Hot Plants Review – Does It Work?

Rob Miller | May 10, 2013
Product Reviewed: Hot Plants
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Hot Plants Overview

Hot Plants is a sexual enhancement supplement that comes in formulas for both men and women.  It’s made by Enzymatic Therapy in collaboration with “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham, an herbal medicine expert who’s been featured on Dr. Oz and other informational talk shows.

The formulas are based on his research on and time spent with native healers all over the world.

For this review, we’ll be looking at Hot Plants for Him.

Hot Plants promises to be your answer if what you want is a reigniting of your sexual pleasure and performance.

It promotes sex drive and endurance, and it helps you leave both you and your partner more completely satisfied.

Hot Plants ReviewHot Plants Ingredients and How They Work

The complete Hot Plants formula is presented on the label, including amounts for each ingredient.

This is helpful information because lots of products say they contain a certain ingredient, but what they don’t say is that it’s at such a low level that it’s basically ineffective.

Included are:

  • Maca Root Extract which is an ancient Peruvian herb used for centuries as an aphrodisiac.

    Some studies have shown some minor promise for this libido boosting herb.

  • Yohimbe Bark Extract which improves blood flow by blocking the alpha-2 receptors that constrict blood vessels.

  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract which is often used to combat depression.

  • Epimedium Sagittatum also improves blood flow but does so by increasing the amount of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessel walls.

  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract which improves sexual energy and stamina.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia which increases the amount of free, unbound testosterone available for use by the body.

    More testosterone means better performance and boosted libido.

The recommended dose is 2 Hot Plants capsules daily, though we did notice that several reviewers commented that one capsule a day was plenty to see the desired effect.

Hot Plants Pros and Cons

An easy way to figure out if a product is worth buying is to list the good and bad side by side and make a comparison.

Advantages of Hot Plants

  • It was developed by an expert in natural healing alternatives.

  • It’s widely available and can be quite cheap.

  • The full ingredient list is shared.

  • We found lots of favorable Hot Plants reviews from guys who’ve used it.

Disadvantages of Hot Plants

  • It contains Yohimbe which can be dangerous, especially if taken long term or if you have heart or blood pressure issues.

  • A couple of Hot Plants reviews speak to these dangers.

    One said it raised his blood pressure 30 points in a few days.

    Another said he couldn’t sleep at night.

    Another said he felt like his heart would jump out of his chest.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Hot Plantsin stores like Walgreens and CVS, or through several online retailers.

The 60 count bottle is a one month supply (2 if you only take 1 per day).

The retail price is $32.99, but we’ve seen it for less than $17 at CVS.Definitely shop around for your best price.


The reviews are really all over the place for this one.

While some guys find it effective, other guys find it frightening.

Certainly, if you have heart problems, blood pressure issues, or diabetes, or if you take medications for any of these, stay away from Hot Plants.

But if you’re healthy and want to try it, just be sure to do your research and approach with caution.

Otherwise, skip the Hot Plants altogether, and choose something with a little more certainty of its safety.

Have You Used Hot Plants? Leave Your Review Below!

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