Pro Plus Pills Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-10-2020

pro plus pills reviewWhat would you do if you could add up to five inches to the length of your penis or if you could actually double its girth? These are questions that most men never really dare to think about, yet it is the claim being made by the maker of one natural supplement on the market today. Pro Plus Pills, an all natural male enhancement supplement, claims to be absolutely different from anything else available in stores or online.

Let’s see if that claim is true, how it works, what it is made out of and whether or not it actually does much in the way of being unique amidst a sea of similar male enhancement supplements.

How Pro Plus Works and Ingredients

What makes Pro Plus Pills different? The company promises major size increases as well as me harder, stronger, and more satisfying erections that last as long as you want them to. To know if this is even possible, we need to look at the ingredients. The company has a website that offers a lot of information about the product and how it works. What it doesn’t offer, however, is a complete ingredient list. We certainly find this disheartening, since all they say is that their herbs are found in all parts of the world, including areas where men have a lot of sex. This could mean something, or it could be a complete coincidence.

We decided to see what users had to say.

Where To Buy Pro Plus Pills

One thing we will say for the company website is that they do offer clear pricing information, which many do not. The supplement is $60 for a sixty day supply and the price per pill decreases when larger quantities are ordered.

User Reviews

In terms of user reviews, we finally get a bit more information. Thankfully, when consumers find a product that makes a real difference, they are apt to provide a bit of detail in online reviews. Many men who have used Pro Plus Pills are quick to point out major size increases as well as increased stamina. Phrases such as “I can now go as long as it takes” are incredibly common in these reviews.

“I don’t know what they put in this stuff, but it works great. I started feeling the effects in just a couple of days, and now I can go for as long as I want to. I would definitely say that this is one of the top 3 male enhancement products I have come across ever.”
George, Ohio


As to whether or not we recommend Pro Plus Pills, the answer is yes. The price is certainly far lower than most supplements and the reviews are great. We do have to note disappointment with the lack of an ingredient list, but the benefits seem fairly standard across the board for men of various ages. Finding a safe and effective supplement for increasing size and decreasing ED symptoms is hard, but it seems that Pro Plus Pills fits the bill nicely as an all around effective supplement for male enhancement.

I would say give it is worth a shot and let me know how it worked out for you and hopefully the answer is “quite well”.

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User Questions and Answers

Are there any ingrediants in pro plus pills or any other male enhancement pill that will show up on a drug test as a false positive? I'm asking becuz my job gives me regular drug tests. Also I took some male enhancement pills by a company called Vigor Labs and my drug test showed up positive for cocaine? Please give me all details. Thanks very much. -Matthew

There's nothing I know of that would pop on a drug test, but I would say the same about Vigor Labs too. Something else to potentially worry about is that some male enhancement pills sneak undisclosed ingredients into their pills. So it's tough to be sure what you're getting.- Rob

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Does Pro Plus pills increase the size of your dick PERMANANTLY or not? Also Ron Jeremy was known to take PRO Plus pills and his dick is PERMANANTLY big now so what's with that. -Matthew

Sorry, no.  There are no pills that can increase your size permanently. They only increase your erection size, and that's not permanent.  My guess is that Ron Jeremy was blessed with good genetics.- Rob

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can Iget in Ethiopia prpo plus pills -Ibrahim

I'm not sure. You'd have to check with their website.- Rob

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  1. What if any side affects are there? I had heart surgery 6 months ago, will it be harmful to my heart and blood pressure?

    1. Hey Roger,
      There are no side effects specified, but because of your heart issues, you should check with your doctor about any supplement you’re considering taking.

  2. Hi, I am really trying to find the best penis enlargement pill on the market, where I will see actual gains in length and girth. Can you help me please?

    1. Hey Steve,
      Unfortunately, despite what alot of companies will tell you, no pill will give you permanent gains in length and girth. However, I did use Vigrx Plus for a few months and saw some great temporary gains. If you use it with enlargement exercises you could see permanent gains. Check out my review here:

    1. The official site says its supposed to be permanent, but the claims are ridiculous. Do you really think you can gain 5 inches in 60 days?

      1. lol hey man yes its posible see the blood hangs the penis low because of the constant circulation of blood flow to down there it will actually widen and lengthen come on this is shit my little bro could tell u what i just said and the shit happens for 60 days strait like when i first started taking them i stated to see my penis was always hanging and it was longer than usual lets just say the blood pressure langthens the penis not a hard concept presure increases volume duh tard ass “there claims are rediculous dont belive all these lies man some pills actually fuckin wrk.
    1. Hey Yusuf,
      You can visit their official site at to order this product.

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