Intellux and Geniux Review – Miracle or Myth?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-1-2017

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If Jim Carrey revealed to you the secret that has made him millions over the course of his acting career, would you listen? Well, according to this ad I just saw on Yahoo, he’s doing just that. In a magazine article I read on Discover channel online, apparently Jim Carrey has been taking a supplement to help him possess a mind-altering work ethic and creativity, and making him a very rich man in the process.

jim carrey intellux

It was revealed on his most recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show that this supplement is non other then a combination of Intellux and Geniux, 2 “smart pills” that he and other celebrities have been taking for years to help them achieve “mind blowing” focus and skyrocket their careers.

So, are these supposed “brain boosters” really all they’re cracked up to be? Well, most likely the answer to that question is NO…but we figured we could give it the benefit of the doubt before jumping to any conclusions.

What is Intellux?

intellux reviewAccording to their official website, Intellux is a “#1 rated all natural smart pill” designed to give you intense focus, achieve enhanced mental clarity, and improved your short and long term memory dramatically. The ingredients in Intellux include a phosphatidylserine complex, which is essentially a chemical that is found in many common foods, but were actually once made from cow brains….yummy!

This compound has actually been used to help age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and even has been shown in limited clinical studies to help young adults suffering from ADHD.

But is this the ONLY ingredient found in Intellux?? Well, there’s no indication of a proprietary formula, but my guess would be that it probably contains some other extracts, including ginkgo biloba, ginseng, vincopocetine, caffeine, bitter orange extract, yerba mate, and some type of choline substance.

What is Geniux?

geniux reviewI’m only going to touch on Geniux very briefly here, but I have a very extensive review written if you want to take a look.

Geniux, just like Intellux, was recently introduced to the market as a cognitive enhance (or smart pill), and boasts numerous benefits.

I actually had a chance to test it out personally, but my results were not very satisfactory.

According to them, their fast acting formula is designed to deliver an unparalleled boost in focus and memory, as well as give you extreme mental energy. The main problem with this is that their supposed ‘revolutionary’ formula is comprised of solely 4 ingredients…Bee pollen, Caffeine, Eleuthero extract, and Gelatin.

That’s not very revolutionary in my book.

You’ll see in my review that they do a very good job of trying to convince you that it’s some award winning product, claiming it’s been seen on several reputable media sites like NBC, CNN, and USA Today. However, they use a lot of fake ads in the process. Case in point, check out this Youtube video I found…

Sounds legit, right??? Well, if you listen to his review, right around the 7 second mark he clearly states that he’s ‘not a paid actor’. Well, look what I found here…

geniux fake review

In fact, he IS a paid actor, and you can utilize his services for as low as $5 on a website appropriately named Enough of that, let’s move on to what’s really important, and that’s…

What Got You Here In The First Place…

So back to the original part of the story, the supposed “Discovery Magazine” article that talked about how Jim Carrey revealed how this secret ‘Genius pill’ increased his wealth, IQ and Bank account.

At first glance, the page looks very convincing. It actually “looks” like the real Discovery Channel website, complete with links to other pages, a special online offer to subscribe to their magazine, and links to their social media accounts.

If you read it, they literally quote Jim Carrey saying ‘when I started taking this I went from doing stand up comedy to getting paid over $10 million per movie…it changed my life”.

Throughout this article, several other celebrities are mentioned…

Tom Cruise revealed in a recent interview on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon that he’s been taking Intellux and Geniux. Tennis legend Roger Federer has admitted to using them to maintain high levels of focus and performance everyday.

Even Daniel Craig has been getting in on the action, using Intellux to help him memorize lines and improvise on the set of his latest Bond films.

So, What’s the REAL Truth About All Of This?

The problem is….it’s ALL FAKE! That’s right guys and gals, the whole thing you just read was a complete fabrication. Or what we call in the industry a ‘Farticle’ (Fake Article). It’s designed to make you think that it’s legit by employing a number of very sophisticated cloak and dagger techniques designed to make you want to buy instantly.

Before you write me off, let me make my case…

1.) The first thing I want to point out is the URL of this “Discovery Magazine article….Take a look below:

discovery mag intellux small

As you can see, this is NOT the real Discover Magazine website. The real website is, NOT Discovery dash Magazine dash Online dot com. This is further proven when you attempt to click on some of the other links on the page. You’ll notice that every link go’s to a broken page.

Check it out below…

That’s the first RED FLAG…

2.) Jim Carrey did NOT say that he used Intellux and Geniux to give him mind blowing focus and concentration on the Jimmy Kimmel show. How do I know this??

Because I watched the entire 15 min. interview on Youtube, check it out below…

As you can see (if you watched the whole thing), not ONCE did he mention Intellux and Geniux…In fact, he didn’t mention that he is taking ANY supplement or substance to help him achieve the success he has.

The same goes with the claim that Tom Cruise has been using them. I looked up the Jimmy Fallon interview and, yet again, there was not one mention of him using these 2 supplements in combination.

Sorry to disappoint you…

3.) If all of the above isn’t convincing enough, take a look at the comments at the bottom of this Discovery Magazine article. They all talk about how great Intellux and Geniux is, and how much wealth and success they’ve achieved using these 2 pills.

< Single.

One of them is fake. Try to leave a comment yourself, and you’ll find that it’s impossible to do so. Not only that, but they apparently look like Facebook comments.

If they were REAL Facebook comments, you would be able to click on them and see the persons profile. But alas, if you try to do so nothing happens.

Now They Are Promoting It In “Forbes”

So I’m browsing through my Facebook feed out of sheer boredom this morning and come across the following:

intellux ad facebook

I’ve seen this exact same add for other nootropics like Cogniflex and MZT 48, but this time that are calling Intellux “1.5X more potent than Adderall and 100% safer”.

Just like the Discovery magazine stuff above, they pull all the same B.S. here with a slightly different twist.

For example, this time they claim that renowned genius Stephen Hawking is calling Intellux a “pill that will change humanity”.

stephen hawking intellux

They’re even saying Denzel Washington uses it, claiming that the “evolution of the brain” is here.

denzel washington intellux

Even better, Ashton Kutcher is force feeding his employees to take Intellux, and as a result his tech startup has turned into a billion dollar company.

ashton kutcher intellux

Of Course, as USUAL, this is all B.S.

The first thing you’ll notice is that, just like with the Discover magazine website, this is NOT really the Forbes website.

intellux forbes

The website showing here is geniusnewsreview dot com, not Of course if you look up who owns that website, it’s privacy enabled, which basically means you won’t see who’s behind it.

The second thing you’ll notice is the Facebook comments at the bottom of the page.

intellux facebook

Literally ALL of these comments are completely fake.

I know this because if you try to view the profiles of any of these people, it just doesn’t happen.

You can also see for yourself by simply trying to add your own comment to the page.

It’s basically impossible.


I’ve seen this false advertising, especially for nootropic supplements, time and time again. Check back in another week or so, and you will see a TOTALLY different supplement making the EXACT same claims that some celebrities have been using these supplements to achieve huge financial and career success.

Don’t buy into the B.S. guys…there really are supplements out there that CAN help you achieve increased cognition and focus, but Intellux and Geniux are definitely NOT one of them.

Have You Used Intellux and Geniux? Leave Your Review Below!

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Just curious what the ingredients are and has anyone ever actually looked into these if they are properties that would actually help brain function on even a small scale or is this in fact just another way of proving this as a scam? -Josh

Intellux contains Bee pollen, Caffeine, Eleuthero extract, and Gelatin, not exactly a potent recipe for cognitive enhancement.  Geniux uses Tyrosine, GABA , Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A - a better list for sure, but without knowing amounts, it's tough to make an assessment.- Rob

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7 out of 8 people found this question helpful.

This is all of course BS and fake, but my question is, how can they get away with such flagrant breaking of the rules? It's such a high-profile ad, and using major celebrities images for their own gain, as well as shoving BS words in their are they still in business, or not fined, or not in jail or something? Yahoo has to get tens of millions of views a day...why are the celebs letting it fly instead of crushing them into oblivion or sending a cease and desist? -Victor Marsala

It's a good question, and I've wondered it myself often.  I think one of their tactics is to get as many customers as they can in a few months, then change their name and a few other things before anyone catches on.  But it would seem that someone would care enough to put a stop to it.- Rob

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7 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

Have some double blind testing to prove your claims. Then someone skeptical like me may try you product, at no more than $5.00 per sample of 30 pills. -Bill is a review website. We have no affiliation with either of these products. In fact, if you read our review, we'll see we panned them both pretty hard.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Why can't I reorder geniux every time I try to get to it I get nothing but reviews I ordered one called opti Mind it was just crap full of caffeine caused increased heart rate I felt like I was on a very strong stimulant. I did a year on geniux and it really helped my memory and confidence I am 79 -Helen Rand

It looks like they may have stopped selling it. I checked their website and it led me to a different product entirely. Here's their number: 844-202-0521. Give them a call and see what the story is.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. Intellux is a scam. I purchased a “free trial” and after 14 days when charged $70 because I didn’t cancel my order.

    Who would think to cancel a free trial? Customer service was horrendous.

    No refunds and threatened me if I reported them.
  2. I believe most of what you say as I’ve seen these ads with just the pill name changed. However, because you seem to be pushing Optimind in your review and page, there is a high degree of implied bias.

    You either put a lot of work into this research or were involved on the beginning. Surely, you expected skepticism.

    I choose to believe you. We’ll done.

    My take on nootropics from my PhD studies is this: expanded short-term memory with faster recall coupled with new pathways allowing the linking of data. So, gaps are removed and memory of data can be linked for solving complex problems quickly.

    Almost like creating a relational DB of drugs and disease where each where previous separate. Hope that makes sense.

    Good luck.
    1. Thanks Jerry,

      I do have an affiliate relationship with Optimind. When someone places an order by linking through my website, I get a commission.

      It doesn’t affect the price a customer pays, and just as importantly, I don’t enter into affiliate relationships unless I completely support the effectiveness of a product. I do a lot of research and experimentation, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert, my reviews reflect my real opinions of the products we test.

  3. Dude… didn’t even support your own case….what ingredients are in what….the scams seems to be both of you!!!
    1. Hey Rob,

      If you read the review, you’d see that I’ve listed out the ingredients of both supplements. Feel free to buy them if you think I’m the one pulling the scam.


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