Cytosport Power Milk Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-9-2018

power milk reviewBuilding lean muscle mass is a goal for most lifters and body builders, but for those without a genetic predisposition to create mass no matter what you eat or do, it typically requires a bit of care and consideration. There are lots of muscle milk products out there that claim to offer great benefit, and it makes sorting through all of the options hard. CytoSport offers a product known as Power Milk that is designed to offer not only the ingredients needed to help support the gain of lean muscle mass, but to help facilitate better recovery and growth following every workout.

How It Works and Ingredients

There are three basic ingredient categories with CytoSport’s Power Milk: Complete Protein, Low-Sugar Carbohydrates, and Power Fats. The complete proteins included in the supplement are designed to offer maximum benefit, with both fast acting and slow releasing proteins to help ensure longer results. The proteins are designed to pack a massive punch. Low sugar carbs offer better recovery potential by helping the body create an ideal insulin response after the workout to help the body take in more proteins, while the power fats help fuel your muscles both during and after your workout.

User Reviews

When looking into reviews of CytoSport Power Milk, which can be purchased through sites like Bodybuilding,com fairly inexpensively, the results have been fairly positive. Many note that the product tastes fantastic, which is a bit of a rarity in the world of bodybuilding supplements. Many have even replaced other similar products with Power Milk because of its “high quality”. Many reviews take the time to use the phrase “great product” with a large amount of emphasis.

“Although I really liked the taste of power milk, i did get pretty good results from it. I wouldn’t compare it to say “muscle milk”, but overall It was a nice shake to finish off my workout with.”
Pete, Virginia


Overall, the ingredients in CytoSport Power Milk are high quality and the supplement actually offers a fair amount of nutrition. Combined with excellent muscle building benefits and a safer and less painful recovery process, we certainly feel the need to endorse the product. We really find it to be superior to most of the muscle milk products on the market, and the extremely pleasant taste really does give it an edge as well. There are really no drawbacks or complaints, the science is sound, and reviews from other users indicate that it really is an effective, high quality supplement. We have to give this one a full recommendation, as it really seems that the maker has worked hard to create an effective product.

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  1. Power milk is for guys who just workout to stay fit and in shape its not something I take for muscle build up its just something I have been using after my workout to gain some of that energy I lose during the workout and thus not feel shaky and all.

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