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Note: We are NOT affiliatedwith the Golo weight loss system in any way, and we were NOT paidto write this review.

With so many overweight people, the number of pills, potions, and programs that are designed to make it easy to lose body fat are popping up everywhere.

In most cases, simply consuming diet pills alone don’t equate to a significant decrease in body fat and oftentimes, can be downright dangerous.

On the other hand, an exercise program combined with proper eating and the assistance of safe dietary supplements generally has the greatest results on body fat reduction.

Anyone who is looking to transform their body must absolutely undergo a lifestyle change and shouldn’t believe that consuming a pill alone will allow them to burn a huge amount of fat.

Fortunately, there are some systems out there that look at the whole picture, like the GOLO Weight Loss program, as it combines a number of different strategies in order to assist people lose undesired weight.

Today we will look at this program and determine if it has any value, is safe, and whether or not it is recommended for people who are looking to lose some weight.

golo weight loss system review

What Is The GOLO Weight Loss Program?

The GOLO Weight Loss program is developed by Dr. Keith Ablow that consists of a 30-day rescue plan and a two dimensional approach in order to reduce weight gain, while converting fat directly into energy.

Through a 3-part effort that includes the Release supplement, the Metabolic Fuel Matrix, and the GOLO Roadmap, users should be able to rapidly lose body fat.

golo 30 day rescue plan

The Release supplement is formulated to maintain proper blood glucose levels in order to promote weight loss.

The idea is, correcting long-term excessively high blood sugar can reduce fat deposits and improve health overall.

The Metabolic Fuel Matrix is designed to help people make intelligent food choices, while the GOLO Roadmap offers support to patrons, discusses the GOLO Perfect 5 exercise program, and allows members to communicate with each other.

All in all, there are a number of beneficial aspects to this program so we will take a closer look at it and determine if it is really effective.

How Does The GOLO Weight Loss Program Work?

The GOLO Weight Lossprogram is based around controlling insulin levels, normalizing blood sugar, eating healthier, and making better lifestyle choices.

It’s relatively similar in nature to a competing system called Abs After 40, by Mark Mcilyar.

Metabolic Fuel Matrix

The first aspect of losing weight focuses on the Metabolic Fuel Matrix plan that emphasized high quality nutrition. In this guide, the goal is for people to make intelligent food choices. In other words, eating real food that doesn’t contain preservatives and extra sugar are the main focus.

In addition, this part of the program contains information on healthy cooking, called the Creating Meals Matrix.

All in all, the goal of the Metabolic Fuel Matrix plan is for patrons to consume fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats, all without having to count calories. However, there is still some leeway so people aren’t confined to eating from only these food groups. Individuals who are following this program can still eat bread, pasta, and butter. Considering that some of the ingredients in the Release Supplement are able to reduce carbohydrate absorption from these types of foods, it may allow followers to continue to lose weight while consuming starches.

golo weight loss graph
Image Source: Golo website, www.Golo.com

The GOLO Roadmap

This aspect of the program offers support to participants and comes with a free 12-month membership to the GOLO website.

This allows members to discuss their goals, obstacles, and diet plans with other members in order to increase motivation collectively.

An aspect of this roadmap, the GOLO Perfect 5 exercise plan, focuses on promoting high intensity exercise that can be performed in only five minutes a day. Since high-intensity exercise has been shown to promote fat loss and anyone can contribute five minutes of their day to exercising, this is certainly attainable.

The Release Supplement

golo weight loss review

The company claims that the Release Supplement optimizes insulin, normalizes blood sugar levels, balances hormones levels, and improves mood.

The proprietary formula in Release offers a list of ingredients, yet doesn’t state the amount of many of the ingredients in their formula. However, we will still look at the ingredients contained in this concoction in order to determine if any of them have been shown to regulate insulin levels and therefore, normalize blood sugar.

Ingredients In The Release Supplement

The Release Supplement contains 3 minerals and their proprietary formula has 7 all natural ingredients that comes in a gel cap mixed with flaxseed oil.

They claim that the ingredients in this formula will “jump start weight loss” and support continued weight loss.

The good news is that these pills don’t contain caffeine, are not made with GMO ingredients, and are non-allergenic.

In addition, this product is manufactured in California and follows GMP.

The Release Supplement contains Banaba Leaf, Berberine HCl, Chromium, Apple Polyphenol, Salacia Bark Extract, Gardenia Fruit Extract, Rhodiola, Inositol, Zinc, and Magnesium.

Let’s look at these ingredients further and determine if they are effective for normalizing blood sugar, while accelerating fat loss.

golo release supplement ingredients list

Banaba Leaf

Banaba leaf has been used as an anti-diabetic due to its concentration of corosolic acid, a chemical that has been shown to control glucose levels in the blood.

Do to its actions, Banaba leaf has the ability to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and can assist in the transport of sugar from the blood stream directly into cells.

In studies, Banaba has been shown to reduce blood glucose by 20 to 30%.In addition, Banaba leaf contains a wide range of antioxidants that can improve health quality overall.

Typically, Banaba leaf is generally consumed at a dose of 3,000 mg, although an optimal dose has not been determined.

However, the Release Supplement contains nowhere close to 3,000 mg so the efficiency of this ingredient is unknown.

Berberine HCl

Berberine HCl is another supplement that has anti-diabetic effects.

It is even claimed to be better than some of the pharmaceutical drugs that are often prescribed to diabetics.

Traditionally, Berberine has been used in Chinese medicine in order to reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels.

Consuming 1,500 mg of Berberine in three 500 mg doses has been shown to be equally as effective as consuming 1,500 mg of metformin, a commonly prescribed anti-diabetic drug.

Using Berberine in the Release Supplement certainly makes sense as a way to control blood glucose, but how much is contained in the formula is unknown.

Chromium – 70 mcg

Chromium has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity and therefore, regulate blood glucose levels.

Chromium is often used as a natural treatment for diabetic patients so it is a logical addition in the Release Supplement.

However, in studies, supplementing with chromium has not been shown to be effective in diabetic individuals, if they consume sufficient chromium levels in their diet, which is usually the case.

Apple Polyphenol

Apple polyphenol has tremendous anti-oxidant potential and is commonly used in Japan as a food additive.

It has been shown to be a safe compound that doesn’t have any toxic effects according to one study.

Salacia Bark Extract

Salacia reticulata bark extract is able to inhibit the uptake of carbohydrates in the intestines and is therefore used as an anti-diabetic agent.

In most cases, the typical dose is between 240 mg and 1,000 mg. Order to be effective, Salacia needs to be consumed with food, specifically carbohydrates, in order to counteract absorption.

Salacia has been shown to reduce blood glucose in a number of studies and certainly shows promise in the Release Supplement.

Gardenia Fruit Extract

Gardenia fruit extract is a common ingredient in a wide range of dietary supplements.

It has been shown to increase the sensation of feeling full after a meal, yet doesn’t appear to burn fat in human subjects.


Rhodiola rosea is considered to be an adaptogen, meaning that it has the potential to normalize hormone levels.

It is often used to reduce fatigue and reduce the effects of stress by reducing cortisol levels.

In addition to improving cognitive function, it is a neuroprotective agent and may even increase lifespan by about 20%.

The typical dose of Rhodiola is between 288 mg and 680 mg, but has been shown to be effective at doses as low as 50 mg.


Inositol is a molecule that is similar to glucose in its appearance and function.

Due to its ability to mimic glucose, it has been used to treat people with insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity.

Inositol has been shown to be an effective antidepressant and even reduce panic attacks in those affected by them.

Inositol has also been shown to increase fertility in females and has been shown to be relatively safe overall.

The typical dose is between 2 g and 4 g, however, the Release Supplement contains far less than that.

Zinc Oxide – 5 mg

Zinc is a crucially important mineral that participates in a wide range of enzymatic functions and improves the function of the immune system. In addition, adequate zinc levels are necessary for normal testosterone levels.

Zinc is found in oysters, meat, eggs, seeds, and nuts.

Unfortunately, most people don’t consume enough zinc when eating the typical Western diet and supplementation appears to be a necessary option.

The makers of this formula should have included a more bioavailable version of zinc, as zinc oxide is at the bottom of the spectrum in this regard.

However, it is cheap and reduces manufacturing costs significantly.

Magnesium – 60 mg + 30 mg of Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium deficiency is extremely common in Western civilization. Magnesium is critically important to overall health and is required in order to balance out high calcium diets.

Including magnesium in the Release Supplement is certainly beneficial, due to its overwhelming importance.

Magnesium has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.

Including only 90 mg of magnesium in this formula is far below the standard dose of 200 mg – 400 mg and magnesium oxide doesn’t have the bioavailability of other magnesium compounds so it may not have a significant effect.

Ingredient Overview

Given the overall list of ingredients in the Release Supplement, the use of each ingredient certainly has validity when considering insulin sensitivity and normalizing blood glucose levels.

Unfortunately, the amount of most ingredients are unknown and therefore, determining how effective it really is can be a futile task.

However, the GOLO Weight Loss program is certainly onto something with what they have included in the Release Supplement so it may actually be effective and relatively safe.

Dosage And Instructions

In order to for the Release Supplement to be effective, you should take one capsule three times daily with meals as per the instruction label.

how to take golo release - directions

Side Effects Of The Release Supplement

Some of the ingredients in the Release Supplement have been known to interact with other drugs, but of course that’s not to saythat GOLO itself will indeed cause them.

For instance, Berberine HCl interacts with a wide range of medications and can result in serious consequences. (Source)

In addition, Berberine HCl has been shown to prevent muscle hypertrophy.

Before taking the Release Supplement, consult with your doctor in order to discuss medical interactions.

Where To Buy

The Release supplement and all aspects of the GOLO Weight Loss program are located on their company website, golo.com.

The Release supplement costs $39.95 a month, $69.90 for a 2-month supply, and $89.85 for a 3-month supply. At about $30 a month, when purchased in bulk, this formula isn’t overly expensive, when compared to other diet pills on the market.

This program comes with a 40-day trial for only $1, but after the end of this time period customers will be charged for the bottle they ordered. The good news is there isn’t any auto-ship program and users won’t be charged every single month without voluntarily purchasing more of the product.

GOLO offers a money back guarantee within 60 days of the purchase date.

where to buy golo


While the GOLO Weight Loss program can certainly be effective for people who take advantage of all the aspects that are offered, including improving their food choices, exercising, and consuming the Release supplement, most people should be able to drop body fat by simply participating in exercise and a healthy diet alone.

The overall ingredients contained in the Release supplement may be able to benefit individuals who have elevated high blood glucose levels and assist in burning fat. People who are pre-diabetic or diabetic should be the first to consider participating in this program, as reducing blood glucose levels are crucially important to overall health.

However, anyone else who has a little bit of stubborn body fat should begin by reassessing their lifestyle choices and only include supplementation, if it is absolutely necessary.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Honest Review

By Carrie,  Aug 7, 2017

I started the GOLO program a little less than a month ago. I have tried many different diets and exercise plans but nothing seemed to be working for me over the past couple of years.  I then came across the insulin resistant concept. I fit all of the "is this happening to you" problems so I decided to give it a go.  Here is a little background, I have always been an extremely fit person, dieted my entire life, exercise between running and spending hours at the gym, but over the last 2 years, things have changed for me. I always joked that I could sneeze and lose 5 pounds but now I sneeze and gain it.  Even while eating healthy and exercising.

I started the GOLO program a little less than a month ago. I have tried many different diets and exercise plans but nothing seemed to be working for me over the past couple years.  I then came across the insulin resistant concept. I fit all of the is this happening to you problems so I decided to give it a go.  Here is a little background. I have always been an extremely fit person.  I dieted my entire life. I exercise between running and spending hours at the gym, but over the last two years, things have changed for me.  I always joked that I could sneeze and lose 5 pounds but now I sneeze and gain it even while eating healthy and exercising.

So here is the skinny. After doing the entire program for just under a month.  I am down 8 lbs! I'm not saying the supplements work, but I am still taking them.  I feel the best things thus far that I have learned from the program is to reverse my eating schedule. Before I would grab something little for breakfast, a light lunch and a healthy dinner, which always made dinner my biggest meal.  Now I struggle to eat the amount of food for breakfast and lunch that I am required to for the program but I am rarely ever hungry! When dinner does role around, I don't even want more than the 3 oz of meat, 1/2 cup of carb and 1 cup of vegetables.  It is really the first time in a long time I've felt satisfied and lost weight. To boot, I am not really doing an exercise plan.  I work in the yard sometimes pretty vigorously: felling trees, digging up irrigation lines, putting up fences. I just bought a new place.) I do not do this all the time.  Like I said, it has only been a month, but I'm planning on sticking with it.

The important thing to remember is that there is no magic pill out there. No matter what you are going to have to make some kinds of changes.  I feel that thus far, I am losing a healthy amount of weight (1-2 lbs a week) and am not starving myself like other diets I have been on. This program has taught me how to change my eating habits for the better and for life.  I'll have to check back in about 6 months and see if the progress continues.

I have my fingers crossed. I should lose about 25lb by then on the conservative side. My start weight was 212 and as of this morning I was 204 and I am 5'9". See you in 6 months.

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204 out of 218 people found this review helpful.

Supplement Garbage

By Kevin,  Mar 4, 2017

I tried the Golo weight loss program for three months. Its true that diet and exercise work.  The Golo supplement however is garbage! Don't waste your money!

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193 out of 222 people found this review helpful.

30-Day review

By david,  Mar 9, 2020
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

So I've been using golo's release pills for 30 days now. Golo touts that you can lose anywhere from 15-100 pounds in the first 30 days.  They send you a 16+ page booklet with even more materials with all kinds of exciting words. Well I am 100% VA rated disable vet.  I cannot do vigorous exercises and my diet isn't all that bad, I've lost exactly ZERO pounds in 30 days. All of the materials that golo provides in paper format as well as online format all deals with you changing your diet and doing extremely vigorous exercising.  The "Release" pills may contain products that aid with losing weight, but there isn't enough of it in each pill for someone like me to actually lose weight. I mean they tout 20-100 pounds in 30 days, I don't find it unreasonable to lose at least 1-5 pounds in 30 days.  Don't be fooled, change your diet and start exercising, that's the real secret! thank you for reading my review.

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Dawn duty's Review

By Dawn duty,  Dec 31, 2018

I have been part of a clinical trial for GOLO for the last six months. I lost 60 pounds and look like a totally new person.  Dozens of my friends have joined after seeing my results. I think the supplement and healthy diet has changed my life.  I highly recommend the program that is both healthy and low cost way to better health. Dawn H Duty

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80 out of 89 people found this review helpful.

Claudia signal leon's Review

By Claudia signal leon,  Aug 12, 2017

GOLO works! It is a great product!  I have lost 19.2 lbs. since I began in early June, 2017. This was two months ago!  I plan to continue for the recommended 90 days.

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70 out of 82 people found this review helpful.

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Rob ,what can you tell me about balance fit garcinla -Donnie

I haven't checked this one out specifically, but it looks like another free trial scam, which just isn't worth the hassle or the cost you end up paying each month.- Rob

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Is this bad for kidneys? -crystal key

It's fin for healthy kidneys, but if you have concerns, you should check with your doctor.- Rob

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17 out of 21 people found this question helpful.

I put on diets all my life and nothing is working. I have my high blood pressure medicine, and I am taking a thyroid pill 50 milligrams is this going to react with any of that medicine -Mary

I suspect you'll be fine, but I'm not medically trained, so you should check with your doctor to be sure.- Rob

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Will GOLO affect metformin when taken daily? 1000 mg metformin? -Traci

Whenever you're being treated with a prescription medication, you should check with your doctor before starting a supplement. I don't have knowledge of the interactions between drugs and supplements.- Rob

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Will this affect my sex drive? -Art

There are no ingredients in the formula that should affect your sex drive.- Rob

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  1. I too had great expectations and I was extremely disappointed. I am glad I only lost money for 1 bottle.

    I was on a 1200 calorie diet using Golo. I lost exactly 0 lbs. and $65. I should have known better.
  2. Golo Release capsules elevated my blood pressure so high I had to be admitted to the hospital through the ER. I had to stay for 2 days trying to get my BP down.

    My Endocrinologist informed me the Rhodiola can significantly raise blood pressure.
  3. Hello!
    I’ve been seeing the ads on TV and googling GOLO and stumbled on your site.

    I’m prediabetic, 51yo female and obviously overweight (BMI 30-31, have maintained weight of 184 for a number of years and in last 6 month crept up to 189ish – need to lose up to about 50 pounds). I know diet and exercise are key; however, interested in help to kick start the weight loss… After reading your article and the unknown quantities of the supplements (and/or significantly less amounts than necessary to make an impact) – could you not just buy all those supplements separately to get the maximum dose and benefits?

    Or would that not be cost effective? Thanks for feedback:)

    1. Hey Nicole,

      You could probably buy the ingredients in bulk and put together a similar supplement. You’d have to check prices to know whether or not it will be cost effective.

  4. Thanks once again Rob for another fact based review of a supplement product. I always come to your website supplement critique to get the low down on different supplements for various conditions we human beings suffer from.

    You always break it down in simple to understand language and remind us that there’s no magic bullet. If there was, said product would make the seller the richest person alive!
    This Golo product would probably help someone with an insulin type weight gain, but you definitely should get some blood work done by your doctor because the reason for weight gain comes in many reasons and is rarely one size fits all.

    I agree a doctor should always be consulted because there’s always the chance an underlying medical condition could be causing the problem and it’s not some simple dieting issue and lack of physical activity.
    Rob Miller definitely runs a top notch unbiased supplement critique website that I, my family and my friends visit for supplement reviews to wade through the mountains of BS that are out there trying to promote products that lack of a better word are nothing more than repackaged snake oil. Different picture, different name, but same worthless ingredients.

    This happens alot more often than you might expect!
    Thanks once again Rob!
  5. I am a female that takes quite a bit of meds is this bererine dangerous with the blood thinner effient better known as prasagril?? I hope not because I just heard this pill is totally safe and I ordered 2 bottles today Is there a return?
    1. Hey Lisa,

      When you take medications, it’s important to check with your doctor about what supplements you want to take. They, and/or your pharmacist, would be able to tell you what substances may interact negatively with your particular medications.

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