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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-9-2018

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muscle warfare napalm reviewsPre-workout supplements are certainly not in short supply, but effective ones are.  Most of these supplements offer some benefit, even if just in the form of a caffeine boost for extra energy or a few nutrients to help the body better distribute glucose.  When we saw Muscle Warfare Napalm, we have to admit that the product piqued our curiosity in no small part because the name just sounds like something that would be highly effective.  The packaging is well designed, too, and it commands attention, but what about the product itself?

How It Works and Ingredients

In picking up the Napalm container, we saw lots of unique pseudo-warning labels about how the product is designed to provide intense power, energy, focus, and motivation.  It promises to help boost strength, speed, and endurance.  Actual benefits outside of those hyped on the warning label include massive pumps, bigger anabolic effects, and more hormone increases.  We have to admit also being intrigued by the fact that the product promises no fillers and no creatine.  Looking at the ingredients, we found that the product is packed with synergistic HSP Activators and xeno-hormetins designed to help release HSP to give you incredible pumps as well as a unique NMDA support formula designed to help target the release of hormones to provide great support to the muscles.

User Reviews

According to reviewers, the effects of the product are almost instant.  You can actually feel your core body heat increasing, and the added energy boost is definitely noticeable, although many say that it leaves you feeling “recharged and amped up” but “doesn’t create that jittery feeling”.  Instead, you feel recharged and capable of sustaining a longer, harder workout.  Simply put, users feel that the product, which is available through the company’s website, works great without bloat and other side effects.

A Sample review of Muscle Warfare Napalm

“I used the fruit punch napalm for a couple of weeks and it was great.  I honestly think that this is the best preworkout supplement on the market, and I have tried tons of them.  The only thing I didn’t like was it made me kind of moody, almost to the point of overly aggressive, but it went away quickly.”
Todd, Illinois


Muscle Warfare Napalm is designed to be effective, we feel that it is.  It is designed to increase core body heat, to encourage better muscle performance, to increase energy and focus and to ensure that glucose and proteins are deployed where they are needed and in the right quantities.  The supplement is even designed to help boost recovery and refueling during and after your workout, and to this end it is effective as well.  We certainly recommend this unique product, as the research and science behind it has been well thought out and the reviews are stellar.  Overall, we have to say that it does indeed seem like a great supplement to use before any workout.

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