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Rob Miller | May 2, 2018
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Mr Hyde Overview

If you like stimulant-based pre workout supplements, then Mr Hyde, made by Pro Supps, may be something you’re interested in.

They say it’s been formulated to be extreme, so you can power through the toughest, stickiest plateaus and reach your goals quickly and effectively.

It gives you energy and focus so you work out at your hardest.

It gives you vasodilation for your best pumps.

And it helps you fight against muscle fatigue and breakdown so you’re getting the kinds of results you know you want.

Mr Hyde ReviewMr Hyde Ingredients and How They Work

The formula for Mr Hyde is divided into 3 separate matrices:

The Strength Matrix which includes:

  • Beta Alanine to fight against muscle fatigue
  • Creatine Hydrochloride which is a more soluble form of Creatine which provides energy to your muscles so they can work harder.
  • L-Leucine which is great for muscle recovery after workouts.
  • Citrulline which converts to Arginine which is a precursor to NO for better blood flow delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

The Caffeine Matrix which includes 419 mg of different versions of caffeine. This is a lot of caffeine.

It’s comparable to almost 4 cups of coffee.

While you’re using Mr Hyde, you would definitely want to eliminate other sources of caffeine you take in during the day.

The Intensity Matrix which includes:

  • Pikatropin which is a a nootropic ingredient that helps increase focus.
  • Tyramine which releases dopamine and adrenaline.
  • Yohimbe which is a stimulant that also increases vasodilation.

Instructions are to take 1 scoop of Mr Hyde with 8 ounces of water about 15-30 minutes before working out.

They warn against taking more than 1 scoop at a time, and against taking it within 4 hours of bedtime.

Mr Hyde Pros and Cons

Advantages of Mr Hyde

  • It focuses on both overall energy and muscle energy.
  • It’s pretty affordable.
  • There are lots of Mr Hyde reviews from customers who like it.

Disadvantages of Mr Hyde

  • It’s got a whole lot of caffeine, and some Yohimbe on top of that.

    Yohimbe has been recommended against by the FDA, so it doesn’t seem wise to mix it with this much caffeine.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Mr Hyde online through several website.

A 40 serving container sells for about $30-$40 which makes it pretty affordable.


I’m not a big fan of stimulant-based pre workouts, so personally I wouldn’t choose to use Mr Hyde.But if caffeine is your thing, you’ll like Mr Hyde and its price.

Just be careful not to use too much and too avoid other caffeine sources throughout the day.

Have You Used Mr Hyde?

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