POWHER Pre Workout Review: Is This The Best Female Pre Workout?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 2-28-2019

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Every now and then a new supplement comes right out of the gate and tells everyone it’s the best for women.

We’ve seen the commercials, the posters, and the gimmicky instagram endorsements, but us ladies know that most female supplements are just weaker versions of the “guy” supplement.

And for some reason, the weaker version costs more!

The makers of the Powher pre workout are seeking to re-write history regarding female gym supplements with its array of pioneering branded ingredients and zero-side effect benefits.

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Yeah, they said it.

They can make all the claims they want, but the question is this: Can Powher Pre Workout deliver not just on its claims, but also on changing our perspectives on female health products?

Read my Powher pre workout review to find out!

What is POWHER Pre Workout?

powher pre workout review

POWHER Pre Workout is sold by UK company Ultimate Life LTD., which also makes a female fat burner called Lean Bean.

You can read our review of that one here.

It’s clearly made for women and markets itself as a premium supplement with some of best ingredients available.

Some of the benefits/claims include:

  • Enxtra. Unique Caffeine boosting ingredient which believed to reduce the need for lots of stimulants.
  • Zero side effects. This is a pretty big claim to make even for an all-natural supplement. Having said that the lower caffeine content will most certainly help in this regard.
  • No creatine. While some women don’t mind the bulk, I get why most women stay away from supplements that contain creatine. So, good news for girls in the main.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the ingredients label:

powher pre workout ingredients label

Let’s examine each one of these ingredients individually to see exactly what they claim to do.

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #1: ENXTRA, 300 mg

ENXTRA is a branded ingredient that is extracted from the natural substance alpinia galangal. Ref: 1

It works to deliver a clean alternative for energy compared to standard caffeine. The idea is to give you a nice boost in energy minus the crashing associated with stimulants.

And hey, no jitters either, meaning the 5 hours of energy per serving should be trouble free.

The 300 mg dosage means this is no bit part player and we think it’s good enough.

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #2: OXYJUN, 400 mg

This is a branded form of an herbal ingredient called terminalia arjuna. Terminalia arjuna is actually a bark extract known for its heart-healthy properties, as evidenced by research on its cardio-protective functions. Ref: 2
, 3

Powher pre workout also makes use of this ingredient as another source of clean energy that also happens to improve athletic performance.

The 400 mg dosing is solid enough, the fact is that it’s more of a supplementary addition to Powher’s core ingredients L-Citrulline and Taurine.

This doesn’t make us doubt its potency though.

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #3: REDNITE, 500 mg

REDNITE is actually a brand of concentrated beetroot. Because of it’s beetroot-based, REDNITE also inherits the benefits of vasodilation by way of nitric oxide production.

Think of it as an herbal form of citrulline and you get the idea.

It’s actually so effective that it’s sometimes used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. Ref: 4

The 500 mg dosage is quite a delight for a pre workout made for women.

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #4: Coconut Water Powder, 500 mg

You might be thinking “Why does Powher pre workout have coconuts?” the answer to that is for electrolytes as well as muscle hydration.

You see, lots of water and minerals are lost during training. Most lifters get dehydrated mid-lift and they don’t even notice.

When they do notice, they either faint or suffer from muscle cramps.

The fact that we have a hefty dose of coconut water means taking Powher pre workout will at least help prevent exercise-induced dehydration and related injuries. Ref: 5

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #5: Tyrosine, 500 mg

You may have seen Tyrosine in other supplements and those supplements aren’t to blame.

Tyrosine is one heck of a powerful nootropic for stress and focus. Ref: 6

It helps the body produce more dopamine and norepinephrine specifically, which gives us a good mental boost with each rep.

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #6: Citrulline Malate, 2 g

Citrulline Malate is undoubtedly a crowd favorite among pre workouts, taken for its nitric oxide boosting properties as well as giving you that feeling of increased strength. Ref: 7

For girls, this ergogenic ingredient is the right type of performance enhancer: Strong lifts without the bulk!

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #7: Natural Caffeine, 100 mg

Not just any caffeine, but the natural type that comes from green coffee beans.

This form of caffeine matters because naturally-sourced caffeine doesn’t have those jittery side effects you get from its anhydrous counterpart.

The 100 mg dosage may seem lower than normal, but don’t forget that’s the point, when combined with EnXtra you get the same benefits but with less side effects.

Caffeine intake has been studied and found to be related to successful weight loss maintenance. Ref: 8

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #8: Beta Alanine, 1 g

Beta alanine is a strength ingredient that also helps delay muscle fatigue, granting us better endurance and making us last longer inside the gym. Ref: 9

It also helps in muscle recovery and repair plus some good old fashioned muscle toning – the kind that won’t bulk us too much.

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #9: Lysine, 500 mg

Lysine is known for its nootropic properties like Tyrosine before it.

At 500 mg, it’s guaranteed to help us fight stress as well as improve calcium absorption – the latter of which helps in making our bones and muscles stronger. Ref: 10

Powher Pre Workout Ingredient #10: Taurine, 2.5 g

The big dosage of taurine isn’t just for shock purposes. Taurine is considered a staple addition in any energy drinks and with good reason.

It’s an amino acid known for its muscle-hydration benefits which reduces instances of muscle cramping. Ref: 11

No wonder sports beverages like this stuff.

Powher Pre Workout Formula Analysis

Powher pre workout is the right kind of female pre workout.

It’s built for the woman who wants to lift weight and tone up, but without the dangerous stimulants, bulking ingredients, and the side effects associated with them.

For energy, Powher pre workout did it by adding a plethora of herbs and natural sources, all of which are known for long-lasting and sustainable energy boosts and not shotgun-like spikes that give you jitters, crashes, nausea, and the occasional headaches and stomach pains.

Powher pre workout knows its core market are women who don’t like to be bulky so it omitted creatine, an ingredient usually linked to bloating.

In place of creatine, Powher pre workout proceeded to add lift-enhancing ingredients like citrulline malate, beta alanine, as well as taurine.

The other element of the formula we really liked was the extra hydration this supplement offers with the addition of coconut water powder.

You just don’t see that in energy supplements very often.

All in all, Powher pre workout is a woman’s supplement.

It delivers on dosage, quality ingredients, and great alternatives that will make you forget they’re alternative in the first place.

Powher Pre Workout side effects

We don’t really see much related to stimulants given that the herbals they used and the caffeine form they added aren’t known to give side effects.

Instead, they’re known to actually prevent stimulant-related side effects from happening.

The only real side effect we see right now is the itching associated with beta alanine, but that itching sensation should disappear as soon as you’re done working out or even before it.

What do the reviewers have to say?

Since it’s still fairly new, there haven’t been many public reviews yet.

However, we did manage to get our hands on some sites as well as customers who bought and used the product.


  • Not high in caffeine at all. Good for people sensitive to stimulants.
  • Proven ingredients with the right doses.
  • Multi-tasking pre workout.
  • Long lasting energy for the whole day.
  • Tastes great! Definitely for women.


  • The price is a bit high.
  • Don’t use it at night, it may cause sleeplessness.

My Personal Results

My wife’s a regular supplement user and for the most part, she actually buys the ones for guys not because she likes them better, but because many of the supplements made for women are either poorly formulated or too weak.

So, it made her really reluctant to even give Powher pre workout a chance since I have bad experiences with female pre workouts.

A day or two into taking the Powher pre workout and she realized how great it really is.

She felt the pump and the mental boost, but the most prominent sensation was the energy!

This improved not just during training, but also a few hours after which was really new to her.

You can watch her full youtube review on it below:

The powder wasn’t too sweet, not was it too metallic either despite the use of artificial sweeteners.

It also surprisingly didn’t clump, but then we were very careful to follow the storage suggestions.

Powher pre workout definitely delivered.

While it may be a bit pricey, we think it’s worth trying it at least once.

Especially if you haven’t wanted to try pre workouts previously.

Where to buy

It’s currently only available on their official website, https://powherofficial.com/. Below are the pricing details.

  • Ultimate POWHER Pack 3 bottles + 1 free bottle: $135.00
  • 2 months 2 bottles: $90.00
  • 1 month: $49.99

Unfortunately, it’s so new that it’s not available anywhere else, but they do ship worldwide.


How do I take it?

Mix 1 scoop (10 g) with 8 oz. of water and consume before the workout. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.


Most definitely. The herbs and ingredients added were tailored specifically to avoid stimulant-related side effects as much as possible.

Can I take it if I have high blood pressure or diabetes?

You’re going have to ask your doctor about that.

Do I need to cycle it?

I don’t think you have to given that cycling is often used for supplements with a lot of caffeine.

What if it doesn’t work for me? Can I get a refund?

They have a 90-day promise or your money back.

Powher Pre Workout Summary


  • Clear label. No proprietary blends here, folks!
  • Slow-release energy. It provides sustainable energy throughout the day.
  • Designed for women. No creatine, and no real stimulant-side effect.
  • Premium ingredients. Good brands and concentrated forms.
  • Synergy. Not added randomly at all.


  • Premium price. Quality comes with a price.
  • Creatine could have helped with pump. Some girls don’t mind a bit of bulk for the extra strength.


The thing with Powher Pre workout is while it’s made for women, it can definitely pass up as a guy’s supplement. It has all the makings of a typical man-pre workout minus the side effects related to caffeine and all the other harmful stimulants.

Powher pre workout will give you pump, sustainable energy, mental boost, and even relax you after a tiring day at the gym. I definitely liked it and while it is more expensive than some other brands, I think the effects justify the price.

Have You Used Powher Pre Workout? Leave Your Review Below!


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