MRI Black Powder Review – Does It Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-17-2015

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MRI Black Powder Overview

There’s a school of thought where stacking is everything.

You take several different supplements, each specializing in a particular area, so you get the best of everything, no compromising.

But more and more, we’re finding products claiming to be “complete” pre workout systems all in one supplement.

For most guys, all but the most serious competitors and supplement geeks, this can be a good thing.

It’s a hell of a lot simpler to take one supplement with several benefits than it is to try to figure out the perfect combination of 4 or 5 different products.

MRI Black Powder claims to be one of those all-around products. Nitric oxide for pumps – check. Creatine for strength – check.

Beta Alanine for endurance – check. Stimulants for energy – check.

So the story goes that with MRI Black Powder, you won’t need anything else.

We took a closer look at all the information we could find on the product, and here’s what we found.

MRI Black Powder ReviewMRI Black Powder Ingredients and How They Work

The MRI Black Powder formula is broken down into several blends, each with a different purpose.


  • The Size and Recovery Matrix with two forms of L-Arginine as its main component.

    It promotes the production of nitric oxide so you’ve got maximum pumps as well as the oxygen and nutrient delivery system necessary for optimal muscle recovery.
  • The Strength and Power Matrix with two kind of creatine to provide the power your muscles need to push more weight than you thought possible. (Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL makes it so you don’t have to load up on the simple sugars like you do with most types of creatine).
  • The Stamina and Endurance Matrix with electrolytes as well as a buffering system for lactic acid, so your muscles don’t get fatigued nearly as quickly as they would without.
  • The Muscle Energy Metabolism Matrix with magnesium, potassium, and B Vitamins to provide energy deep within the muscle cells.
  • The Focus and Intensity Matrix with caffeine for energy and Green Tea for fat burning.
  • The Insulin Sensitizers Matrix with L-Taurine to mimic the effects of insulin by delivering key nutrients to muscle tissue for better recovery.
  • Cell-Signaling Amplifier Matrix with ACTINOS2IR which increases vascularity without added L-Arginine.

MRI Black Powdercomes in single serving powder stick packages.

Recommended use is 1 stick blended with 8-12 ounces of water and taken on an empty stomach about half an hour before working out.

MRI Black Powder Pros and Cons

Advantages of MRI Black Powder

  • It covers all the benefits you look for in a complete pre workout.
  • There are lots of favorable MRI Black Powder reviews, mainly touting the clean, no-jitters energy.
  • It comes in 3 flavors: Blue Raspberry, Orange Burst, and Fruit Explosion.
  • It comes in convenient sticks or conventional tub form.

Disadvantages of MRI Black Powder

  • Lots of customers are not huge fans of the taste or the mixability.
  • Where to Buy MRI Black Powder
  • You can pick up MRI Black Powder at GNC or you can order it online. The 20 stick package sells for about $20 while the tub sells for about $40.


MRI Black Powder is a decent pre Some guys think it’s great. Others can do without it.

The pump, energy, and endurance are adequate, but probably not going to blow anybody away. The best feature is the packaging.

Just throw a few sticks in a plastic bag in your gym back, and you’re all set to go.

Have You Used MRI Black Powder?

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