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By: Rob Miller

muscle pharm assault reviewIn the modern supplement market there is a huge amount of dialogue about nitric oxide.

This is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body, and when it is increased in volume it works as a fantastic vasodilator.

This means that it helps to widen blood vessels and deliver more oxygen and blood to all of the smooth muscle cells in the body – just picture this happening as someone lifts weights and seeks to expand muscle and skin tissue.

Naturally, body builders are now constantly seeking ways to “up” their NO levels because of the incredible “pumps” it gives them, but also because it helps them to heal faster and workout longer too.

This is the reason we checked out Muscle Pharm Assault.

It is a pre-workout supplement that has claimed to safely fuel regular bodybuilding routines and even an athlete’s toughest workout.

We decided to explore the ingredients, examine the claims, and find out what others had to say about it.

How It Works and Ingredients

First of all, Muscle Pharm Assault instantly confirms its claims as being a NO booster.

It took one look at the list of ingredients to see that it had all of the finest minerals and nutrients that lead to enhanced NO production.

There is Creatine HCL, four grams of Beta-Alanine per serving, and Citruline and Arginine too.

These are all known as the finest NO supplements, but this proprietary formula actually breaks things down into several different “matrixes”.

There is the “Muscle Explosion NO Matrix”, the “Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix”, and the “Mind Connection Matrix” too.

Yes, the Muscle Pharm Assault formula also includes a great set of ingredients to help with mental clarity and focus too.

This means that you will feel physically and mentally motivated thanks to the balanced mixture of nutrients in this product.

User Reviews and Feedback

Of course, we wanted to see what bodybuilders and athletes were saying about their results with Muscle Pharm Assault.

We weren’t all that surprised to see phrases like “this product is great” and “no crash” simply because we had already explored the balanced ingredients.

What was interesting to see was the incredible response to the taste of the powdered drink.

Almost all customers loved the flavor of the beverage and said they appreciated its higher level of sweetness.

What was also surprising to discover was the fact that the effects of the supplement tended to subside relatively soon after a heavy workout.

Some regular bodybuilders claimed that this really helped them with a good cool down period and suggested that cross trainers would love it for this short term “burn” as well.

Where To Buy

Muscle Pharm Assault comes in four different flavors – Blue Arctic Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Green Apple and Raspberry Lemonade.

It is available in 1.76 pound containers that give approximately 40 servings each.

The average user said that a single scoop was perfectly acceptable for their pre-workout preparations, so this means that you can expect 40 workouts from each canister.

This makes it easier to deal with the somewhat higher price.

Muscle Pharm Assault averages between $25 and $34 depending upon the online vendor selected.Currently it is DAMuscle that offers a great price and discount, but I’ and 911HealthShops are also reasonably priced at $28 and $30 respectively.


The claims made by the manufacturers of Assault are accurate.This is one of the best NO boosters around.

It features a very balanced and effective blend of nutrients and minerals meant to increase all-natural production of nitric oxide, but it also allows the athlete or bodybuilder to cool down at a very reasonable and comfortable rate too.

This is why this blend receives so many favorable comments and reviews.

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  1. All i can say about this thing is that if you are a bodybuilding enthusiast and regular gym guy then its a must have for you. Just forget the rest and try assault you will LOVE it.

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