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Kratom is a plant-based substance that people have been increasingly using for a number of reasons, ranging from helping with conditions like anxiety to a way to stop using opioids and manage chronic pain.

Regardless of the reasons why someone is using or considering using Kratora Kratom, it’s essential to find a high-quality, reputable retailer.

This will determine the potency and authenticity of the kratom itself, and also help ensure you get a positive customer service and shipping experience.

Most people do opt to purchase Kratora Kratom online, because it’s difficult to find it at local retailers, and the selection is so diverse online.

One well-known online retailer is Kratora Kratom Quality Ethnobotanicals.

So what should buyers know about Kratora?

The following offers an overview of this particular retailer and what to know before placing an order with Kratora.

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1. What is Kratom?

Before delving into the specifics of Kratora, what is kratom?

kratom tea

Kratom isn’t technically an herbal supplement, nor is it a drug, but it is a plant-derived substance that originates in Southeast Asia.

It does have psychoactive properties, and when it’s taken at low doses, it tends to act as a stimulant.

At higher doses, people report kratom has effects more like opioids, although there are distinctions between Kratora Kratomand this class of drugs, including the fact that kratom doesn’t cause respiratory depression while opioids do.

The effects and potency of Kratora Kratom are dependent not only on the dosage, but also the quality of the product itself, and the strain.

There is variance in the effects of different strains of kratom.

The legality of kratom is somewhat of a gray area, because while some states have moved to ban its use, at a national level, it’s legal, although there is a debate with the DEA and the FDA as to whether it will stay this way.

Proponents of Kratora Kratom feel that it has many therapeutic benefits and it’s not just something that can be used recreationally.There is currently quite a bit of scientific research being done to determine the efficacy of Kratora Kratom for different purposes, and many of these studies are showing promise.

Because of the increasing popularity of kratom, there are a lot of online retailers who sell low-quality products, which is why it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

2. Kratora Kratom Overview

Kratora is a well-recognized retailer of kratom, and they have a team of experts who work to source top-quality products from around the world.

Along with kratom, Kratora is also a retailer of Kanna, kava, blue lotus and other botanical products.

The overall premise at Kratora is that these products should be fresh and widely available at affordable prices.

Below is a brief look at some of the many available strains of Kratora Kratom sold by Kratora.

3. Red Vein Kratora Kratom

Red vein kratom strains, in general, are among the most popular types of kratom.

These strains do have some therapeutic benefits according to antidotal evidence, including pain relief.

Red-veined strains of kratom can also induce a sense of relaxation, can aid with sleep, and they can boost the user’s mood.

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Kratora offers several different red vein strains of kratom.

These include:

  • Thai Red Vein: The plain leaf powder has more relaxation-based effects than other green vein strains, and the effects are more long-lasting.

    This is not a very stimulating strain, and the effects are likely to be quite the opposite of stimulating for most users.
  • Premium Commercial Bali: This is a high-quality version of Bali kratom that’s extremely finely ground to help improve absorption.

    It is a relaxing strain as well.
  • Horned Red Vein: This is from a particular region of Borneo in Indonesia, and it’s very relaxing as well.
  • Red Malay: Red Malay provides a double boost for users because it’s relaxing but also euphoric.
  • Red Sumatra: This is made from mature leaves, and it isn’t stimulating but is more soothing and is long-lasting.
  • Red Vein Kali: This is a relatively new offering from Kratora, and it’s similar to Bali strains of kratom.
  • Buntuangie: This is the most potent red strain variety from Kratora.

    It tends to be used for relaxation as well as pain relief, and it’s not as much of a sedative as some other red vein strains.

    It may have potential therapeutic benefits regarding helping people replace anti-anxiety medications or opioids, and it can also be useful to help relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

    Kratora recommends that to maximize the effects of this strain users combine it with red vein Maeng Da.

4. Green VeinKratora Kratom

Generally green vein strains of kratom, while slightly less popular than red vein strains, do have excellent effects for many users.

The effects of green vein kratom strains tend to be more balanced, and they combine a sense of both pain relief as well as creating energy and relieving fatigue.

They can also have cognitive benefits, for example by increasing focus and productivity.

Kratora’s available green vein strains of kratom include:

  • Green Thai: Green Thai is extremely popular not just among Kratora customers, but among kratom users in general.

    It’s an energizing strain of kratom.
  • Maeng Da: This strain of green vein kratom is very potent—it’s among the most potent strains available.

    It’s both energizing and euphoric in its effects.
  • Malay: Malaysian green vein strains of kratom are energizing when people take smaller amounts, and then when they have higher doses it’s very relaxing.

    Malay’s effects are among the most long-lasting of all strains, and for some people, the effects last up to eight hours.
  • Green Vein Borneo: Green Vein Borneo is very energizing, and it makes a nice substitute for Green Thai strains.
  • Maeng Da Indo: This is a more affordable Maeng Da strain available to shoppers on Kratora’s site.

    It’s euphoric and energizing as well as being highly potent, despite the relatively low price.
  • Green Vein Sumatra: This is again both stimulating and euphoric.

5. White VeinKratora Kratom

Kratora’s white vein strains of kratom are energizing and can help combat fatigue, but these strains aren’t as useful for pain relief.

A lot of times the effects of white vein kratom is referred to as “clean energy,” because it provides stimulation without less desirable side effects of stimulants like caffeine.

White vein strains are excellent mood boosters if that’s what you’re looking for with the use of kratom.

Kratora offers the following white vein strains:

  • White Borneo: White Borneo is euphoric and energizing, and Kratora recommends combining it with Maeng Da to maximize the effects.
  • White Vein Maeng Da: This is a high-quality Indonesian strain that’s energizing and as with other products from Kratora, harvested only from very mature leaves for the best effects.
  • Horned White: The name comes from the shape of the leaves from which it’s derived, and it’s great for stimulating effects.
  • White Vein Sumatra: Again, this is both stimulating and often euphoric.

6. Extracts and Enhanced Products –Kratora Kratom

Kratora offers five different options that are considered extracts and enhanced products. There is a 25x kratom extract, a 50x extract, and the Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da variation.

There are also Super Enhanced Bali kratom and Ultra Enhanced Indo, which is discussed below.

Kratora Kratom features something called Ultra-Enhanced Indo or UEI, which is a premium version of Indonesian kratom.

The Kratora UEI is micro-powdered and then includes a combination of pure alkaloids.

This is one of Kratora’s more expensive products, and some customers do feel that it’s the strongest Kratora Kratom they’ve tried.What’s unique about Kratora’s particular strain of Indo Kratora Kratom is the fact that for every 25 grams of powdered leaf included in this combination, they add an additional 2500 mg of pure Kratora Kratom alkaloids, which is in comparison to other vendors who put only 1250 mg of alkaloids in their versions of UEI.

According to Kratora, this means their Ultra Enhanced Indo blend is 20% more potent than comparable versions.

Different extraction methods are used in the creation of these products, with the objective of producing the best alkaloid content for the most effectiveness.

7. Variety Packs –Kratora Kratom

There are two variety packs available from Kratora—the Plain Leaf Variety Pack and the Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack, both of which are the same price.

The Plain Leaf Variety Pack is an excellent option for someone who’s just getting started with kratom and isn’t sure which strain or variety is right for them.

The Plain Leaf Variety Pack includes a ½ ounce package of each of the plain leaf powder varieties available from Kratora including Maeng Da, Premium Bali, Green Malay, White Vein Borneo, Red Vein Thai, Red Vein Kali, and Green Vein Thai.

The Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack includes 3 grams of 25x Extract, 1 gram of 50x Extract, and 1 gram of Gold UEI.

8. Pricing –Kratora Kratom

The prices vary on Kratora depending on the strain, as well as the size package ordered.

For most products, the package options include one oz., four oz., eight oz., and one pound.

To give an example of specific pricing, one ounce of Maeng Da starts at $19.99 and goes up to $229.99 for a pound.

For Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da, which is a specialty product, prices start at $45.99 and go up to $739.99 for a large supply.

Kratora tends to be on the more expensive end as compared to other kratom retailers like Top Extracts and Phytoextractum, but their potency is also significantly higher according to most reviews.

Kratora offers free priority shipping on domestic orders of $50 or more.

9. Kratora Kratom Reviews From Customers

So what are other customers saying about Kratora?

There are various posts on Reddit discussing Kratora and the available products.

One commenter wrote that while the prices on Kratora were somewhat higher than other retailers, the quality of their product made it worth it and when they experimented with other retailers they were disappointed with their products and ultimately went back to Kratora.Many customers feel Kratora does offer more potent products.

Other posters went on to report that they feel similarly about Kratora, and whether it was their first time trying kratom or they’ve tried many products and retailers, they feel happy with the product they received from this particular seller.

On other Reddit threads, posters said they were happy with how quickly their products from Kratora arrived, as well as the packaging.

They also said that they were happy with the effects of the products and that the kratom they received did what it was indicated to do on the Kratora website.

On separate Reddit threads, posters say that Kratora has been their go-to source for kratom for years and that they’ve learned that lower-cost retailers don’t deliver on quality.

Some posters even go so far as to say that after comparing various products such as red vein strains from other retailers products from Kratora have offered the best experience.

On Facebook, the reviews are similar, with customers praising everything from what they describe as “crazy fast shipping” to the potency of the products.

10. Rewards Program

A unique element of Kratora is their rewards program that promotes customer loyalty.

When someone shops Kratora they automatically earn points for every dollar they spend, and once the points reach 250 it’s converted to a $25 certificate for shopping.

People buying on Kratora can redeem these certificates by visiting their account on the shop’s website.

11. Conclusion

So what’s the takeaway when it comes to Kratora?

Kratora has a long history in the kratom business, and during that time they’ve earned a solid reputation.Customers report that they enjoy their very fast shipping, their attentive customer service, and also the quality of their products.

If there were one general complaint about Kratora, it would be that the prices are higher than other retailers, but for most customers who have compared this retailer to others, the higher price of their products is worth it for the better quality, the quality packaging, and the rapid shipping.

The majority of people who post online say that in their experience Kratora does offer the most potent strains of green, white and red vein kratom and they also feature special extracts for more potency.

The higher price of Kratora’s products also tends to be offset somewhat by their rewards program and shipping deals.

Kratora is also good for kratom newcomers because of their sample packs that let people experiment and find the strain that works best for their needs.

I would say that Kratora offers some of the most impressive kratom that I have gotten to get my hands on myself and although it is somewhat pricey, kratom new comers and connoisseurs alike seem to be enjoying the benefits it has to offer.

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User Reviews

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Kratora is the best kratom vendor by far

By Athena,  Jan 23, 2018

I have been living with chronic pain and anxiety most of my life. I have been taking tons of pills that nearly destroyed my life.  Thank God I found Kratora, the most reliable kratom vendor I found in my quest to a natural pain-free life. The prices could be better, I guess, but the quality of the product and customer service is unmatched.  I have tried many many vendors but no one is as good as Kratora. I'll stay with them for life!

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7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.

Simply the best!

By Pat McMenamin,  Oct 31, 2018
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

Kratora products have never let me down. Customer service is personal and an outstanding group of folks runs things like you're family!  I've tried at least ten different vendors and have stuck with Kratora due to the quality of the products. Saundra and her team are the best I've come across.  My roommates and I have no need or desire to shop anywhere else.

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