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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-19-2024

Any male performance compound that claims to work on its first dose immediately catches our attention.

This is because we are always afraid that if something sounds too good to be true…well, it usually is.

This is why we decided to take a very close look at the P Boost product.

We had been told that it would “enhance the sex life” after the very first dose, and that it would also increase the size of the erection while boosting sexual stamina.

We decided to scrutinize the ingredients to see if any could really support such claims, and we would also look for customer feedback or testimonials as well.

How It Works and Ingredients

The primary or most frequently mentioned ingredient in the P Boost product is the Epimedium Sagittatum, or the Horny Goat Weed.

This is a plant long known for its power as an aphrodisiac for both genders, but it is the nitric oxide production of the plant that caused the manufacturer to use it as the main component.

This is because a higher amount of NO (nitric oxide) automatically boosts the amount blood flow to the sexual organs.

When this occurs, it makes it easier than ever to get an erection, and to also sustain this erection for a much longer period of time.

It is useful to know that any vasodilator, such as Horny Goat Weed, will widen the arteries and provide that same swelling of blood and oxygen that most bodybuilders get from the same substances.

The P Boost product also uses ginseng and vitamins A, C, and E to great effect as well.

The manufacturer insists that the formula – when taken on an empty stomach – will produce an erection in fifteen minutes, but we didn’t see any ingredients that could guarantee such a hasty result.

For the most part, I find it hard to trust a supplement when it makes promises of such quick results because even the best of the best as far as male enhancement supplements are typically going to come along with at least an hour long fuse, so to speak, until you reach full lift off.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that is isn’t the first of its kind to produce results in such a short time, I just highly doubt that it is the case.

p boost reviewUser Reviews and Feedback

Naturally, we needed to know what actual customers had to say about the P Boost product, and what we found was that many skeptics had changed their minds.

We read comments about it being a quick and powerful formula and that it “turned around” the love lives of some of those using it.

We also read that some people felt it was a good mimic of a prescription product – due to the speed at which it allowed a full erection to occur.

Some customers actually expressed concerns due to the fact that it is an herbal formulation, but they too had changed their minds after using it.

So, we now knew that customers were satisfied with the product, and the 100% money back guarantee only enhanced our opinion of the formulation too.

Where To Buy / Best Price

The price for P Boost is lowest when it is purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website.

Currently a customer will pay $28 for a bottle of five capsules, $54 for ten capsules, $89 for twenty capsules and $139 for 40 capsules.Obviously, this is a somewhat costly product, but the manufacturer is also happy to make a free sample of four capsules available to first time buyers.


Though it has a high price, and unusual blend of ingredients, we would recommend the P Boost product.

This is because the customer satisfaction really speaks for itself.

Also it is actually a product that contains a lot of essential ingredients with benefits for the male sex organs.

We feel fairly confident in saying that we believe it to be something that will deliver the results guaranteed.

What the ingredients and feedback tell us is that it is a product that may produce good results, but we are concerned about a lack of consistency that does seem to clash or fail to serve as an appropriate match to the somewhat high cost for this supplement.

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Most of the supplements we review are sold online. You can find links to a lot of their websites in our reviews.- Rob

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  1. It provides me with everything i need and that is an awesome sex experience with the need to have more. It really is a great product

  2. I have been using it since the past 3 months. No side effects, satisfied with the product but costs a ton.

  3. I have been experiencing extreme fatigue because of P Boost. it does what it says but I think it has something in the ingredients that drains away all your energy
  4. I heard about this product from a neighbor and asked around a lot for its authenticity since I have never used this type of product before. It came up pretty clean from my search so I gave it a try and well it works wonders.

    Excellent results in just 30 minutes. A must have.

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