GAT Supertein Review – Should You Use It?

By: Rob Miller
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GAT Supertein Overview

Whether you’re cutting or bulking, gaining or losing weight, you should be using a protein powder.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, getting enough protein is one of the most primary necessities in any program where you’re trying to improve your physique.

The reason is that it’s a building block for lean muscle mass, and lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism.

You won’t find too many people arguing that you shouldn’t use protein.

But you’ll find lots of disagreement about which kind is best.

One of the contenders is called GAT Supertein.

Made by German American Technologies, it goes a bit beyond standard protein, with digestive enzyme support and antioxidants, to be your full-service post-workout, go-to formula. They even claim it tastes good!

So let’s take a peak into the ingredient profile to see what we can find out.

GAT Supertein ReviewGAT Supertein Ingredients and How They Work

GAT Supertein is mainly Whey Protein, but it uses a blend so it’s got both Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate.

Added in for post workout support are Free-Form Amino Acids – Glycine, Taurine, Glutamine, Leucine, and Valine.

To top it off, the formula also includes Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Insulin.

There’s plenty of Vitamin and Mineral support that includes Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium for better overall health.

A serving size is 1 scoop, and that contains 23 grams of protein.

GAT Supertein Pros and Cons

Advantages of GAT Supertein

  • It’s got both fast and slow digesting proteins.
  • Most GAT Supertein reviews show a devoted following and talk about how it tastes surprisingly good and mixes well too.
  • It comes in 3 flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter.

Disadvantages of GAT Supertein

  • It’s got a 190 calories and a relatively high amount of carbs, though only 2 grams of sugar.
  • Some say that though it mixes fairly well with a shaker or blender, it leaves some powder unblended.

Where to Buy

If you buy GAT Superteinat the GAT website, you’ll pay $89.99 for the 5 pound tub which contains about 50 servings.At some other retailers, like bodybuilding dot com and Amazon, you’ll pay much less.


GAT Supertein is a solid quality protein that mixes well and tastes great.

If you pay the lower price for it, it’s well within your average price range.

If you’re in the market for a new protein powder, GAT Supertein is certainly worth a look.

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