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Elevacity DOSE Review

This is a review, CLICK HERE for Elevacity DOSE

Are happiness and weight loss two things you struggle to achieve?Do you want to make it really simple and easy?!

Enter Elevacity DOSE: Smart Coffeeor Happy Coffee –plus Xanthomax.

What’s more simple than drinking a cup o’ Joe and popping an antioxidant?

Most people love coffee and can’t function without it, so why not make it “smart” by adding nootropics, fat burners and metabolism boosters for the added benefits?

It only makes sense to give an extra added little kick to something that already boosts most people’s productivity and functionality.

That’s exactly what Elevacity did when they created Elevate Brew Smart Coffee and Xanthomax aka “the DOSE.” Elevacity DOSE is a nootropic stackand people are raving about quick weight loss and an elevated mood!

I’m going to keep this review short, simple and to the point.

Because….coffee, right?

It’s simple: drink the coffee, take the happy pill and watch the pounds drop off!

Smart Coffee for Weight loss

Elevate Brew Smart Coffee “Happy Coffee”

Elevate Brew is a dark-roasted, Columbian instant coffee infused with nutritional supplements (tons of anti-oxidants), fat burners and nootropicsfocusing on weight loss and cognitive functions.

You simply mix the coffee with hot water, and fix it how you would normally make your coffee.

You can also blend it with the coffee you currently drink, or add it in a shake or a smoothie.

Even non-coffee lovers are enjoying this blend.

Elevate Brew Smart Coffee contains an effective combination of amino acids, choline and fat burners and includes L-Theanine, organic cocoa, chromium picolinate, and green tea to name a few of the stand out ingredients.

Elevate nootropics coffee

Benefits of Elevate Brew Smart Coffee

  • Increased energy
  • Anti-anxiety and anti-stress
  • Mental clarity
  • Better memory
  • Increased concentration, focus and alertness
  • Less brain fog
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces appetite and tiredness
  • Squashes sugar and carb cravings
  • Elevates your mood to happy and positive

Click Here for Elevate Brew

Elevacity Keto cream


Want to boost your FAT BURNING results? Add some Keto Creto your Smart Coffee to make it a “fat coffee.”

Fat coffee is a staple of a ketogenic diet and aids in fat loss and intermittent fasting. Simply mix, stir and enjoy!

Hunger is squashed.

Elevacity also makes Choclevate which is a delicious nootropic hot chocolate!

While it does contain some caffeine, it’s much less than what’s in the Elevate Brew and offers similar benefits.

Visit the Elevacity website for more information and ingredients.

Xanthomax reviews

Elevacity DOSE – Elevate Brew Smart Coffee + Xanthomax

Xanthomax reviews

​​​​​​​Let me explain “Elevacity DOSE” and howthese two new products work synergistically for quick weight loss and an elevated, happy mood.

Nootropics stimulate opiates and dopagenic responses in your brain (the feel good chemicals released when you hug a loved one for example) and address weight management between your brain and your belly.

Elevacity D.O.S.E. helps to release those happiness hormones: Dopamine- Ocytocin – Serotonin – Endorphins.

Harmonize the brain and the gut (often thought of as your “second brain”) and things happen!

Your cravings will cease, youwon’t feel deprived, and your mood will be elevated, HAPPY, energized and content.

Then the thermogenic components and appetite suppressants work to start melting fat and inches off fast!

It’ssimply a daily “D.O.S.E.” – one-half to one cup of the Elevate Brew plus one Xanthomax (an herbal pill) which is your happiness elevator.

What is Xanthomax?Xanthomax ingredients

Xanthomax is a pill made from xanthohumol (extracted from the hops flower) and is up to 200 times more powerful than resveratrol.

You know…the stuff in red wine they say is good for us since it’s an anti-oxidant?

You’d have to drink 40 liters of red wine to get the same benefits as you do from taking Xanthomax!

Sounds fun, but no good for weight loss 😉

Evidencesuggests that Xanthohumol functions not only as a remarkable anti-oxidant but also as a powerful metabolic agent.

They’ve combined Xanthohumol with tumeric in this blend for a good reason.

Tumeric is believed to be one of the most powerful herbs known to man with many healing and disease fighting properties.

Tumeric has a rather strong flavor, and this is why they’ve made it into a pill form and not blended into the coffee – that wouldn’t taste too good!

Benefits of Xanthomax

  • Super-nutrient antioxidant (flavonoid)
  • Flavonoids find and neutralize free-radicals and reduce oxidative stress
  • Antioxidants keep free radicals in check which is the underlying cause of aging
  • Anti-aging and promotes a healthy skin tone
  • Powerful metabolic and cell signaling agent
  • Provides protection against virus’, fungi and bacteria
  • Helps to maintain cholesterol levels and a healthy heart
  • Encourages restful sleep and wards off insomia
  • Weight loss is accelerated and helps keep the weight off
  • Promotes eye and cornea health

It is a super-nutrient flavonoid, which are healthy chemicals found in foods, which have antioxidant and inflammatory properties.

Flavonoids find and neutralize free-radicals and reduce oxidative stress, this reduces the damage done on your body cells.

For example, free radicals are the underlying process behind aging, and the damage done to your skin cells.

Hence flavonoids can help reduce the skin’s aging effects. (Source)

xanthomax reviews

Elevacity DOSE Review –Real Testimonials

Elevacity reviews

In the first couple months I lost well over 20 lbs!

To date, I’ve lost 36 lbs.? Keep in mind I haven’t changed my diet, though I don’t do all the extra snacking I once craved.

I experience daily mental clarity and crystal clear focus as well an overall feeling of being well.

I have also not had hot flashes since drinking the Happy Coffee,? which if you have experienced this internal feeling that you could spontaneously combust at any moment, you will understand how much this alone has changed my life.

I am so Thankful for being introduced to these amazing products and would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone I know.☕?” – Ani

elevacity reviews

I cannot believe that was me on the left!?I gained unwanted wait, I didn’t feel like myself, and I was up and down emotionally because of it.

I felt stuck!

I was introduced to something that would drastically changed my life not long after.

Flash forward to today, happier, healthier, more productive in my day, and down 20+ lbs and over 5% body fat!

The funny thing is I didn’t even have to “try.” No crash dieting for me.

Weight loss is great of course, but it doesn’t compare to how happy I feel every day.. my productivity level has gone through the roof, I get a weeks work done in a day, I sleep better, and well I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been thanks to my happy coffee.

*Every morning I take my “DOSE” = Elevate coffee + xanthomax + Keto cre.

This has helped me manage my cravings, hunger, and I feel super satisfied until the afternoon. – Cassandra M.

Elevacity DOSE Recommendation + How to Buy

It’s been easy to find testimonials of people who are experiencing quick weight loss results from the Elevacity DOSE combo, and feeling energized and happy the entire day.

Most people report that their appetite is completely non existent, and losing a lot of pounds in a short amount of time seems to be the common.

For its low risk of side effects and high potential for desirable results, Elevacity DOSE seems like a safe bet and I would recommend trying it.

And with a price point won’t break the bank, it’s an easy decision if you want something brand new the market to try.

We recommend purchasingElevacity DOSE together for $105.If you set up Smartship, the cost drops to $94.50.

To purchase items separately, the Smart Coffee Tub is $55, and Xanthomax $65, so Smartship provides a $35 savings!

Click Here to Order Elevacity DOSE

Shipping is sent priority mail and should be in your hands within about 5-7 days.

Press Release!

New Product releases and new Elevacity reviews

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Promoting Elevacity –

Are you interested in promoting Elevacity’s health products to earn an additional income stream?

It’s as easy as posting a picture of your cup of happy coffee and piquing interest on social media!

Visit Elepreneur.com/ElevatedLife and click “join” – Elevacity offers small promoter packs for only $249 which include 2 tubs of coffee, 2 bags of coffee w/individual servings, and 2 bottles of Xanthomax.

This is one the EASIEST and FASTEST growing business for the “average Joe” to get involved in!It’s literally as easy as sharing a cup ‘o Joe!

Happy Coffee has been a game changer for many!

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Smart Coffee

By Angie,  May 16, 2018

I like to mix half a scoop of the coffee with my home brewed coffee. It has worked well for me.  It curbs my appetite and kills my cravings. I've lost about 15 lbs this month, and I've got 25 more to go!

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28 out of 29 people found this review helpful.

By James,  Jul 8, 2018

I don’t do reviews on a regular basis, but this coffee has changed my whole life. I eat, move, and react to things differently.  My whole outlook on my life has changed. I can only say/recommend you try it.  I’m down 37 pounds in 3 months, and feel great. Stick to using the product.  Don’t waver. Make up your mind and do it.  Wish I could post a side by side picture comparison of myself. The difference from last year at the same time seems unreal.  Good luck, and never give up. This has been the easiest thing I have ever done to solely benefit myself.

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25 out of 25 people found this review helpful.

Love it

By Rhonda,  May 31, 2018

I take my Smart Coffee and Xanthomax in the morning. I use half a scoop and mix with regular coffee and creamer.  I have had great results. My blood sugars are under control.  My joint aches are gone. I am sleeping better, and I have lost 20 pounds in just over a month using this product!  Most people feel a difference within the first 30 minutes of using it. Benefits of use, are either an increase of energy, more focus and curbed appetite.  The other benefits are noticed after prolonged use. I love it so much I have signed up to be a distributor this month!

Was this review helpful to you?
19 out of 20 people found this review helpful.

Smart Coffee Review

By Felicia Cardone,  Mar 4, 2018

I love the coffee, but I got so sick 30 minutes after I drank it. I got the opposite of everything is supposed to do.  It worked for my husband. I guess no matter how good the product may be, it's not meant for everybody.

Was this review helpful to you?
14 out of 14 people found this review helpful.

An All Natural Dietary Assist That Actually Works

By Larry,  Oct 18, 2018
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

I started on "The Dose" coffee and Xanthomax around 1st of Sept, 2018. I noticed an immediate effect on the first day.  My mood was upticked to positive with a great cognitive boost. I lost 17 lbs in 4 weeks.  I had no hunger and no cravings. I am following the KETO diet and using this product.  I feel very energized and healthy as a result. I did run out of the coffee and tablets for two days and noticed a significant spike in hunger and cravings.  In one day being back on it, that all went away. I'm so convinced that I became a distributor.

Was this review helpful to you?
8 out of 8 people found this review helpful.

Click Here To Visit The Official Elevacity Website www.Elevacity.com

Ask A Question

User Questions and Answers

How many cups of elevate coffee can I drink in a day? -Elaine

Elaine, thanks for your question. Most people start with half a scoop serving in the morning and others like the feeling of a full serving. I do know some people who have a second half serving in the afternoon. I would recommend seeing how you feel on a full serving and if you need a little more boost in the afternoon, add a half of a serving and see how you feel. The energy boost and appetite suppression has a strong effect so I think you'll find you don't need much more than a full serving per day. Good luck!- Rob

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62 out of 64 people found this question helpful.

I take prescription Wellbuterin so can I still take the Xanthromax or with it cause me problems? -Sue

Because you take a prescription medication, you should check with your doctor about any potential conflicts before starting a new supplement.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
27 out of 33 people found this question helpful.

I'm a 72 year old female, will taking the dose be harmful for me. -PATTY

They don't list an age limit. Just start out with a weak cup or half a cup if you want to take every precaution.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
12 out of 14 people found this question helpful.

Hi I have no weight problem so it's about clarity and energy for me. Is this a natural (organic) product it are there additives? What is the cost per day to use the product? Regards Peter (64 years old) -Peter McGuirk

It's not organic, there are artificial flavors added. The cost per day really depends on how much you drink each day. The cost of a 30 serving tub is $60. Here's a link to their website: https://www.supplementcritique.com/Elevate-Smart-Coffee- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
10 out of 11 people found this question helpful.

Does this product cause seizures? -Alicia

I am not aware of seizures caused by this product. If you have concerns, you should check with both the company and your doctor.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
8 out of 8 people found this question helpful.

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Rachel is Chief Editor of the popular site WomensBlogTalk.com and writes reviews relating to anti-aging, health and beauty and is passionate about helping others. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years. She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training, and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.

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    1. Hey Julie,
      Yes if you can tolerate that much caffeine. Some people do drink a scoop in the morning and another in the afternoon… don’t know many who do, but yes you can.

      Some people prefer switching to the Choclevate if it’s late in the day since it’s decaf, it gives the same result as the coffee.
    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I’m not aware of any estrogenic ingredients in the Xanthomax. Xanthomax (or xanthohumol) is made from the hops plant, the benefits of xanthohumol are many. Google Xanthohumol and cancer and I think you’ll see some very positive research. This picture came from http://xanthohumol.com – this is a great resource explaining the benefits of this very powerful anti-oxidant. Thank you!
    1. Hi Rose,
      Sorry for the late reply. You could mix with tea if you’d like but it does contain coffee, it has the flavor of a darker roast.

      However I do have some customers who don’t like coffee who add it to a protein shake and enjoy it that way. Maybe give that a try.

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thanks for your question. We suggest checking with your Dr. if you have any concerns about starting a new supplement, even if it’s all natural.

    1. Hey Lavona,
      This is an all natural health supplement, but if you have concerns it’s always best to double check with your Dr.
  1. I have use your coffee for now 4 months I love the taste but I cannot lose the weight, I need to lose 20 only. What do I do WRONG?

    1. Hey Monique,
      Thanks for your question. Weight loss depends on a number of factors.

      You could be consuming an excess of calories so you may need to track your foods to see how many calories your’e taking in to get a clearer picture of your diet. The coffee is great for suppressing appetite so without seeing what you’re eating it’s hard for me to say.

      If you haven’t tried already, try to do some intermittent fasting on the coffee and eat a lower carb diet, that usually gets the scale moving.
  2. I am 74 and was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 at age 70. Is the coffee and Xanthomax safe for me?

    I know my physician will say no. Do you know other diabetics type 1 who have tried this product?

    1. Hey Sheryn,
      I don’t know anyone personally with diabetes who’s tried the coffee but these are herbal based products. If you’re taking medications then it’s always best to check with your Dr. To be sure.

    1. Hey Jenn,
      It’s typical to take the coffee and xanthomax together in the morning, but some people prefer how they feel taking the xanthomax in the early afternoon separate from the coffee. I would try both ways to see how you feel, but there’s no right or wrong way.

    1. Hey Aida,
      The smart coffee is a fat burner and suppresses appetite a lot, so if you just want to drink the coffee for the energy, maybe just try using a quarter to a half a scoop and mix it with your coffee. If you find that it makes you not hungry, then you’re probably going to lose weight since you’ll be taking in fewer calories.

  3. I’ve been taking smart Coffee D.O.S.E and the first week was fine however I started having headaches with pressure on the back of my head and the neck. I normally drink plenty of water and have been following good clean eating habits.
    Do you know if this is a side effect?

    Thanks 🙂
    1. Hi, thanks for your question. It’s hard to say what could be causing your headaches, you could be dehydrated or low on electrolytes.

      It may be wise to stop the coffee and/or the Xanthomax for a couple days and see if the symptoms subside and then give it another try and see if you have the same experience.
  4. Initially, I lost 5lbs the first month and then nothing afterwards. I believe this was the colon cleansing stage.

    I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and am not sedentary so I was looking for effects of the “energy boost” but I had no changes. It may work for others so I don’t dispute it.

    My main issue is cancelling shipments. I haven’t been able to get through on the toll free number, get a live chat person or a response back from all my emails I’ve sent…..

  5. I’ve had weight loss surgery & have started gaining back the weight. I’m diabetic & need some incentive to start losing weight gained.

  6. I have high blood pressure – medium
    Cholesterol and anxiety is this coffee safe? And that supplement pill safe too?
    1. Hey Lisa,

      Because you have a couple of medical conditions, you should check with your doctor about whether or not particular supplements are safe in your case.
  7. I have been using this product for 2-1/2 months. I take the xanthomax and use one scoop of the coffee in my regular coffe.

    I love the energy and the way my mood has changed (for the better). I have not experienced any weight loss.

    What am I doing wrong?
    1. Candace, a full serving is about the same as a strong cup of Starbuck’s, so about half of that. The Xanthomax does not contain caffeine.

        1. You are correct, the Xanthomax does have some caffeine, and the Smart Coffee has about as much as a cup of Starbuck’s coffee. They may have optimized the Xanthomax formula recently to include some caffeine.

          I can’t tell you exactly how much is in it since it’s a proprietary formula. My suggestion would be to drink the coffee in the morning and take a Xanthomax in the early afternoon separate from the coffee to gauge how you feel before taking them together.

          Thank you for your question.
    1. Elizabeth, thanks for your question, and that’s a tough time for most people. Since the Elevate Brew does contain caffeine, a good option for night time appetite control would be Keto-OS (DECAF) which are exogenous ketones. Keto comes in a variety of great tasting fruity or chocolate flavors. Ketones suppress appetite and put you into the fat burning state of ketosis, and it also calms the excitetory nerves in the brain which can promote restful sleep. There are many benefits to being in ketosis and it would be a good compliment to when you’re coming down from the coffee and want to stay on track with healthy eating/weight loss. The flavors available in decaf are the Keto Max Raspberry Lemonade, Keto Max Swiss Cacao, Keto Max Maui Punch, Keto OS Orange Dream, and Keto OS Chocolate Swirl. You could start with a half serving around 5pm for a couple of days and work up to a full serving. Good luck!
      1. How does one purchase the Keto-OS (Decaf)? Are there stores that carry it or does it have to be ordered on line?
        Thank you.

        1. Hi Dianne, thanks for your question. Keto OS is not sold in stores, you can purchase online from Pruvit’s website. If you’re interested in purchasing some samples first, my wife does mail them and she keeps stock in decaf (she loves ketones). You can take a look at the samples she offers on her Keto blog here. Thanks and good luck!
  8. I ended up getting a migraine a few hours after using D.O.S.E, felt like a blood sugar crash. I hadn’t eaten up to that point as I wasn’t hungry at all, so now I’m a bit concerned on how to continue with this.

    Should I take 1/2 of the coffee and not take the pill? Can’t have a migraine at work tomorrow, what do you suggest?

    1. Elaine, we’ve found that most people do well on half a cup of the coffee and you can take the xantomax two hours later, you don’t have to take it together. Be sure and drink plenty of water as dehydration can cause headaches.

      You should probably eat a little something before taking the coffee if you’re not used to fasting. Good luck!

      1. Thanks Rob, that worked much better! No headache, plenty of energy and little appetite and when I did eat was full very quickly.
        Now to figure out how to get my auto ship set up…….!

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