How A Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Your Weight Loss

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sleep and weight lossIf you’re on a mission to lose some excess weight you’ve been carrying around for too long, one particular aspect of your lifestyle that you must take into account is your sleep habits. Sleep is going to be paramount for success as without it, a number of negative side effects can occur.

Let’s walk you through some of the problems associated with not getting sufficient sleep at night so that you can see for yourself why getting enough in is a must.

Sleep And Your Metabolic Rate

First and foremost, you need to realize the fact that without sufficient sleep, your metabolism will start to slow.

Since your metabolism is going to be responsible for how many calories you burn up on a day to day basis, the faster it’s moving along, the better your progress will be.

Lack of sleep will make weight loss move along far more slowly than it has to.

Sleep And Insulin Sensitivity

Next, also consider the impact of sleep on insulin sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity refers to how will your cells will respond to insulin when it’s released in your system.

Those who have poor insulin sensitivity are more likely to store excess body fat than those with good insulin sensitivity, so here again, it’s important that you keep yours up there.

The more sleep you get at night, the better your insulin sensitivity will tend to be.

Sleep And Energy Levels

Moving along, sleep is also going to influence your energy levels to quite a high degree as well.

You’ve likely experienced this before after a night of not much sleep at all.

You wake up feeling exhausted and like not doing much other than lying right back down.

If you’re not getting sufficient sleep, chances are you won’t be feeling like doing much in the way of exercise.

And since exercise is one element that is critical to success, this isn’t something to be overlooking.

Effect on Testosterone Levels and Function

A lack of sleep has shown a direct correlation on the levels of testosterone your body is producing. With a lack of testosterone comes all sort of problems, including a lack of muscle growth, energy levels, and even mood.

Supplements like Testofuel can help, but the best thing you can do is eat right, get plenty of exercise, and refrain from drinking or smoking as they have a tendency to affect testosterone levels as well.

Sleep And Hunger

Finally, the last big connection that you need to know is how sleep will influence hunger. When you’re not sleeping enough, your body is going to seek out fuel because it senses you’re fatigued when really, fuel is not what you need at this point – more sleep is.

Since your body knows that simple carbohydrates are also the fastest source of fuel it could possibly take in, this is what you’ll crave.

If you’ve ever had those days after not much sleep where it seems like you just can’t stop eating, this is precisely why – your body is seeking out carbohydrates to try and overcome the fatigue you feel.

So as you can see, sleep is not something to take lightly.

Those who get more sleep on a day to day basis almost always maintain lower body weights than those who don’t, so start making a serious effort to get your eight hours each night.

If you struggle to get a sound sleep during the evening, you may also want to consider looking into a sleep aid such as Alteril as well, which is well tolerated in almost everyone unlike many sleep aids out there.

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