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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-17-2014

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Premium Garcinia Extract Overview

Ever get the feeling that every new diet solution claims to be the one you’ve been waiting and hoping for. Yep, me too.

It would be nice if they would just come out and tell you what’s good about it, the kinds of results people are getting, and something about the formula.

But I guess it just doesn’t work that way.

They have to convince you that THIS product is the one that will finally do what all the dozens of others you’ve tried have failed at.

This is the one that will get the weight off. It makes sense, though. Weight is such an emotional issue.

Of course weight loss products would try to appeal to those emotions in order to get you to buy.

Enough with the market psychology rant, and let’s get to the job at hand.

We need to talk about a particular product called Premium Garcinia Extract.

Its formula and benefits are based on the latest diet craze ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia.

When you take Premium Garcinia Extract, you lose weight faster because not only does it suppress your appetite, but it also prevents your body from storing excess calories as fat.

Premium Garcinia Extract ReviewPremium Garcinia Extract Ingredients and How They Work

The primary ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia, comes from the Tamarind fruit found in Indonesia.

The beneficial component is called HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), and it’s found in the rind.

You’ve probably heard of it,it’s been heavily featured by Dr. Oz as a revolutionary weight loss aid because of its dual abilities to suppress appetite and prevent fat from being stored by your body.

Instead of extra calories turning into fat, they get converted to energy and used.

A third benefit of this ingredient is that it also has the potential to improve your mood, which can curb that dreaded emotional eating.

Additional ingredients include Calcium which can help curb appetite and Chromium which is popularly used as a fat burner.

Where to Buy Premium Garcinia Extract

At this time, the only way to purchase Premium Garcinia Extract is through their “discounted trial” offer online. It works like this: You pay only a shipping charge and they send you a month’s supply of Premium Garcinia Extract. 14 days after you place your original order, you get charged the full price of $89.95. At that time, you are also signed up for their monthly auto-shipment program.You receive a new 30 day supply every 30 days and get charged $89.95 for it.If you do not want to get on this program or be charged the full $89.95 for your “discounted” trial bottle, you need to call before your 14 day trial period is up and tell them why you were not satisfied.It’s not clear whether or not you need to return the product in order not to be charged.

Premium Garcinia Extract Pros and Cons

Advantages of Premium Garcinia Extract

  • It uses one of the hottest diet ingredients on the market today.

Disadvantages of Premium Garcinia Extract

  • The jury is still out on the effectiveness and safety of Garcinia Cambogia.

    It’s also not clear yet what is the best and safest dose to take.
  • There are far cheaper options if you want to try Garcinia.
  • The “discounted trial” offer is the only way to order Premium Garcinia Extract, and that creates an ongoing commitment that is likely to be difficult to get out of.
  • Though you can find lots of reviews saying that Garcinia works, I haven’t found any independent Premium Garcinia Extract reviews saying as much.


I’m still not sure if Garcinia Cambogia is all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s hard not to be skeptical after you’ve seen “THE” ultimate weight loss miracle product come and go about a dozen times over the years.

There may be something to it, I’m just not sure.

But what I do know for sure is that Premium Garcinia Extractis not the way to go if you want to try Garcinia.

There are much cheaper, more straight forward options that don’t set you up for monthly charges you don’t want.

Go with one of those.

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  1. I tried this GARCINIA EXTRACT. I tried this stuff and my blood sugar went above 240, and i did not loose a pound. then they sent me another bottle.

    I called them, they said they charged my credit card $87.00 I sent the bottle back. Not a good company.

    1. Hi, I tried the product as well, didn’t work. I left the country for 3 weeks and found I was charged $87.00 twice and did not even get anything in the mail.

      I wanted to contact them but could not find their phone number. Could you email me it if you still have it?

      Thank you
      1. Hey Natalia,

        When I went to look up the number for you, it looks like the company has stopped taking orders. But they did leave their phone number for existing customer issues.

        It’s 1-888-886-8214. Hope that helps.

  2. I tried this product Garcinia, i lost about 20 lbs in 3 months .the first 10 lbs probably in about a week.after that the last 10 it took awhile and then i couldn’t lose anymore.its easy to cancel just call them.not worth the money .check walmart and the vitamin shoppe……..

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