Eroxin Review: Does It Really Work?

Rob Miller | August 3, 2018
Product Reviewed: Eroxin
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I don’t get my mail delivered to my house directly.  Because I live in Florida, where 90% of us live within sub-communities, I check my mail at a clubhouse.

It’s kind of annoying, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Leaving the gym a few days ago, I realized I hadn’t checked the mail in quite sometime.

So, I decided to make a quick stop and empty out the box.

When I opened the box, it was completely stuffed with jun mail, which unfortunately is pretty common.

As I was pulling stuff out, one piece of mail came falling out.

It was this:

eroxin magazine ad cover

I get these sorts of ads all the time, and sometimes they’re a bit more vulgar then I expect.

vericil-md brochure
Like this one from Vericil-MD

A lot of times I just throw them away, but every once in awhile I’ll hang on to one just to see what product they’re pushing.

In this specific instance, they were pushing a product I’ve never heard of before.

It’s called Eroxin with Enostim, and as I poured through the booklet, I knew I had to look into it deeper.

1.  What is Eroxin?

By all accounts, Eroxin is essentially a viagra alternative.  It’s designed to produce harder, better erections, as well as help make you more rigid.

They spend a lot of time hyping up all of the benefits you’ll get from Eroxin, including:

  • Stimulating your sex-brain
  • Increased nitric oxide production
  • Vasodilation of the penis artery
  • Compresses veins to limit blood exit
  • Maximize erection potential

They even site a few clinical studies, showing how well their primary ingredient works.

eroxin clinical study 1

eroxin clinical study 2

So how does it do all of this?

Well, according to the pamphlet I’m reading, it’s through an ingredient called Enostim.

2.  What is Enostim?

Enostim is an ingredient that is supposed to cause a process called Nitric Oxide synthase.

Nitric oxide production is what happens when you take a pill like Viagra.

It causes the blood vessels to dilate, which allows for increased blood flow.

how vasodilation works
^ How vasodilation works

Since blood flow is crucial during an erection, this increased blood flow means only one thing:  Improved, longer lasting erections.

Made by a company called Nexira, Enostim is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients that includes apple and grape polyphenols, and is further enriched with Saffron.

This is interesting because I’ve never actually heard of this ingredient, and I’ve been studying these types of products for years.

3.  Eroxin Reviews

If you’re looking for feedback from users of Eroxin, unfortunately you’ll come up short.

There is virtually NO information about it online, and I checked all of the usual places:  Reddit, Youtube, Amazon, etc.

I can’t even find an official website for Eroxin, which leads me to believe that it’s strictly sold via mail / phone orders.

4.  Where To Buy Eroxin

You won’t find Eroxin in any stores like Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, or CVS.  In fact, if you’re looking for a website you won’t even find one.

It appears that it’s only available by calling their toll-free phone number, 800-596-2899.

In the booklet I have, it looks like they used to offer it in different price ranges depending on how much you buy.

However, in this particular ad they are offering a fixed price of $19.99 per box.

This includes a limit of 8 boxes.

5.  Conclusion

There’s way too little known about Eroxin to come to a conclusion.  I’ve never heard of it’s chief ingredient (Enostim) before, which puzzles me.

If it is as effective as they say it is, you would usually see TONS of other supplements pumping this ingredient into their formula.

From what I can tell, the only supplement on the market that contains Enostim is Eroxin.

With all of that said, the fact that they had a clinical study conducted does lend it a bit of credibility.

If Eroxin does what it says it does, then you may be in for a sweet surprise.

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By  Jerry Jul 1, 2018

This product gave me reactions like itching, welts on my arms and back, and head. I experienced nothing else.


I didn't experience any of the promised claims. I am very unsatisfied with the results.


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Does this product Eroxin really work ? -

I haven't used it myself, but I would be surprised if it worked like they say it does.- Rob

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