down move around a little it'll keep you from feeling nauseous)
4. The burning feeling will subside, make sure you drink plenty if fluids!)
5. Avoid sugary things!  Candy! Any thing that is supposed to help you lose weight doesn't work well with sugar and fats.
6.  Always consult a doctor especially if you are taking other medicines or on other weight lose pills (that's dangerous!)

Ill keep you updated on my progress good luck all!

Was this review helpful to you?
67 out of 70 people found this review helpful.

By Jennifer,  Jan 30, 2013

I took the blue bottle and had very good results even though I did not take them as recommended. The most I ever took was 3 a day but still lost about 60 lbs over a couple months.  I did experience the side effects but only initially til my body adjusted to taking them. The did lose their effectiveness after a while though.  I did not regain the weight after taking them either. I have tried several others with no results.  I am planning on beginning them again now that I have been off of them for a while.. I also tried the red bottle for about a month but did not like them at all.

Was this review helpful to you?
43 out of 45 people found this review helpful.

By tee,  Jul 16, 2013

I started 4 days ago at 220 today I'm 209 ! Idk how its possible lol but I love the results ....btw idk if its just me but it made me poop and urine alottttt..  I guess thats where the weight loss came from lol !!!!

Was this review helpful to you?
36 out of 40 people found this review helpful.

By Danielle,  May 20, 2013

I just started the blue bottle yesterday today is my second day and I feel great. I have completely changed my eating habits so sugars, junk food, extra calories.  I did feel the energy yesterday which was great and I also did cardio for about an hour. I have never felt this good.  I will keep you posted!

Was this review helpful to you?
29 out of 32 people found this review helpful.

By Tim,  Aug 13, 2013

Hi, I've been taking the red bottle for about a month. At first it gave me really bad side effects for a week and now it's fine.  I haven't seen any results but it does give me energy, which I love. Today I purchased the blue bottle and I won't be using the red one anymore since everyone says blue works better.  How long should I wait to switch over to blue? Will it be ok if I start using it tomorrow?  I took one red one early this morning.

Was this review helpful to you?
13 out of 16 people found this review helpful.

Rob Miller: Hey Tim,
It shouldn’t be a problem to switch the next day, but I would advise you to err on the side of safety, and wait 2 or 3 days before taking the Blue.


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User Questions and Answers

za ntrex-3 blue bottle what is the prescribed dose and cautions -Charles

The instructions on the bottle read: For weight loss, take 2 capsules with a full glass of water 15 minutes before main meals. For a significant energy boost, take 1 or 2 capsules as needed. Do not exceed 6 capsules in any 24-hour period. Use in conjunction with any sensible diet and exercise program. Individual results will vary. Then Warning states: Do not take Zantrex-3 Fat Burner (red bottle) and Zantrex-3 (blue bottle) at the same time. Do not substitute one product for the other. This product contains a significantly potent xanthine (i.e., caffeine and caffeine-like stimulants) mixture, of about 300 mg per serving. Consult your physician before use if you are taking medication, sensitive to stimulants, or have a medical condition. Do not exceed suggested daily serving. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. People sensitive to Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) may experience flushing of the skin that is generally mild and transient. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
6 out of 6 people found this question helpful.

I have been taking the blue bottle for 2 days now and can't sleep at night and I am feeling nausea. Do u recommend I continue taking them? -Elizabeth

It sounds like you're having a bad reaction to the supplement. I recommend you discontinue use.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
6 out of 6 people found this question helpful.

Regarding the blue bottle, can I take them without food and if so will I see the same results? -Tiffany harig

I would just take it as directed.  The label says you should take 2 capsules with a full glass of water 15 min. before main meals.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

I work nights and just started with the red bottle how long before it wears off so i can get rest? -Mela

Everybody's different, but it's not recommended that you take it within 6 or so hours before you're planning on going to bed.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
4 out of 4 people found this question helpful.

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  1. Please think before using. Ephedra can put yr heart at risk as it did mine.

    I was even prescribed diet medication by my family doctor and it gavee heart disease!
    1. Hey Christie,

      It’s true that Ephedra was banned by the FDA because of its potential dangers, but Zantrex 3 Blue doesn’t contain Ephedra.

  2. So these are awesome. Almost completely natural stimulants for your metabolism.

    I just purchased my second round of blue bottle and I’ve lost a little over twenty pounds and that’s with minimal exercise and healthy eating (i.e. high protiens, high fiber, low carb.)

    But for some of you, I see that you’re on SSRI’s (Prozac, wellbutrin.. stuff like that) the problem is your prescription medications. They’re awful.

    If you’ve ever done some digging into antidepressants then you know what I’m talking about. Elevated heart rate, palpitations, panic attacks, decreased appetite, thoughts of suicide, increased paranoia, etc. Please check your medications and thier side effects before adding dietary supplements to your every day routines.

  3. Hi, I just started taking the blue bottle of Zantrex-3-I personally think it is working. I lost 4lbs trying to lose 20.

    My question is will taking this effect my prescription meds of zoloft and ADHD med? Thanks

    1. Hey Nichole,

      Unfortunately, I’m going to have to recommend you consult your doctor on this one. I don’t have the kind of knowledge about your prescription meds required to give you advice.


      1. Hi I just received my zantrex 3 blue bottle. I also purchased some colon cleansing capsule.

        Can I take them together? If how should I dose both.

        1. Hey Briana,

          You can probably use them together. I would follow the instructions and warnings on the bottles.


  4. Hi im kinda nervous to take the Zantrex3 blue! Iv’e never ever took supplement pills before , What doses do you recommend for first timer’s?

    Im currently 235 i want to loose at least 50 pounds! I think i’ll start them tomorrow morning before breakfast (If im not to scared) lol.

    Im thinking of the worse here, But its worth a try eh? Seeing all these positive comments about the Zantrex3 blue bottles!

    Makes me want to try them asap but its almost bedtime!
    1. Hey Kree,

      The recommended dose is 2 capsules before breakfast and another 2 before lunch. But I would start out using one capsule at a time to see how your body reacts.

      Once you’ve developed a tolerance, you can bump it up to the 2 capsules at a time.

  5. I just started taking the zantrex 3 (blue). Does it mess with blood sugar?

    I’m pre diabetic and trying to lose some weight, I’m been watching what I eat and drink. So far I’ve lost only lost 20 with in the year, I went from 240 to 220, so looking for a little help with weight loss and energy.

    1. Hey Erin,

      I don’t think so, but you should go over the ingredients with your doctor to be sure. With your condition, you should make sure to do that with any supplement you’re considering taking. With that said, Zantrex 3 tends to have lots of side effects. I recommend you go with something less likely to be problematic, like Instant Knockout. But even still, run it by your doctor before taking it.

  6. So I’ve got a bottle of the blue bottle that I’ve have, in my ocd way, torn the label off of the bottle. Can you please clarify the instructions for me before I start taking this?

    Also, is it ok to take this with the Alli pill?
    1. Hey Maria,

      Here are the instructions, copied right from the box:

      Take two capsules with a full glass of water 15 minutes before main meals. For a significant energy boost, take 1 or 2 capsules as needed.

      As a pre-workout supplement, take two capsules 30 minutes before exercise with a glass of water. Do not exceed 6 capsules in any 24-hour period.

  7. Hi, I’ve been sick for a few weeks now and it’s finally wearing off. I’ve been taking alka seltzer cold and flu and I’m just wondering if it is safe to take Zantrex 3, blue bottle, along with the Alka Seltzer?

    1. Hey Bailey,

      There shouldn’t be any negative interactions, but still you might be better off starting your supplementation when you’re fully better.

  8. I’m trying it it looks to be working I think as for side effects just had an episode after 3 days on it scared me a lil but now I know What to expect. I’m going to do the one pill the two pills is What made me fell kinda faint as if I was losing air and dizzy.

    But again I took the two pills once for breakfast and dinner so not doing that again. Like I said I know it is Working cause I have gone from a size 18 to a size 15 so woohoo!!!

    1. Hey Mitze,

      Yeah, it’s definitely a good idea to lessen the dose if you’re experiencing side effects.

  9. I was recommended by my sister in law to try the blue bottle of zantrex-3 i just tried the zantrex pills today it says to take 2 capsules before each main meals but im wondering if maybei should cut it down to one capsule before meals until im used to it and is it still effective in loosing weight if you do take one capsule 3 times a day because i really need to loose the weight im 295lbs im 23 and obese so im hoping these work with diet and excersise
    1. Hey Jessica,
      Yeah it’s always a good idea to start with the lowest possible dosage to assess your tolerance. Be sure to come back in a few weeks and update us on your progress!

    1. Hey Kelly,

      Yeah, some people don’t react very well to the Zantrex products. Definitely stop taking it until you feel better.

      If you want to try again once you’re well (which I wouldn’t necessarily advise), use a half dose and see if you get results without the side effects.

  10. It made me feel horrible the day after. Not only not being able to sleep as posted here about it before.

    Ended up not taking it anymore and getting rid of it.

    Read too many bad things happening to people at different places from taking this product.

    Will look for something else to loose weight that not only works but also that is safe to take.

  11. So i just got it to day and started with 2 pills i read the labels and it says do not take any caffiene i drank a nos enegry drink before tsking the pills and seriously im alert right now should i be worried
    1. Hey there,

      Has the effect worn off yet? Zantrex is some pretty potent stuff.

      You don’t want to mix it with any additional stimulants.

  12. I started taking Zantrex 3 blue bottle today. Took 2 pills before having dinner.

    I need to lose weight since having some problems due to weight and is not easy for me to do too much exercise due to bad hips, lower back, and knees.

    Always in pain.
    Because of that I never been an athletic guy or able to go to a gym.
    Unsure too of what exercises I can do.

    It is now 2:50 am and I am wide awake.

    I can’t seem to fall sleep. Wondering if is a side effect.

    My main concern is that taking this pills won’t get sick and affect my health in any bad way.

    I have heard/read too many bad things from taking weight loss products.

    I can use any advice and guidance you can give me.
    1. Hey there,

      A lot of people get a little wired and jittery from the Zantrex products. I took half a dose and did fine after the first dose. It doesn’t surprise me though that it’s keeping you up. I would say try taking only one capsule, and don’t take any after about lunch time. If you still don’t feel quite right, check out Phen375. It’s a great fat burner that doesn’t have the trail of comments about side effects that Zantrex does.

  13. I have been taking Zantrex 3 for likeee 4 months, I’ve always only taken one pill.. which I would require only to take one. I took two and went into a complete panic attack with a high heart rate & was taking to the hospital by ambulance.

    I haven’t taken any since, I’m 130 pounds but I feel way bigger than that, lol so I plan on starting them up again in total I’ve lost over 20 pounds with zantrex.
  14. Just started Z3 today, haven’t noticed much in the way of side effects. I weigh 170lbs, exercise at least 3times a week, trying to lose my belly fat.

    Will update in the coming weeks.
  15. I just started taking the red bottle about 3 days ago. I love the energy it gives me and I actually feel motivated… Only issue I have is that I am constantly hungry.

    Even if I eat a decent sized meal I’m hungry an hour later… Could this be because its sped up my metabolism/digestive system?
    1. Hey Angela,

      It shouldn’t make you hungry, but it could cause you to be thirsty, which sometimes makes us think we’re hungry. I’d try drinking more water and see if that makes a difference.

  16. Been taking the blue bottle for about a week and I am ALWAYS nauseas. Still in high school so can’t workout during the school day and I don’t feel the energy.

    Let it be known that I also take Prozac, Welbutrin, Effexor, and Abilify. Yeah, a lot, right?

    Depression is no joke. I lost about five pounds so far and DO NOT WANT TO STOP TAKING IT.

    1. Hey Kyla,
      At your age and with the prescription medications you take, my best advice is to talk to your doctor about any supplements you might want to take.

      All the best,
  17. Love the site, I to get tired of alot of false claims on products. I put on some weight and am trying the Zantrex-3(blue) and have no side effects at all on 2 – I guess it depends on your bodys workings.

    So far I have seen the energy boost and the not feeling hungry – which is nice because I work at a hospital long hours. With any drug always check with your doctor at least on your health statis.

    Good lick to everyone whos trying to take off some.
  18. Hi i want to start the zantrex3 but im unsure of wot bottle i work out alot im not sure if i shld get red aw blue please help wot works best i seen snooki take the red bottle
  19. Hey hahaha I’m just finding out about these pills in comments and your YouTube video and I have been inspired to try these pills and I’m going for it thanks for the heads up admin (:
  20. hi i started using zantrex 3 blue botttle about 5 months back , i used it for 1 week and lost at least 4 pounds then i stopped. i just recently started to take them again but i get this horrible feeling like i want to vomit now, this did not happen the first time so y now…… and i am yet to weigh myself help!!!
    1. Hey Makayla,

      If Zantrex 3 (or any supplement) is making you feel sick, stop using it. I can’t really explain why it didn’t happen the first time, but if it’s happening this time, that’s what matters.

      My guess is that it’s the caffeine, but your doctor would be the best source of information. Best of luck to you, and take care of yourself!

  21. I just purchased my blue bottle during running this morning. Im 5’6 & 144 pounds.

    I wanna lose 20-30 poinds and also get my abs back. Im going to start off with half a pill.

    Wish me luck!
  22. The media wants us to believe that you are virtually worthless unless you look
    and act certain way. For example, you can lose even 30
    pounds in a week through any weight loss program but what matters here is
    that, you health.

    Phen375, as entire, is additionally FDA authorized, so you can be assured that there’s no-side results associated with it.
  23. so, i just bought the blue bottle of zantrex 3 and i am a little nervous about taking diet pills. I’ve never taken any before.

    I am 4 ft 11 and about 120 pounds. i want to be back down to at least 100 pounds.
    i am just curious on how safe these pills are and how effective they will be for losing up to 20 pounds and how quickly….
    1. Hey Kemi,
      Zantrex is safe, but if you’re concerned, take half a dose at first, like I did. That way, even if you do feel some side effects, you’re not likely to be overwhelmed by them. Zantrex 3 should definitely help you take the weight off, but it’s more important that you eat right and exercise. I’ve got some great tips for that in my free “get ripped” ebook. Best of luck to you Kemi!

      1. Rob,
        thank you so much (:
        i actually downloaded the eBook, “how to lose weight quickly and effectively” yesterday.
        i began reading it this morning hoping to get some great tips to lose the extra weight and keep it off.
        i am very determined to get back into my size 0 jeans and stay that way!!!
        i will definitely keep updating the progress!!
  24. Thanks 🙂

    Ya I did start 1 pill in the morning before I ate, and then I waited and headed to the gym. Felt super energetic and had a great workout, but after that my stomach hurt for half the day.

    I don’t know if it was the pill, or if I just had an upset stomach. Unless, my body has to get use to it.

    And I don’t have a doctor :/
    1. Hey Kristina,
      If it’s only happened once, I’d try one more time, or if you’re a little nervous, you could take just half a pill the next time. But I would say if you get the same feeling, you probably should try something else instead. I’d recommend Phen375.

  25. Hey there, is it okay to take perinatal vitamins with zantrex 3 blue bottle? (No I’m not pregnant, I just like those vitamins). Also, is out safe to take with a birth control pill?

    1. Hey Kristina,
      There are no specific cautions on the Zantrex 3 Blue Bottle label about prenatal vitamins or birth control pills, and I don’t see any ingredients that are likely to conflict. But to be sure, talk to your doctor about your specific situation.

  26. Hi I’m 5’2 and I weigh 115 pounds, I play soccer and I do a lot of cardio, so far for the next two weeks I will be doing cardio in the morning and soccer in the evening, I was wondering wheather it would be better to take 1 or 2 pills of zantrex-3 a day?
    1. Hey Danielle,
      The recommended dose is 2 capsules before meals and 2 more before workouts. You’re pretty small, so trying one at a time to see how it affects you is probably a good idea.

    1. Hey Naomi,
      I’d be careful with the green coffee bean extract. Most brands have caffeine, though the amount varies.

      Zantrex 3 already has a significant caffeine level, so you probably don’t want to add to that. I don’t see a problem with the B12, but if you have concerns about any supplement, you should talk to your doctor.

  27. I been taken the zantrex 3(blue bottle) 4 3 days now I eat healthy now but don’t WORK OUT.. I’m 244 or maybe more idk..

    I wrap my stomach sometimes.. & i been reading about taken zantrex & relacore… I’m 17 & tried of being the big girl.. I just wanna lose weight 2 the point where i can work out

  28. Hi! My husband and I just started the blue bottle yesterday and so far we like it.

    I am on a 1200 calorie diet which includes a light breakfast, light lunch, and normal dinner. I took one 15 minutes before breakfast, one 15 minutes before lunch, and two before dinner.

    I figured since my first two meals are light maybe I should just take one to avoid feeling sick. However now I’m wondering if I should be taking two before these light meals instead?

    1. Hey Monica,
      I think if you just stick to the schedule you’re on now you’ll be fine.

  29. Today was my first day taking Zantrex 3 took two pills 30 minutes before taking breakfast (have been following a diet for already 2 weeks), I got such a nausea feeling right away, then 3 hours later I took a pill 15 min before working out I was surprised because I had a really energetic performance and no nausea at all, then when I had my main meal I took another 2 pills 30 min before and the nausea came back, right now the feeling of vomiting s going away , do u think I should take one pill instead, what should I do HELP
    1. Hey Stephanie,
      I would discontinue for now and get checked by a doctor, you may be allergic to one of the ingredients.

    1. Hey Elias,
      That’s a tough one. Steroids increase blood pressure in most cases, and I would think taking them with Zantrex 3 might be a bad idea.

      Check with your doctor to be sure.

  30. I recently started a diet routine I lost 40 pounds and hit a major plateau and did not lose for a solid month I bought the blue bottle and after a few days I broke through! It’s def worth a try!!

  31. Hi i am going to start on yhe blye bottle but a friend tld me that for extreme fast weight loss to do 6 pills a day how true is that?
    1. No that is not true, you should always follow the instructions on the bottle becuase you dont know how your body will react to such extreme intake. Start off slow then add never the other way around.

  32. Hello I am thinking about taking the zantrex 3 fat burner the red bottle and I was wondering if its ok to use if someone is taking a anxiety meds and vitamins……? Looking for answer please help

    1. Hey There,
      I wouldn’t recommend taking Zantrex 3 if you are on anxiety meds as it contains alot of stimulants which could interact with the medication. Check with your doctor to be absolutely sure.


  33. So I’ve been on the blue bottle and have pushed through the nasty side effects and have lost some weight. I was wondering if anyone has tried taking the red and blue bottle at the same time or has any comments about it.

    1. I have read that both the red and blue together is not advised for your heart- both are caffeine based and can hurt you if you take too much.
  34. What’s the difference between the red and blue bottle???
    I’ve been taking the red bottle and now on my last two pills.

    Well I haven’t lost any weight, mind u I also workout and haven’t noticed any results plus it doesn’t give me any energy! Think I will get results with the blue bottle?

    It’s clear that the red definitely isn’t for me… 🙁



  36. Hi I want Loos a weight around 15 pound. But I take pills for my High pressure.

    I need know if I could take a zantrex-3. My pressure is normal 120/75 but for one time have up my doctor put to me for a couple month. What do you think.

    1. Hey Mary,
      I would recommend against taking this, especially if you are on medication to keep your blood pressure low. The best thing for you to do is consult your physician though, to be absolutely sure.

  37. I’m not a very large woman I’m 5’2 155 pnds I would love to lose about 10 pounds 145 pounds would be my perfect weight being as short as I am weight really doesn’t look good on me so i want to lose some weight fast just in time forthe summeri wrk out every morning but I’m lazy so my wrk out sessions don’t last long so the energy boost wld really b great I’m just not looking forward to those
    Side effects.I’m going to start today, hopefully the
    sideeffects won’t b so bad for me but does everyone even get all those side effects i mean what good is all that energy if my head hurts & my stomach iz cramped i need an answer…
  38. Just bought my first z3 blue bottle today unfortunately no energy rush. I have a high tolerance but wanted to start with just 1 befor meals to see how it affects me.

    So I’m 5’5 and gained 20 lbs so I want to loose it obviously I’m st 152 right now I’m uncomfortable in my body. I go to the gym no less than 5 times wk so we’ll see what happens.

    I’m excited and hopefull.
  39. Hello my names Jay, I’ve been taking the blue bottle for 3 days now… 3 pills per day. Starting weight was 253 at 6,3 – – – – weight now is 242 -_-
    11 pounds in 3 days…… What is this crack in a bottle?

    Lol it works but that’s not normal.
  40. I’m looking to get some motivation for weight loss. My only concern about Zantrex (blue) is keeping the weight off.

    Has anyone had trouble keeping it off after they stop taking it?
  41. Question about the capsules – I used to take Zantrex3 and the pills had the Zoller TM symbol on them. They bottle had some preservative or filler cotton in there as well.

    The bottle I purchased recently has neither.

    I called the number for Zoller and the Cust Serv Rep told me the pills should have the TM… but I’ve purchased two more bottles since then (in very different locations) and none of them have the TM anymore.

    Can anyone share what the capsules/packaging looked like when they used it.
  42. not sure why my comments never post. But i started the blue bottle last sunday.

    I am still hungry often and I noticed I have been up super late. How many pills do people recommend taking and what are the best times?

  43. Ok I finally bought my zantex 3 (blue bottle) pills. I’ve been taking them for 3 days now & since I just bought a scale today I don’t know if I’ve even lost a pound yet.

    The scale says I weight 239….so ill check back in aweek to let you guys know my progress!:-) cross your fingers for me
  44. Just started the zantrez blue bottle yesterday at around 3 pm. I’m 19 and I literally had the energy to run to China and back.

    I crashed at about 6pm from working out. I’m trying to loose my man boobs (-_-) and get pecs started I weigh at the moment 176 and I wish to weigh 140 before summer comes along.

    I go to the gym 3-5 times a week for a hour at a time I really hope this pill works, but I’m gonna take it for a week or 2 then stay off it for a week then get back on it to try and confuse the body. I hope this works.

    I’ll keep up to date
    1. Since you’re going to be working out, you’ll gain muscle. Just remember that muscle weighs more than fat so don’t get discouraged if your weight doesn’t go down as much as you would have hoped!

      I wish you luck!!
  45. I have been taking the Blue bottle for almost a week. I was just curious if anyone else had any problems while taking it with getting sick after eating sweets.

    Since I have been on this pill I have not been able to eat anything sweet without it making me sick,
  46. About 1 year 1/2 ago I weighed 175…now I’m 215 pounds & very uncomfortable. I’m to the point where I will try almost anything to get this weight off!

    I’m just wondering will zantrex 3 (blue bottle) really work for me? I am willing to give it a try but only if it gives results

  47. I started taking zantrex 3 (blue pill) 3 days ago. I have noticed the headache and the energy..

    I am hoping to drop some of the fat, I need to loose 20lbs and really keep it off this time. I really don’t have time to make dinner and really eat healty.

    But if I do get back to where I was a year and half ago 180 now 208! Going to try my best to keep it this time.

    I use to work out 4-5 times a week for an hour but now have no time for it 🙁 let’s see how this gos!
  48. I wish I would have read this before now. I just started taking them about 20 minutes ago and decided for some reason to look up side effects AFTER I took them….not looking forward to cramps at all 🙁

  49. i took zantrax 3 blue bottle last year and had massive results i lost that year a total of 40 pounds in just 2 and a half months with diet and exercise if couse as well but this year after having my baby i wanted to just try the red bottle and i took the whole bottle already i have no results from it at all just got more hungry while taking them a hadd short energy burst but about an hour later got exstremly tired again so i am switching back to the blue bottle and i will keep you all updated good luck to everyone and i hope you achieve your goals as i a plan on doing as well 🙂
  50. if you have problem with sleep while taking Zantrex, perhaps you should try not to take it at night or evening time, the caffeine content plus other caffeine like constituents of Guarana, Kola, green tea might prevent you from falling asleep . . . .its similar to taking coffee or red bull at night . . . . you will most likely have difficulty sleeping
  51. I just bought zantrex 3 (blue) and I have read pros and cons about them but I would like to try them anyways….I will start tomorrow but I have a couple of.questions I workout in the morning around 5am should I take it before? What about before breakfast?

    And I also want to know if I can take them before bedtime sice I have cravoings during night…thank you
    1. Hey Rosie,
      You should definelty take it before you workout, but i would suggest trying it with food before taking it on an empty stomach. I would avoid taking it after 6 pm, as it can keep you awake.

    1. It does, but of course not for everyone. The best way to find out is invest in a bottle yourself.

  52. So I just got the zantrex(blue) pills and i’m going to start taking them today, but I have a question.. If I exercise around dinner time how many pills should I intake?

    I don’t want to be taking 4 pills and get some crazy side effects, help!
    1. I would try to take them about an hour before bedtime, and start off with 1 or 2 pills to see your reaction. Be sure to check with your doctor too to learn about any potential interactions with medicines you are taking.

      1. That is helairious, don’T

        Take a tea, greens, herbal very very effective , nice , obvious , and energy and weight loss pill that is famous for working for you actually working, a hour before bed , just to feel and see all the non actual exsistant scary things you preminous that could horribly kill you by chance to better done u , I not black, relax and take it during the day 2 hours after you wAke up, and 20 minutes before your most active, Jesus Louise lmfao, if your smart, you will pay a way the heavenly fat person to give you all thier PERscription loose 6 pounds a day , extreamly safe, pills. Like Brittany snow.

    1. Yup, the directions state to take 1-2 capsules, 30 minutes before your main meals. I always recommend starting with a low dose to see how you are affected by it.
  53. Well I just started taking the Zantrex-3 (blue) today, about an hour ago and just had breakfast. I have to admit, I do feel the energy.

    My question is, if anyone can help me answer it, if you must absolutely have to eat 15 minutes after you take it? I will try to update my results.

    1. Hey Jessica,
      I would recommend eating after taking it, at least the first few times you use it. Get a gauge on how potent it is, and then go from there.

      Be sure to keep us updated with your results!

  54. i have tried the red bottle for a week did not see results ,told my sister to try it out we both just had kids so needed to shred some pounds she also tried a whole red bottle and seen no results,not to mention the zantrex red bottle was very expensive 40 dollars a bottle.Then i started using zantrex 3 the blue bottle after a week i was seeking results but it does have side effects ( headache ,cramp like stomachache . and its cheaper about 20 dollars including tax and it works wonders..i recommend the blue bottle.
  55. yea i agree with you, your body does get use to it after a while, or you hit a plateu in dieting. I got off of it for a week, and then back on again to fool my body and whatcha know? i lost 5 pounds that week. im down 20 pounds in 3 months… its been hell ! with 2 boys McDs and chicken alfrado pizza is hard to resist…. but i love Zantrex 3 (blue).. it gets me through the days when i need that extra push. im 5’9 and 171 now, got 15 more pounds to go ! wish me luck <3

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