EF13 (Explosive 13) Supplement Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 1-1-2017

Anyone who has been lifting weights for a while realizes that gaining muscle is a slow process. While anyone with the right motivation, diet, and training regimen can gain muscle over time, many are looking for the magic pill that will allow them to increase their muscle mass in weeks.

Apart from anabolic steroids, there isn’t much else on the market that causes dramatic muscle growth in a short time period. However, that doesn’t stop supplement companies from claiming that their new revolutionary product is the magic bullet everyone has been looking for. Often times, companies that are marketing muscle growth supplements compare them to steroids in their effectiveness, but we all know that this isn’t true.

Today we are going to look at the supplement EF13 Muscle, as it is claimed to be a new “legal steroid” that is apparently “sweeping the nation” and separating people from their hard earned money.

If you found out about EF13 Muscle through a site that claims to be Men’s Health, but isn’t, it should be clear that this product is a scam from the get go.

ef13 muscle review

What is EF13 Muscle?

ef13 supplement reviewEF13 muscle is being marketed as “nature’s steroid alternative” that apparently allows people to build muscle quickly and increase their sex drive. After scouring through all of their marketing hype, it was determined that the main ingredients in this product are amino acids. While it is true that some amino acids facilitate blood vessel dilation, they aren’t going to turn anyone into The Hulk.

It should be obvious that people who want to build insane muscles in weeks are going to need far more than increased blood flow.

The makers of this product claim that their supplement is so effective because it can increase the amount of nutrients that enter the muscles, again, due to an increase in blood flow.

According to the company, EF13 Muscle reduces fat, increases energy levels, increases muscle mass, improves physique, improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue, reduces laziness, increases testosterone, and promotes positive hormonal changes.

This product is also claimed to increase natural testosterone levels by 140% and “lean muscle building abilities”, whatever that means.

Of course, the makers of EF13 Muscle claim that their product is completely natural, safe, and doesn’t come with side effects.

How Does EF13 Muscle Work?

This product contains amino acids in order to increase blood flow. They claim that this allows more nutrients to enter muscle tissue and promote growth.

Ingredients In EF13 Muscle

Every website that is selling this product has different ingredients.

If they aren’t even certain what is in this product, how could anyone else be?

However, the official company websites indicates that the ingredients in this formula are L-Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate, Folic Acid,Citrulline Malate, L-Norvaline, and Caffeine.

ef13 muscle ingredients


Many believe that L-Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate increases nitric oxide production, but one study indicates that only resistance exercise can be attributed to increased nitric oxide production, not L-Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate.

Citrulline Malate

L-Citrulline converts naturally into L-arginine in the body and has been shown to cause vasodilation. While vasodilation is certainly beneficial in regards to exercise and male health, this ingredient isn’t anything novel.


L-Norvaline has also been shown to increase vasodilation by increasing nitric oxide production in studies.

Caffeine – 100 mg

Caffeine comes with its advantages, but has a host of side effects that are well documented.

All in all, this product is simply a vasodilator so anyone looking to achieve results that are claimed by the EF13 advertisements should get ready to be duped. If vasodilation is the goal, purchase amino acids separately, but avoid purchasing this overly expensive product that isn’t going to result in significant muscle gains.

Advertising Hype

Anytime a supplement claims to be the new “legal steroid” and also claims that professional athletes want to see it banned, it can be generally classified as a marketing ploy. Making claims that users will gain 15 pounds of muscle in a single month is what should be banned, as we all know this is a lie.

ef13 before and after

The makers of this product even claim that men need to get their hands on it now, as it is available “without a prescription”.

Wow, it’s really that good huh?

One website that refers to themselves as Men’s Health, but are really a domain called Men’s Health and Life attempt to pedal this product as the godsend to muscle building.

In fact, if you look at the domain name you’ll see that it’s not indeed “MensHealth.com”, but rather healthnfitness.online.


These fake review advertisements that mimic a popular website should be banned, as they are misleading by attempting to sell a product based on the credibility of a well-known company.

The editor of “Men’s Health” even shows his 4-week absolutely impossible transformation. Even if they were advertising testosterone enanthate injections, I still wouldn’t believe this transformation was possible. In his “testimonial”, he claims to have gained 16 pounds of muscle in four weeks without changing his diet or exercise. I suppose if you are going to lie, you might as well make it as ridiculous as possible.

ef13 supplement results


The fake Men’s Fitness website claims that EF13 Muscle was seen on a wide variety of popular sources like Playboy, Muscle and Fitness, FOXNews, and Maxim. The point of this advertising ploy is to render credibility for this product even though these claims are false. After clicking on the link to see more, I was redirected to other offers.

On FOXNews website, a search for EF13 revealed zero results.

ef13 fox news

In other words, the owners of Men’s Health and Life magazine are liars.

Clinical Proven Benefits?

This website also discusses a clinical study that was conducted directly on EF13 Muscle, but there are no actual links to the study.

ef13 clinically proven

Instead, all links on this website redirect to affiliate links that are designed to get viewers to sign up for other offers.

Fake Facebook Reviews

All the reviews themselves don’t claim to be from Facebook, but they have the same format so the website would like you to believe that these are reputable comments. However, these reviews don’t have any links and I am not able to leave a comment on this website.

ef13 supplement review

Instead, I will leave my comment here…

Men’s Health Life, you are a scam.

Dosage And Instructions

According to the directions on the label you are to consume one capsule twice a day with luke-warm water. One bottle of 60 pills will last 30 days.

EF13 Side Effects

Overall, the ingredients in this formula are known to be relatively safe, however, there are some potential complications.

First off, caffeine can cause some side effects in individuals who are sensitive to it, like anxiety and restlessness.

L-arginine has a list of side effects and is possibly unsafe at a high dosage. Anyone who has allergies, asthma, cirrhosis, herpes, a recent heart attack, kidney disease, or low blood pressure should be aware that L-arginine can cause complications. Since this amino acid dilates the blood vessels, users will likely experience a drop in blood pressure. This may be a good thing for those who have an unnaturally high blood pressure, but people who have low blood pressure may find that it drops to an unsafe level.

Citrulline has been shown to be possibly safe when used at standard dosages. However, users who are on nitrates for heart disease or on erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra should not take them in conjunction with L-citrulline.

There haven’t been many studies conducted on Norvaline so whether or not it has undesirable side effects is still unknown.

Where To Buy EF13 Muscle?

It turns out buying this product is harder than I thought.

When clicking on the “get free bottle” on Men’s Health and Life I am redirected to another offer, whether a survey website or a “find hot girls now” website. At a first glance, I didn’t even think this product existed, but just a ploy to get people to complete surveys or sign up for other offers.

However, this product is available on the Explosive F13 website.

The company offers an 18-day trial where patrons are charged $4.95 for shipping and handling.

ef13 price

However, after 18 days, a credit card will be charged $99.95 and users will be placed on auto ship. This means that every month a new bottle will be shipped and users will be charged $99.95.

It says it all right here, which they conveniently hide at the very bottom left had side of the order checkout page:

ef13 free trial terms and conditions

You DO have the option of just buying it outright, but you have to visit the official site (www.explosive13.com) to do so.

A 3-month supply cost $209.90, and that is with 30% off the regular price! For a one-month supply, one bottle cost $99.95! Does this price really justify a formula with a couple of amino acids?


It gets better, this product apparently has scientific proof behind its active ingredient and in order to review it, they charge $1.99 for their report because it is apparently “not junk”.

Are you kidding me?


Any company that has a valid product that actually works would be more than happy to willingly share their scientific evidence with the world. While their report may not be junk, their product certainly is.

Lastly, if you’re looking to buy EF13 in stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS, you’ll be disappointed. None of them carry it, and I doubt they ever will.

Similarly, you won’t find it for sale on Amazon or eBay either.


Stay Away From EF13 Muscle!

It should be clear by now that no supplement that isn’t anabolic steroids offers results that are similar to steroids. While vasodilators are certainly beneficial, paying $100 a month for a few amino acids is flat out robbery.

Anyone who is interested in the benefits of vasodilation should start by purchasing L-citrulline, a commonly available amino acid that is relatively cheap.

All in all, people who want to gain muscle need to work hard, eat right, and realize there is no magic potion that is legally available.

Cheers to your slow, but steady gains!

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What is the price for EF13 supplement?? -Carlos

When you first sign up, they charge you $4.95 for shipping. 18 days later, you'll be charged the full amount of $99.95 unless you call within that time and tell them you want to cancel your monthly subscription.- Rob

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Yes will help sex drive to last a long time keep me going to enjoy sex and to have get satisfied thanks -Alex

It's really a muscle building formula, but it does contain L-Arginine which helps with getting and maintaining erections. And it claims to boost testosterone which also improves sexual performance, but this isn't really its purpose.- Rob

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I do not want you sending me anymore and now you charging me I sent them back and want to be refunded me money and don't send me anymore -Dustin

SupplementCritique.com is a review website. We have no affiliation with this product. In fact, we panned it pretty hard in the review, for precisely what you're dealing with. In any case, you'll need to call them directly to cancel your subscription. The number they give on their website is 877-959-8975.- Rob

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