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Celebrity testimonials are great…they bring awareness, credibility, and a certain sex appeal to a product, even supplements. Well, recently we came across an ad on Yahoo that proclaimed that Will Smith is using some mind altering supplement to help “get him in the zone” and skyrocket his energy levels. Apparently, in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show”, Will broke his silence on this supplement that literally doubled his IQ in minutes.

The name of that supplement is none other than Neuro 3X, a nootropic based supplement that claims it is the REAL Limitless pill….

This was also apparently featured in this “Discover Magazine” article, which talks all about how great this supplement is and even go’s through a testing phase with the editor, James Rickman. There’s ton’s of other supporting evidence that Neuro3X is the real deal, with references on Twitter from the official Limitless movie account, features in Forbes magazine, and even other celebrities who’ve “broken their silence” on this amazing pill.

Well, we did a bit of research and the truth was SHOCKING! Not only did Will not talk about this supplement in a recent interview, but the whole page is completely FALSE. Will Smith (as well as every other celebrity who’s cited) did NOT use this supplement…they simply used his name and likeness (illegally, of course) to sell more of their product.

There’s literally TONS of other evidence that this product is a SCAM, way too many to list here. Click Here to read our full report and learn the TRUTH behind Neuro 3X.

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