5 Tips For Flat Abs

Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018 By: Rob Miller

5 tips for flat absLooking to get flat abs? If so, you aren’t alone.

This is one of the top goals that many people have as they go about their program plan and one that many people do often struggle with.

There’s all sorts of fancy programs like Abs After 40 that promise to give you washboard abs in a fraction of the time.

However, programs like that often cost a pretty penny, and if you don’t put the work in you may not see much of a result.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you know some key tricks and techniques, you can get well on your way to seeing flat abs yourself and moving forward with your progress.

Let’s go over the main points to know and consider integrating into your program plan.

Cut Sodium

Simple as it sounds, cutting sodium can have a dramatic influence on how you abs appear as too much sodium will rapidly cause water retention to occur, taking away from how lean you look.

Start reducing back on any items in your meal plan that tend to increase your sodium intake dramatically such as condiments, sauces, and snack foods.

Then watch how much leaner you look the next day.

Cycle Your Carbohydrates

The second thing that you’ll want to consider is cycling your carbohydrates. Have some days – the days you’re more active, higher in carbs and then go lower in carbs on the days that you’re less active.

This will allow you to easily keep your metabolic rate higher over time and ensure that you are burning up body fat optimally on those lower carbohydrate days.

Perform Free Weight Training

Moving along, the next important thing that you’ll want to be sure you’re doing is performing free weight training as part of your overall program plan. Free weight training is ideal for getting flat abs because the abs will be called into play with each and every exercise you do.

Since you will require your body to use the abs to maintain a high degree of stabilization, this is easily one of the most ideal methods to not only work the main muscles in the body, but the core at the same time.

It’s a win-win as far as maintaining a leaner body goes.

De-Stabilize The Body

When it comes to the actual abdominal work that you perform, one thing that you absolutely must do is make sure that you are de-stabilizing the body as often as you can.

This means performing sit-ups and other ab exercises on an exercise ball in order to fully call the abs into play, getting the muscle fibers deep within the core to contract harder than before.

Regular crunches on an ab mat don’t really target the core all that much, but when you move them over to the exercise ball, you’ll see far greater results. Here’s a couple of other exercises to get you started:

1.) Planks

2.) Mountain Climbers

3.) Medicine Ball Situps (A bit more advanced / requires equipment)

4.) Side Plank With Reach Through

Use An Effective Thermogenic

instant knockout reviewFinally, last but not least, consider using a good thermogenic such as Instant Knockout Fat Burner.

This form of fat loss supplement will boost the metabolic rate without you having to do anything different with your diet or workout program, so is an ideal option for those who are seeking great fat loss results.

A thermogenic can accelerate how quickly you’re burning up calories minute by minute throughout the day, making it that much easier to create the calorie deficit needed for fat loss success.

So there you have the primary points to know and remember with regards to getting flat abs.

Apply these and you will be well on your way to success.

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How effective would be a high tension resistant band compared to free weights?? -Nick

High tension resistant bands are actually just as effective as free weights, but you're a bit limited when it comes to range of motion.  But if you don't have access to free weights it's a good substitution.
- Rob

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My father has type 2 diabetes and we te trying to revamp his nutrition. My question is, do you know of a protein powder for men, that has little to no sugar that he could mix with greens and fruits as a meal replacement? -Megan

I like 100% Whey Gold Standard. The vanilla has 1 gram of sugar which is about 1/4 teaspoon.- Rob

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I do a 10 week body by You boot camp 5 days a week along with 2 days of cardio kickboxing&power toning and 2 days of MMA classes. I hav a black belt test coming up at the end of November, but I'm not seeing the results I want from my workouts b4 my test. Im currently using xtreme nitro and fb1 test. Wut supplements would u reccomend for women? -Mady

Check out the Cutting Stack from Crazy Mass.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

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Rob Miller founded SupplementCritique.com over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. im 63 and i have been lifting and doing cardio for years and i want to get more ripped a few years ago i used the stack from BPI of solid and there test boosterand saw good results now im hearing bad things about BPI can you reccomend anything for me for my age
    1. Hey Anthony,
      I would recommend you stack a far burner called Instant Knockout along with a testosterone booster called Prime Male. The 2 work GREAT when combined, and will help you get ripped / build lean muscle. Check out my reviews of each below:

      Instant Knockout – https://www.supplementcritique.com/instant-knockout-fat-burner-review/

      Prime Male – https://www.supplementcritique.com/prime-male-testosterone-booster-review/

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
    1. Hey Donnie,

      I haven’t reviewed Pure Tilt Garcinia, but I checked it out quickly just now and it looks like it’s only available by signing up for a free trail, which then turns into monthly billing. Usually, these free trial products are not worth the cost and the hassle.

  2. Interested, But worried cus I am 61 now and looking for a safe fat catcher/burner that does work, not help. cut down on fatty foods, chips no more, salt, sodas and so on. and not to mention volumn intake. and still gaining fat. rt- knee bothering me so cant really jog, need mucle entry power cus I loose it trying to bar-bell, bench press, etc, need a mucle ignighter as so imagining or something and at the same time burning, “TORCHING” this gut off !!! what is your comment?
    1. Hey Keith,
      First off, I think you’d benefit most from my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and the “right” types of exercises you need to be doing to reach your goals.

      I’m sending it, along with some bonuses, to your AOL email.

      Supplements wise, I would recommend a combo of a fat burner called Instant Knockout, along with a pre-workout supplement called Nitrocut. They both work GREAT when combined at helping to build solid lean muscle, AND shed stubborn belly fat.

      Here’s my reviews of each below:

      Instant Knockout – https://www.supplementcritique.com/instant-knockout-fat-burner-review/

      Nitrocut – https://www.supplementcritique.com/nitrocut-review-our-1-pre-workout-supplement/

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. I’m a very lankey/skinny guy and it’s extremely hard for me to put on weight and when I do it all goes to my stomach. I really want big pecks and shoulders and to look fit but I can’t seem to put on the weight or get big.

    Plus I don’t have that much time to go to the gym. What should I do or take?

    1. Hey Weston,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook.  It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up quickly.
      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack.  It works great for guys like yourself looking to bulk up / add on serious muscle mass.
      Here’s my review:  https://www.supplementcritique.com/crazy-mass-bulking-stack-review/
  4. Hi Rob! Have you heard (or maybe, tried) thermosterone?

    It claims that it’ll help build muscle while cutting fat. Any feedback about the product?

    1. Hey Charles,

      I hadn’t heard of it yet. My list of upcoming supplements to try is pretty long right now.

      I’ll let you know if I get around to it.

  5. Rob thx so much for all the up dates, news letters and relies.I haven’t gotten started yet but I have been doing a lot of research. My goal is for my wife and I to start when my children start school in August
    Very motivated thx again u are a real life saver.

  6. I workout at 530am 5 days a week. Can I take Nitrocut after a workout.

    From what I read you take 2 caps before breakfast then 2 before lunch. Breakfast is an hour after my workout.

    1. Hey Steve,

      The instructions can be a little confusing. On workout days, take the 2-4 Nitrocut capsules shortly before you work out. If you’re not working out that day, take the dose before either breakfast or lunch. So the total for each day is the one dose of 2-4 capsules.

  7. Hey Rob

    Our bodies obviously change as we get older. I have hit the big 50 & am looking for the best supplements to lose fat and gain muscle for us older boys.

    Any advice specific to my needs?



    1. Hey Sean,
      Go with a stack of Nitrocut and Testofuel. Nitrocut is a pre workout supplement for great workouts with great results but without stimulants. And Testofuel is a natural testosterone booster. I’ve had great results using them together, and Testofuel is a great daily supplement to take for a guy your age.

  8. Hey rob,
    Looking to start a workout program. Will be downloading your ebook shortly.

    I am a construction worker so I’m pretty much exercising for 8-10 hrs a day. I’m 6’0 and 165 lbs. I do lift free weights 3 days a week and cardio on Off days.

    It’s just so hard for me to see any muscle gains. I’m already toned.

    Just want to bulk up. I do the protein drinks and pre/post work out supplements as well but don’t really feel they are working for me..

    Can you recommend anything better. Maybe I can flush and start from scratch?

    Thanks man appreciate your time
    1. Hey Jon,
      Sounds like you’re pretty close to doing all the right things, and you just need to tweak your routine a bit. The first thing I’ll say is that you should be eating more. Make sure you’re eating about 6 times a day. Get complex carbs in the morning and make sure you get enough protein to gain muscle. The general rule of thumb is 1.5 grams per day for every pound of your body weight. For you, that would be about 250 grams.

      As for supplements. I would put you on a stack of Nitrocut as your pre workout, Muscle Advance Creatine, and protein (I like 100% Whey Gold Standard). There’s no reason not to use what you have in terms of pre and post workouts and protein. And if you like them, you can stick with them long term too. I’m just giving you the options I like. The big addition, though is Muscle Advance Creatine. You’ll amaze yourself during your workouts and you will gain muscle.

  9. I’m taking nitrocut and phormula1 with ignition but the place I get my supplements from, doesnt sell phen375. Is there anything else that I can that has the same effect?
    1. Hey Mike,

      Yeah, Phen375 is only available online, but there are plenty of options available in stores as well. I wrote an article about the best ones at GNC. You can check it out here. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi Rob

    I have been trying nitrocut for last few days. So far no side effects so its good but if i start using Phen375 will it be ok or can it have side effects. and how much time will it take to see the results.

    I follow balance diet and execercise
    1. Hey Max,
      No problem taking NitroCut and Phen375 together. NitroCut has two different dosing options. Just make sure that when you’re stacking, take Phen375 before meals and NitroCut before workouts. Everybody’s different, but you should start to see results within a week or two as long as you stick to your program.

      1. Hi Rob

        Thanks for the reply

        I am 5.8 165lbs but 32 waist. i run 2 miles ust as you had suggested in your manual. then i do 200 ab crunches daily and then 60 pushups daily. I eat a healthy diet.

        Do i need to add something more to it.

        Also if i take Phen375 one before breakfast and one before lunch and 2 nitrocut before workout is that what you would recommend.


        1. Hey Max,
          Why don’t you sign up for my free “get ripped” ebook? It’s full of workout plans and diet tips that you’ll find useful. As for the dosing, yes exactly. 1 Phen375 before breakfast. Another Phen375 before lunch. And 2-4 NitroCut capsules before working out. Start with 2 and adjust from there.

          1. Hi Rob

            I have already subscribed to your e-book. i follow lot of tips given in it. Cant follow everyhting coz of my schedule.

            I will order phen375 but are you sure taking phen375 and nitrocut will not have any side effects.


          2. Hey Max,

            I can’t guarantee that you’ll have no side effects from taking the two together. I can’t guarantee that anyone will positively not have any side effects from any supplement.

            I’m actually pretty sensitive to supplements myselft and almost always start out at half dose to see how things go. But I can tell you that there’s nothing in these two that should cause a conflict.

    1. Hey Brent,
      Yeah, it really does. I took it for 2 weeks and didn’t change anything except to cut the pizza and beer out of my diet, and I lost 8 pounds. And we’ve gotten tons of great feedback from readers. You definitely want to eat right and work out regularly to get the best results, but adding Phen375 definitely helps.


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