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Rob Miller | April 26, 2013
Product Reviewed: Nature Made Sleep Aid
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nature made sleep aid reviewNature Made Sleep Aid Overview

When you see a product that uses a name with the word “nature” in it, you may be surprised to see things such as maltodextrin, titanium dioxide (artificial color), blue 1, red 40, and yellow 6 among the ingredients.

This piqued our curiosity about the Nature Made Sleep Aid, and is the main reason we decided to do this official review.

As we explored the rest of the ingredients, we did find the compounds most often identified with natural sleep aids.

For example, melatonin, chamomile flower extract L-theanine, passion flower extract, and lemon balm leaf extract appeared on the packaging as well.

The melatonin was clearly the engine to the formulation, as it is known to gently regulate brain function and help control the famous “internal clock” in a more fluid way.

Where to Buy Nature Made Sleep Aid

The Nature Made brand name is famous, and we found their sleep aid product in many online and retail venues.

From such traditional shops as Walgreens and Kmart, to small herbal companies on the Internet, the Nature Made Sleep aid was very popular and easy to find.

We found the best prices were from the online vendors.

They ranged from $9 for a container of 30 tablets to $17 for a bottle of $60. There are no guarantees, and any refund information will depend upon the store or venue from which the product is purchased.

Pro’s and Con’s

What did we find in terms of pros or cons?

We would say that there is an even distribution of both for Nature Made Sleep Aid.

On the negative side:

  • They claim to be an all-natural formula, but there are a lot of preservatives that might cause stomach upset or reactions;
  • There is no clinical data available; and
  • There is less melatonin than L-thiamine in this product, meaning it is not as potent as it could be.

On the plus side, we found that:

  • This formula has received a lot of positive commentary;
  • The manufacturer is known and trusted;
  • The pricing is very reasonable; and
  • The product is quite gentle and will not cause morning after grogginess.


We feel quite neutral about the Nature Made Sleep aid.

It does seem to earn a good review due to its gentle formulation, but there does seem to be something missing from the list of ingredients to indicate that it will really regulate or support sleep in the best way.

We do think you can find a stronger or better option.

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you stated that there is a stronger and better option than sleep. what what those be? -

Check out Alteril.- Rob

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