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For some guys, the problem is just simply not being able to get it up in the bedroom. For others, it’s the other way around…they simply orgasm too fast. This is called premature ejaculation and can be summed up in one word…embarrassing.

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There’s no shortage of companies that tout numerous pills, sprays, and ointments out there, and one such product we recently had a chance to test out personally is called Promescent.

What is Promescent?

Unlike pills, Promescent is a topical spray that is designed to be applied just before sexual intercourse. The idea behind how this spray works lies in its primary (and only) ingredient, Lidocaine.

medical strength lidocaine

Lidocaine is quite simply a local anesthetic designed to block the nerve conductuances that transmit the feeling of pain (or really any sensation) from the point of administration to the brain.

how lidocaine works

It’s the same stuff dentists use when they numb you before performing a root canal or other dental surgery.

lidocaine injection at dentist office

Except, in this case you’ll be using a spray vs. an injection.

The theory behind the spray is that it should numb you to the point where you can control your orgasms. Or, it could numb you to the point where sex is just less pleasurable.

I was about to find out in my own little experiment.

But first, a few facts about Promescent. (Click Here to skip ahead to my results)

Promescent FAQ

Can you buy Promescent in stores?

As of this review, you CAN actually find this spray in nearby pharmacy’s. From the research I gathered, it’s available in both Mom and Pop pharmacies, AND major retailers like Target.

They actually have a very handy store finder on their website, which lists the locations near you that sell Promescent.

promescent store finder

Rite Aid used to carry it as well, but it appears it’s no longer for sale there.

You won’t find Promescent in stores like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, or GNC.

My guess is that as the company expands you’ll be able to find it more conveniently.

How much is it?

You have several purchase options when it comes to Promescent.

A “travel size” bottle on their website ( retails for $19.95, and includes free shipping.

In fact, free economy shipping is available on all orders.

The Promescent travel size contains 10 full sprays.

A standard size bottle contains 60 identical sprays, and is available at a price of $59.95.

They have several “bundle” options which allows you to save some money.

For example, their “Threesome” pack includes 3 standard size bottles, at a total price of $159.95.

This is a $20 savings then if you were to just buy 3 standard bottles separately.

Promescents biggest bundle, the “Six Pack”, contains 3 travel size bottles and 3 standard bottles.

The price for that is $189.95, and will save you $70.

At the moment there isn’t a “free trial” available.

Who makes it?

Promescent is marketed and distributed by a company called Absorption Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

According to, they’re located in Huntington Beach, California, and have been in business for nearly 10 years.

who makes promescent

The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating, however, there are no reviews listed on that site.

Is it FDA approved?

No, it is an over the counter premature ejaculation remedy, so it does not need FDA approval.

However, the active ingredient Lidocaine IS an FDA approved drug for use in several products.

These include Restylane Lyft and Lidoderm (a lidocaine patch).

How long does it last?

From my own personal experience, It seemed to be working for a couple of hours before the effects started to wear off. The directions on the label state that you should wash it off after intercourse, and it’s probably a good idea to follow that recommendation because it will annoy the hell out of you after awhile.

How do I use it?

There’s actually a really good video demonstration on Vimeo that describes exactly how to use Promescent, check it out below:

How to Use Promescent from Promescent on Vimeo.

What are the reviews saying about it?

All in all, the reviews and testimonials I came across on various sites like Amazon, Ebay, and others were very positive. There were a few unsatisfied customers, but that’s to be expected for any product. Some guys reported using as many as 8 sprays and said they didn’t feel a thing.

My Results With Promescent

promescent review

I don’t typically suffer from premature ejaculation, so I might not be the best candidate for testing. However, I figured if it indeed did work that I would at least be able to notice a difference. I’ve been in a long-term relationship for the last 5 years now, so bringing up the topic of spraying my penis with a numbing cream to my girlfriend of 5 years was not very difficult.

After much reassurance that her vagina would not incinerate itself from this stuff, we decided to run an experiment. First, we had sex with no Promescent at all…this was the “control” group. It took me 10 min to climax, hardly an indication of premature ejaculation. Two days later we decided to go for it.

I followed the directions and applied about 3 – 4 sprays to the penis and got it all rubbed in. Then, I waited. After about 2 minutes (maybe even less) I could feel like a tingling sensation, and the numbing effect started to take effect.

We started on our “experiment” and we did it…for close to 25 minutes. The whole time it felt as though my penis had been removed and i was simply performing “horizontal hip thrusts” continuously. Warped from exhaustion and with no end in sight, I decided to call it quits. I just could NOT orgasm, at all. Mind you, I only used 3 sprays, which is the BARE minimum. I can’t even imagine if I used 10 sprays…

For all intents and purposes, Promescent definitely works, almost too well. From my experience, It seemed to numb me very well, but at the same time seemed to almost completely eliminate ALL sensation, making it feel like I wasn’t even having sex.


This is a great product for a guy who is in a long term relationship. Being with a woman for the very first time, it might be kind of hard to say “hang on a second while I put this lotion on my penis”. It might quell the mood a bit, and has the potential to freak out a one-night stand. I guess you could sneak into the bathroom real quick to claim an “emergency” so you could quickly dab some spray on, but again, would probably quell the mood. And god forbid if she wants to go down on you, you may have some explaining to do.

If you’re someone who’s been suffering from premature ejaculation for sometime, I would highly recommend giving their sample size a shot. But i definitely recommend you start with just a couple of sprays and see how you respond.

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Matt's Review

By Matt,  Mar 20, 2017

promescent is easily the best solution, no pills, just spray it on.

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It works well

By Joey,  Apr 7, 2017

yes, I use Promescent regularly. Tried other brands and some herbal pills, but this is the one that actually does it for me.  Doesn't make my girl numb either 😉

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User Questions and Answers

If it numbs the male sensation does it not do the same to the female once penetration begins? -gareth

If you wipe it off after rubbing it in, it won't transfer to your partner.- Rob

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9 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

Its ok to have oral sex -Nowa

If it tastes as bad as it smells, then I would highly recommend against it!- Rob

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Is it safe to use on a pregnant woman ? -mike

According to the Promescent website: "The active ingredient in Promescent - lidocaine, is a category B compound per the FDA. This means that lidocaine has not been proven to be safe to use in pregnancy. While there is no data that we are aware of that suggests that lidocaine is dangerous in pregnancy, we are still unable to recommend it in couples who are or may become pregnant." To be on the safe side, I'd recommend against it.- Rob

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  1. Hi thank u for answering me but the last time I applied 3 sprays on my penis but I didn’t feel any reaction on it maybe because I applied whole ma penis .

    Do u have any recommend to let me know how can I use it .

    Best regards
    1. Hey Aziz,

      3 sprays was enough for me, but the instructions say you can use up to 10. There’s a video up in the review you should check out.

      It talks about 3 different ways to use it. One of them will probably work for you.

    1. Hey Aziz,

      The instructions say it’s fine, but you should remove any excess first, and wait a while for it to absorb fully.

  2. Rob, Thank you for the fair and impartial review, glad you found the product. If you are not a suffering with PE you can use 1 or 2 sprays and you would have had the extra control without the numbness and could have “finished”.

    Thanks again….Jeff (I am the CEO of Absorption Pharma)

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