How To Lose Weight For Good

Fact Checked On: 5-1-2018 By: Rob Miller

lose weight for goodIn order to lose weight for good, there are two elements of the equation that are essential, and that is diet and exercise. You getting both in order is going to be paramount for success.

You’ll always have those people who will wonder why they can’t just diet or they can’t just exercise – if they do one very well, won’t that lead to results? While you may be able to lose weight with a diet alone, don’t even attempt to lose weight just exercise. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Let me say that again because it is vitally important that you fully understand this concept. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Period.

Don’t even try. So why is this the case? Why can’t you exercise away a bad diet?

The fact that you need to remember is that it’s just too easy to accumulate a high amount of calories with a few wrong food choices. For instance, if you eat a slice of cheesecake, that could easily tally you up to 600-900 calories depending on the variety and what all its served with.

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Most people don’t realize just how much exercise it would take to burn all these calories off.

You’d easily be looking at 60-90 minutes at minimum and that would be relatively intense exercise. Unless you have all day to be doing your workouts, it’s simply not going to cut it.It’s far easier to make a few small cuts to your diet intake to create the calorie deficit we mentioned earlier for fat loss to occur.

If you try and exercise your way to this deficit, you’re going to wind up burnt out, injured, and hating exercise before not too long. It’s far easier to use a combination of both to get the results that you’re after.

Another thing to take note of is the fact that exercise will serve more than just burning calories as well. In reality, the real reason to exercise while dieting is two-fold:

1. It’ll help you boost your metabolic rate

When done properly, exercise is going to be excellent for increasing your metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories 24/7 without having to do anything else additional. The faster your metabolic rate is on a day to day basis, the faster you’ll see weight loss progressing along without having to resort to that ultra low calorie diet plan where you are starving half the day and devoid of all energy.

Intense exercise that’s short and focuses on power based movements (as we’ll talk about shortly) is the form of exercise that will make your body almost fat resistant. That means that by doing this variation of exercise, you can essentially defend against fat gain into the future. You won’t have to worry about regaining weight as easily once you reach your goal weight because your body will naturally be burning up extra calories you might consume.

2. It’ll help you sustain lean muscle mass

The second reason you should be doing exercise on your fat loss diet plan is because doing so will also help you sustain your lean muscle mass better as well. If you can perform regular exercise sessions, you’ll send the message to your body that it needs to keep its lean muscle mass, meaning you’re less likely to start burning it up as a fuel source when energy gets low.

If you aren’t exercising and are just dieting, you put yourself at a much greater risk of burning both muscle and body fat, which is not what you want.

Fat burn – yes.

Muscle burn – no.

Exercise is what makes the difference. So as you can see, there are more reasons to exercise while dieting than just to create a calorie deficit.

The calorie deficit is really low on the priority scale when it comes to the actual exercise session that you do. More important is how many calories that workout causes your body to burn because of the fact you did it as well as the benefit it provides in terms of assuring that you lose fat, not muscle.

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  1. Rob

    Thanks for your reply. Do you recommend any supplements that improve one’s metabolism rate?

    Are there any supplements you like for arthritic conditions, or for inflammation in general?

    Do you know of any energy boosting supplements that don’t contain testosterone nor increase one’s testosterone levels?
    1. Sorry for the late reply Mike, your comment slipped through the cracks! For metabolism, check out a supplement called Instant Knockout. It doubles as both an effective fat burner and metabolism booster, and is one of the best weight loss supplements we’ve ever tested. Here’s my review:

      I haven’t really tested / looked into too many arthritis / inflammation, but you might want to check out Instaflex Advanced. It uses ingredients that help for this, and is the best joint reliever I’ve ever used. Here’s my review:

      As for an energy booster, 4 Gauge has been my go to for the past year or so. It’s got a decent amount of caffeine, but it’s also got several other ingredients that take the edge off from the caffeine, and give a lasting energy booster. Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  2. To Rob Miller

    Do you have an opinion on the following supplements:

    Primal Force – Omega Rejuvenol
    Physio Tru – Physio Omega
    Enhabced Circulation Formula

    Also, I don’t drink sodas nor alcohol. But I overdose on orange juice every day.

    Am I in trouble here?

    Mike Simons
    209 xxx-xxxx

    1. Hey Mike,
      Yeah I don’t really spend too much time looking into Omega supplements like that, so I’m afraid I can’t really comment. You’d have to be drinking an absolutely enormous amount of OJ to have any issues, so I’d likely say you’re in the clear.

      Good for you on the soda / alcohol, too much of that stuff will DEF make you gain weight (among other negatives).

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