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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 10-6-2018

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“The Real Limitless Pill!”…

“Controversial ‘Limitless Pill’ Used By The 1%”

“Celebrities Using Secret “Smart Pills” To Get Ahead”

I see these headlines screaming at me day after day on social media and random news sites, and they just keep on coming.  If you’ve seen the movie “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper, then you probably know what I’m talking about.  The pill is called NZT 48, and in the movie Bradley Cooper uses it to achieve fame and fortune, and also screw over Robert Deniro in the process.

If you don’t remember the movie I’m talking about, maybe this “fake ad” will explain a little bit more of what the Limitless Movie was all about.

Basically, the main character in the movie was played by Bradley Cooper, who stumbles upon a drug that makes him.

Well, limitless.

real limitless pillHe writes a book in like 3 days, conquers Wall Street, learns 6 languages, and masters the art of kung fu.

All from one little clear pill. 

I mean really, how cool would that be?

There’s a few prescription medications out there that have attempted to define themselves as smart pills, including Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, and Modafinil.

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They do work wonderfully, but not without a wide range of side effects and potential for addiction that keep a lot of people from crossing that bridge.

But, let’s imagine for a second that there was a real “Limitless Pill” that was an all natural supplement.  One that could help you achieve mind blowing focus / concentration, motivation, and drastically increase your short and long term memory.

A REAL over the counter adderall equivalent.

Would you take it?

You probably would, and there’s certainly no shortage of companies hawking supplements to us claiming that they are the “real deal” limitless drug.   However, these headlines cover up a dark and sinister underground world of deceit, those of which involve fake celebrity endorsements, fake articles (farticles), and a very deliberate and methodical attempt of separating thousands of hard working Americans from their money.

Over the course of the last 6 months or so we’ve seen literally DOZENS of this ads, and each one has a different pill they are slinging.  The purpose of this article is to EXPOSE these fake products for what they REALLY are, and to help you save you time, money, and a lot of hassle.

Products Claiming They Are The Real “Limitless Pill”…


We posted a review of Addium back in January of this year, and the reviews (mostly negative) started to pour in.  Addium has to be, by far, the most heavily marketed / promoted supplements I have ever seen, and has resulted in hundreds of people commenting on it and reviewing it on my site.

addium reviewThroughout that marketing, you’ll see lots of intriguing evidence that this just “might” be the real limitless pill.  There’s references on Twitter to the movie “Limitless”, starring Bradley Cooper, and how Addium was quite literally the inspiration behind the movie.

Another thing you’ll see if a Forbes magazine article called Addium “Viagra for the brain”, and said it was given an honorary mention as the pill that can turn you into the quickest thinker on the planet.

Finally, you’ll see dozens (if not HUNDREDS by now) reviews on Amazon talking up the supplement, saying things like “I found my thinking to be clearer” and “I can express myself better”, among other claims.

However, as you’ll see in my official review, this is simply deliberate and FALSE marketing designed to make you think this is some “miracle” brain enhancer.  Read more in my official review of Addium here.

MZT 48

MZT-48 ReviewOne of my visitors actually pointed this one out. Remember the movie Limitless I was talking about earlier?  Well, in that movie the name of the drug Bradley Cooper uses a pill called NZT-48, which is clearly what the makers intended to align when they were designing the product.

The first thing I noted about MZT 48 was the label was nearly IDENTICAL to that of Addium and Adderin.

Like many of the others you’ll read about on this page, MZT 48 uses the same clever (yet deceptive) marketing to promote their product.

There’s mentions of plenty of celebs that are apparently taking it, and they even say that genius Stephen Hawking used it to “triple his memory”

In fact, they even claim that CNN’s Anderson Cooper used it for a period of 2 weeks with extraordinary results.

Click Here to read more in my MZT 48 review.

Alpha ZXT

The first time I heard about this product, I actually thought it was a car.  “Test Drive the all new Acura Alpha ZXT at your local dealer today” sprung to mind.

alpha zxt reviewWell, it turns out that it wasn’t a car, but rather a secret pill that celebrities were secretly using to help give them an edge.  Those celebrities??  None other than Bill Gates, James Cameron, Tiger Woods, Will Smith, and even renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking are using it.

They even quoted Mr. Hawking as calling it the “The Biggest Event In Human History”.

Then, as I did my research, all of the chips started to fall.  I researched the article where Stephen Hawking was cited, and he wasn’t talking about Alpha ZXT…he was talking about AI or Artificial Intelligence as being the next biggest event in human history.

And that Time Magazine Cover featuring Tiger Woods, exclaiming “Tiger’s Tale: Credits Brain Boosting ‘Clear Pill’ As Biggest Trick for Success”??  Totally Fake…Here’s a picture of the real cover.

You can see more in my review of Alpha ZXT here.

Synagen IQ

synagen iq reviewYet another nootropic based supplement that uses deceptive marketing is a product called Synagen IQ.  I first learned about this supplement when I stumbled upon an article that appeared to be on the CNN official site.

It showed screenshots of an interview of physicist Stephen Hawking being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, with the headline screaming “We can now access 100% of the brain”.

Throughout this “interview”, they mention a number of other celebrities who are apparently taking this miracle brain booster, including Denzel Washington and Ashton Kutcher.

However, just like with Alpha ZXT above, I quickly realized this was COMPLETELY FAKE.

There was no interview with Stephen Hawking, and I even watched through the entire Denzel Washington speech he gave and he makes no mention of Synagen IQ.

I even got a chance to personally test out Synagen IQ, you can read all about my results in my official review here.

Neuro 3X

neuro3x reviewAnother one that uses the likes of celebrity’s to promote their product is none other then Neuro3X, which Will Smith reveals it as the one key to a limitless mind.  This time instead of using a fake CNN or MSNBC article, it’s a fake version of the Discover Magazine website, and they claim that Smith said that Neuro 3X literally “doubled his IQ in minutes”.

Just like Addium and Alpha ZXT, they also use the fake “Limitless” movie tweet that insinuates that Neuro 3X was the inspiration for the movie, as well as the Fake Forbes article.

They even sunk as low as stating that motivational speaker Tony Robbins is using it, citing that it’s his ‘ultimate secret’ to unlocking his mind and achieving laser-like focus.

You can read all about this one in my official review here.


intellux reviewIntellux uses a slightly more deceptive approach to marketing their product.  This time around, they are saying that Jim Carrey revealed on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” that he’s been taking Intellux to quick increase his wealth, IQ, and bank account.

The stage for the Fake Article (or FARTICLE) is a Discovery News Mag website, which looks like the real thing.  It’s rife with claims about other celebs using it, including Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, and even tennis legend Roger Federer.

They also point out that when Intellux is used in conjunction with another supplement called Geniux, the results are enhanced 10 fold.  You can even find reviews of Geniux on Youtube talking about how great the supplement works and claiming that they’re not paid sponsers.

Like Alpha ZXT and Addium, however, it’s all a load of B.S.  Read more in my official Intellux review here.

Brainstorm Elite

brainstorm elite reviews“Nothing expands your mind and gets you in the zone like Brainstorm Elite”.  That was a direct quote from none other than Leonardo Dicaprio, award winning actor and producer, and humper of some of the hottest chicks in the world.

In this Discovery Mag article, he supposedly talks about how Brainstorm Elite has given him unbeatable work ethic and creativity, as well as giving him more energy and mental clarity.

Just like the others, there are plenty of other celebrities being referenced as using it as well, and the editor of this so called magazine editorial did his own short experiment with the pills to see if they really worked.

But just like all the others, we did the research and proved that it was all smoke and mirrors.  Read more in my review here.


adderin reviewThis one just popped up on my radar a couple of weeks ago when a visitor to my site pointed it out.  Then, a couple of ads started popping up in my facebook news feed calling Adderin “11X stronger than Adderall and 100% safe…”

The link took me to a mock “NBC” website, saying that this supplement was featured on the TV show “The Doctors” and doctors were calling it “viagra for the brain”.  As usual, the BS was complete with mentions of the movie Limitless, and all the usual celebrity suspects.

They even go on to say that the FDA had originally banned the use of Adderin, but that 3 years of litigation and clinical studies proved it was safe and brought it back to the market.

Check out my review on this one here.


cogniflex reviewI found out about this one, again, via my Facebook news feed.  Cogniflex claims people are “rushing” to buy it before it’s out of stock, yet unsurprisingly, can only be bought on it’s official website.

They use all of the same deceptive marketing as the others…

  • It’s the “real” limitless pill.
  • Was recently approved by the FDA (even though herbal supplements don’t need FDA approval)
  • Celebrities and professional athletes are using it.
  • It was featured in Forbes.

And as usual, each claim was debunked.

What’s worse is that Cogniflex invites people to try out their supplement via a free trial.  This sounds great and all, until your credit card gets charged $140 10 days after ordering.

Read more in my official Cogniflex review here.

So the one thing you’re probably asking yourself is…

How Do They Get Away With This?!?!

Are the editors over at CNN, Discover Magazine, and Yahoo all on crack? I mean, don’t these celebrities want to protect their image and likeness from being associated with these so called brain pills?

Well, there’s a lot of sneaky tricks these companies use to keep scamming people out of their hard earned money, and stay off the Feds radar.

1.)  They Use Affiliates To Market These Products

Many of these fake ads / Farticles that you come across are not ACTUALLY being paid for by the companies that make the supplements.  Rather, they are typically run by professional affiliates who use cloak and dagger techniques to game the system.

One of those techniques involves setting up a “legitimate” advertising campaign, which when it runs through the Yahoo advertising approval board, looks credible.  Once the ad has been approved, the marketers simply use what is called a “redirect” to send people to a completely different page (the FAKE one), one that has NOT been approved by Yahoo.

These affiliates are paid a certain percentage of the total cost of the product when you purchase it through one of their links, and many of them will do WHATEVER it takes to get you to buy the supplement in question.

This generally results in them posting these fake articles, using big names like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and Discover Magazine to make it appear as though you’re reading a REAL article on one of those sites.

2.)  They Use Fake Websites To Clutter The Search Engines With “False Positive” Reviews

Another thing I’ve noticed recently is many of the companies have been paying other sites to post “reviews” of their products, which are really nothing more then big sales pages.

They make up a bunch of content that in most cases doesn’t even make sense to help them rank better in the search engines.  They also will link to these pages from a wide array of other websites, all with the intention of boosting up their ranking and giving YOU false information.

Meanwhile, sites like that have ACTUALLY USED and tested these products are buried in the results.  They do this because they don’t want you to see the truth about their supplement, and will do everything in their power to try and keep you from learning it.

3.)  They Rebrand New Products Over and Over

Once these techniques start to fail and the real truth starts to show up, typically what you will see if a “rebranding” of a new product, which is essentially the same as the old one.  What do I mean by this?

Well, take Addium for example…the truth is beginning to rear its ugly head, and you’ll see dozens of very negative reviews on Amazon, Ebay, and other sites.  Word is starting to get around…So, instead of trying to beat a dead horse, the makers of Addium are re branding their product and calling it Adderin.

If you search for Adderin on Google, there isn’t any bad publicity yet.  That’s because the product has just been recently introduced to the market.  But, if you give it a few months, I can almost guarantee that youll start to see the truth come pouring out.

How Can I Protect Myself From These Scams??

Well, the first thing you should do is bookmark my site.  I spend THOUSANDS of $$ testing a wide array of products every year, and chances are if you are reading about it, I likely have a review of it somewhere on my site.

The second thing is just use common sense.  Remember the adage ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is?”

Lastly, if you’re unsure whether the product you’re looking at is the real deal, send me an email.  I’ll take a look at the marketing, the claims, and do the research and let you know if it’s a legit supplement, or complete bunk.

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A cnn report about limitless mind formula is it true? -Marian robbins

Nah, it's a scam. Check out the article. It talks about just that tactic.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

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Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. Trying to super charge the brain has to have risks. You have to ask yourself the obvious question.
    ‘Do I really want to alter my brain with unproven supplements and risk brain damage for most of my life?’
    There is NO FREE LUNCH.

    1. Hey Ian,
      Fair point. However, I think there’s significant more risks associated with pharmaceutical use that affect the mind (anti-depressants, ADHD meds, etc.) than with simple supplements like these.

      This comes from years of personally testing these types of supplements with no major cognitive issues.
  2. I just ordered online the product “Quick Mind Formula” pills by Stephen Hawking. Is it safe to take them?

    Is it a scam?
  3. I’m a 28 years old cancer survivor.
    As I jump into corporate world again I found myself having trouble to be competent and often suffer anxiety due to chemotherapy side effects.

    My doctor subscribed me Sulbutiamine.

    However Sulbutiamine was giving side effects like rashes and candida.

    Please recommend cognitive enhancers like Lumonol available in Malaysia.

    Thank you.
  4. Hi, which do you prefer from 1-3 as 1 being the least and 3 being the best?
    1) Phenibut
    2) Mind Lab Pro
    3) Opimind
    If you have any other best choices I have not listed please do list them in order. Thanks your response would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks Sincerely, Amanda S

  5. I am a 55 year old technical professional from India. I could use a natural supplement to boost my cognitive abilities.

    What is the best supplement you recommend? I have been reading reviews of PROVASIL.

    Can you suggest a good and safe supplement which I can get easily in India and also prove to be effective?

  6. I did a search for natural nutropic foods, raw honey, blueberries & so on. What is the ultimate vitamine/food combo for hypercognition?- with perhaps a neuro-enhancer drug for older guys?

    Also, what dummies us down, yeast-levened bread is bad, etc. so antinootropics will cancel out nootropics!
    1. Hey Barrett,
      I’m sending you my free “Complete Guide To Nootropics” ebook. It answers many of your questions and offers a good starting point into the world of nootropics.

      I haven’t done a ton of research on cognition enhancing / declining type foods, but will see if I can get around to that in the future!
    1. Hey Charlotte, is a review website. We don’t sell products or charge readers for anything.

      You’ll have to contact the company you ordered from to discuss your issue.
  7. Hey Rob, need to test your vast knowledge. I am 73, drink 11/2- 2 pots of coffee every day and smoke cigarettes 1 pack a day.

    Taking Optimind for a week, 2 capsules in AM and 2 in the PM. Getting a little benefit.

    What else can I take or stack with this to get a lot more benefit in the short and long term? Thank You.

  8. How extremely ironic a website debunking fake ads and their supplements, then near the end saying “Hey this ones are tested and great”. Double-Agent AD.

    To many sheep/people in the world getting preyed on by money mogers! What a world we live in.

    I’m sure my comment will NOT be posted. No, I’m positive it won’t.

    1. Hey Mark,

      What I’m calling out is the use of fake articles making false claims about celebrity use and unrealistic results. I have used every product I’ve claimed to have used, and I share my personal opinion.

      I find it odd that you don’t see the difference between that and false claims about celebrities using a product. Most of my readers are more discerning than that.

  9. Have you checked out BodyQuick? The original blend was called BrainQuicken and was created by life hack Tim Ferriss, but then he sold the company in I believe 2007.

    I have no clue if the blend has been changed or not since then, but I was happy with it for a few years. It says take 2-4 once or twice a day, but I only needed one, sometimes one and a half to get decent results.

    More than that made me a bit jittery, and I am almost immune to caffeine (naturally, apparently it is common with ADD). I haven’t seen it on your website, but I definitely recommend you checking it out, I GREATLY appreciate your site and everything you do!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Becca,

      I don’t have it planned, but I may get around to it sometime. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Gotta love the irony of you blowing the whistle on “fake reviews." As far as I can tell you don’t have a single negative review on your entire site. Wouldn’t want to miss out on a commission by being honest or anything.

    1. Hey Mark,

      Clearly you haven’t read many of the reviews on our site. The clear majority are negative or at most neutral.

  11. Hi rob.. how are you? do you know about notropic mindlabpro? In te reviews i read its the best natural notropic ever… please, make a review about this!

  12. Hi Rob,

    I recently got ripped off by a company claiming to have a limitless like pill. They advertised a 14 day free trial for 2 types of pills you just pay shipping.

    I made a mistake I wil only make once by not reading every detail of the fine print. If you didn’t mail the product back to them within 14 days of you requesting it (not receiving it) then they charge you $250 for the supply you have already received saying that you had to mail it back to opt out of this.

    On top of it the pills actually made me more tired, less focused, and a little bit ill. Hopefully you will include these scammers on your site so other people don’t get tricked by them as well.

    1. Hey Caley,

      Sorry to hear that. What pill was it?

      We may have a review, or maybe we can get one up.

  13. I love your reviews and website. Keep up the good work Rob, I appreciate it.

    Just wondering. Where do you find the money to buy those products, If I may ask.

    1. Hey Miko,

      Thanks, I’m glad you find the website useful. Sometimes, companies send their products for free hoping I’ll try them and post a review.

      Also, I have an affiliate relationship with some of the products I recommend. That means when one of my readers clicks through from to order a product, I get paid a commission.

      This is the money I use to run the website and buy products I’d like to try.

    1. Hey Ricardo,

      I plan to look into it very soon. I’ll shoot you an email when my review is posted to the website.

  14. Do you know of the Neuropathy Treatment Group and their Nerve Renew/Repair and sleep aid products? Neuropathy is not found in my dictionary but could be a legit name but…
    Thank you.

    I enjoy your info and appreciate it/you.
    1. Hey Gerald,

      I’m not familiar with the company, and it’s not really within my area of expertise. Neuropathy, fyi, is defined as disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves, typically causing numbness or weakness.

  15. Are you promoting Optimind as you allegate with other products marketing techniques? I see you put Optimind in every page.

    I want to know if this is real or just marketing.

    1. Hey Janette,

      I have an affiliate relationship with Optimind which means that if someone clicks through to Optimind from my website and makes a purchase, I get a commission. I have affiliate relationships with a few of my favorite supplements, but only the ones I’ve personally used and had great results from.

  16. I am 70 years old and live on my social security pension. I can afford a brain boosting product that actually enhances the thought process, but I don’t have extra money for a scam.

    Do any of these products work? If so, would you direct me to the actual website and tell me the name to look for, so I can place an order?

    I have had a stroke and it would be wonderful to get rid of the brain fog and continued exhaustion! Thank you in advance for your efforts.

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