Kraken Kratom Review: Is It Worth It?

By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 3-27-2020

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Author: Rob Miller

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  1. I purchased a small amount to see if it would help me with my severe degenerative disc disease, I was surprised how well it worked and didn’t make me loopy. While taking the product I was able to reduce my prescribed opiates by 1 pill per day right out the gate.

    The product lasted approx. 7 hours. I’m hoping to get off my prescribed meds so I can travel.

    Currently I’m attached to my doctor and can’t go anywhere because I am required to pick up script each month.
  2. Great first time buyer experience! I’ve tried many vendors and had honed it down to 4 regulars I rotate.

    Two are out now, KK is in! Quick response to emails, good product, nice sales and an awesome logo.

  3. Kraken Kratom rules the 7 seas. The reviews speak for themselves.

    That have a customer for life
  4. I ordered some Borneo from Kraken Kratom, it was a great quality powder! I was very impressed by how quick they fulfilled my order and their prices are great!

    1. Is Kraken Kratom like paying you guys or offering some sort of incentive to post reviews on Supplement Critique? I’ve never had so many people leave a review for a product on my site, and I’ve been doing this for 8 years.

      1. They’re doing business the right way. Incentives for reviews to get their name out.

        Most people will only leave a review if they’ve had an awful experience. We don’t go seeking out where to review vendors except in my case, Reddit (and there I just lurk).
        Realize credit toward future orders falls flat if the customer was unhappy with their first transaction.

        You’re not coming back to a place if you dislike them (like what good is the gift card a restaurant gives for 2 Free Meals after you’ve found a pube in your creme brulee. Still not going back!).

        1. While I agree with your sentiment, there are some major issues with incentivized reviews. The most pressing one is they don’t bring out an accurate sentiment about the product in question.

          You’re writing a review of the business because you’re getting something in return, albeit cash, free stuff, etc.

          It works great if the review is actually truthful, but there’s no way to ‘really’ tell that.
  5. Kraken kratom is an amazing place to shop! They are always on time and their quality is amazing.

    Great customer service !!
  6. Kraken Kratom is definitely a company I will continue to do business with. Their quality and pricing is the best around.

    Throw in excellent shipping practices along with weekly discounts and you have a business worth checking into.
  7. Very worth it. I have ordered 4 different products and they have all been amazing.

    Inexpensive and very well made.
  8. I ordered from them last week. After reading many negative reviews I was pleasantly surprised how fast they got back to me regarding my order.

    The potency is very good to. Will be ordering again soon!

  9. Really fast shipping and the strains are really potent. Tried a few sites and Kraken wins by far

  10. I’ve been using Kraken for a couple if years now. I never pay for 2 day priority , I get the free shopping option.

    I’ve never waited over 2 days (unless a Sunday was involved) they are I Portland Oregon. They have always had a consistently good product, combine their coupons plus free shipping.

    They are the best value for the money. I used to buy from Coastline Kratom.

    They really have the best Bali I’ve ever gotten from any seller. That being said, I found them to be more expensive than kraken. Quite a bit more.

    I used to pay for shipping based on weight. Also (at the time 2 years ago approx.) They didn’t offer much if any discount for buying a larger VS smaller amt and shipping was by weight minimum
    Was around 6.95 and UP.

    I will reiterate their product was always really GOOD , but way too expensive. I am in KS.

    They were in Georgia (think) I get my Kratom quicker from Kraken and free. I had to wait 3 -4 days Coastline.

    So quality slightly better Coastline, Kraken still high quality, but for the price no comparison. Kraken wins.

  11. By far the best product I’ve found,quality service.I am a return customer and have never been disappointed.

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