Dr. Millers Joint Repair Review – Does It Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-24-2020

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Dr. Millers Joint Repair Overview

So many of us live with daily joint pain. Old athletic injuries, years of overdoing it, arthritis, and simple aging all have negative effects on our joints, resulting in pain. You could take pain relievers every day for the rest of your life, but that doesn’t seem like a very good solution. With prescription pain killers, you run the risk of developing a dependence, and with over the counter pain killers, you run the risk of wearing away at your stomach lining and possible liver or kidney damage.

Either way you slice it, the options that are out there when it comes to traditional pain management come with a lot of side effects that can prove to be uncomfortable, painful and can even create some serious health problems.

Another option is daily joint support supplementation. Dr. Millers Joint Repair, made by LifeSmart Labs falls into this category. It works to fix the cause of pain at the root of the problem by helping maintain joint health and flexibility through the mechanism of increased cartilage. And judging by the customer reviews we found, it works.

Dr. Millers Joint Repair ReviewDr. Millers Joint Repair Ingredients and How They Work

While the website does not reveal the entire formula, the key components are provided. It uses a combination of:

  • Glucosamine which helps stimulate your body to produce more cartilage. Young, healthy bodies make all the cartilage they need to protect your bones as they move counter to each other. Aging, unhealthy, or injured bodies have a little trouble in that department. Glucosamine has been shown to help those bodies boost their production of cartilage for a smoother glide with less friction.
  • Chondroitin which works to complement Glucosamine by preventing certain enzymes from breaking down cartilage. The ability of Chondroitin to perform this function and to reduce joint pain has been clinically proven.
  • MSM (methylsufonymethane) which is a natural form of sulfur that can have a positive effect on the production of connective tissue throughout the body. It is becoming more and more commonly used in joint pain relief supplements.
  • Boron which can help reduce inflammation and increase bone density.
  • Alfalfa which is an anti-inflammatory and also helps balance the pH of the blood which can help relieve certain types of arthritis.
  • Yucca and Devil’s Claw which are both herbs that have been used for centuries to relieve joint pain with their anti-inflammatory and connective tissue building properties.
  • A complex of B Vitamins is added to help the other active ingredients to be better absorbed and more readily utilized.

The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day, and it takes a few weeks to a month before you’ll be able to notice significant results.

Dr. Millers Joint Repair Reviews

We took a look at what people are saying about Dr. Millers Joint Repair, and the responses are overwhelmingly positive. A few quick examples:

  • “Really great stuff. I have tried a lot of similar products. This one is the best. My knee feels brand new. Love it!!!”
  • “I bought it. I tried it. And whaddaya know!

    It works!”
  • “This is one of the best products I have ever taken – I had knee surgery (complete rebuild)… I have had pain every day – since taking this product – I have not had knee pain and am back to working out regularly.”

Dr. Millers Joint Repair Pros and Cons

Advantages of Dr. Millers Joint Repair

  • The ingredients work together to provide multi-level joint relief.
  • Dr. Millers Joint Repairreviews are overwhelmingly positive.

    Several of the ingredients have been clinically proven to relieve joint pain.
  • There are no side effects.

Disadvantages of Dr. Millers Joint Repair

  • It requires long term daily commitment.
  • It may take about a month to see results.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Dr. Millers Joint Repair through the LifeSmart Labs Website for $24 per 60-count bottle (a one month supply). It’s also available through Amazon at a similar price point.


If you’ve got joint pain, it’s definitely a good idea to try to relieve it without long term use of painkillers, prescription or otherwise. Dr. Millers Joint Repair uses three of the most well-proven joint pain relieving compounds and backs them up with healing herbs and nutrients. They must be on to something with this formula because the reviews are spectacular. Dr. Millers Joint Repair is one of the best values we’ve found for joint pain relief.

It is definitely a safer alternative that is just as effective as its more dangerous NSAID or opiate counterparts out there.

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