Nugenix Warnings

By: Dr. Brian Straub, Pharm.D.

Nugenix is a very popular testosterone booster that you can find both in stores and online.

I get a lot of medical questions from people who are thinking about taking this supplement.

We’ve hired a pharmacist who has answered these questions below.

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Can I take Nugenix if I have high blood pressure?

  • There are no known contraindications for taking this supplement with high blood pressure.

Can I take Nugenix if I have LOW blood pressure?

  • There are no known contraindications for taking this supplement with low blood pressure.

Can I take Nugenix if I have diabetes?

  • Some of the ingredients may lower blood sugar and alter the effects of insulin. When adding a new supplement that may lower blood sugar, it is best to monitor your blood sugar daily for the first week. If you experience hypoglycemia, stop the supplement and speak with your doctor about possibly altering your regimen.

Are allergic reactions possible with Nugenix?

  • As with all supplements and medications there is the possibility of allergic reactions. People who are allergic to plants in the Fabaceae family, including soybeans, peanuts, and green peas might also be allergic to fenugreek which is found in this supplement.
  • Avoid if you have an allergy or sensitivity to cobalt or cobalamin.

Can I take Nugenix with alcohol?

  • As it is best to avoid alcohol when taking supplements, there is no known interaction between alcohol and the ingredients in this supplement.

Can I take Nugenix with Viagra / Cialis?

  • There appear to be no contraindications for taking either of these medications with this supplement.

Can I take Nugenix if I am taking anti-depressants?                               

  • There are no known interactions between this supplement and anti-depressant medications.

Can I take Nugenix if I have a bleeding disorder?

  • It is best to avoid this supplement if you are taking blood thinners. A few of the ingredients in this product may decrease your body’s clotting ability (thin your blood). If you do choose to use this supplement monitor for signs and symptoms in increased bleeding including bruising and bleeding gums.

Can I take with Caffeine or other stimulants?

  • There are no known interactions between this supplement and caffeine and other stimulants.

Can I take this medication if I am pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • The ingredients in this supplement are POSSIBLY SAFE for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Are there any others medical reasons why I shouldn’t take Nugenix?

  • Do not take this medication if you:
    • Are taking Cyclosporine or any medications for organ transplant,
    • Have HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)/AIDS – Zinc use has been linked to shorter survival time in people with HIV/AIDs,
    • Have Leber’s disease, a hereditary eye disease: Do not take vitamin B12 if you have this disease. It can seriously harm the optic nerve, which might lead to blindness,
    • Have abnormal red blood cells (megaloblastic anemia),
    • Have high numbers of red blood cells (polycythemia vera),
    • Have cancer,
    • Or have received post-surgical stent placement.
  • You should stop taking this supplement within two weeks of any surgery.

Possible Drug Interactions


  • Mental Health
    • Lithium
  • Blood Thinners and Antiplatelets
    • NSAIDS
      • ibuprofen
      • naproxen
    • Aspirin
    • Coumadin (warfarin)
    • Plavix (clipidogrel)
  • Antidiabetic medications
    • glimepiride (Amaryl)
    • glyburide (DiaBeta, Glynase PresTab, Micronase)
    • insulin
    • pioglitazone (Actos)
    • rosiglitazone (Avandia)
    • chlorpropamide (Diabinese)
    • glipizide (Glucotrol)
    • tolbutamide (Orinase)
    • and others
  • Certain Antibiotics
    • Quinolones
      • ciprofloxacin (Cipro)
      • enoxacin (Penetrex)
      • norfloxacin (Chibroxin, Noroxin)
      • sparfloxacin (Zagam)
      • trovafloxacin (Trovan)
      • grepafloxacin (Raxar).
    • Tetracyclines
      • demeclocycline (Declomycin)
      • minocycline (Minocin)
      • tetracycline (Achromycin).
    • Cancer Treatment
      • Cisplatin
    • Other
      • Penicillamine
      • Amiodarone
      • Phenobarbital
      • chloramphenicol


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Author: Dr. Brian Straub, Pharm.D.

Brian Straub is a medical science liaison and licensed clinical pharmacist. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy in 2011, and is also a registered yoga instructor.

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