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I know what you’re thinking. “Another testosterone booster? Really?

You’ve got to be kidding me!”
Trust me, I know.

If you’ve been looking around for something to help you feel better, get in better shape, and help you kill it in the bedroom, I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few of these supplements, and it’s getting to the point where you want to just scrap the whole idea. I suggest you don’t.

Despite what it looks like, there are solid products out there, and if you stick around with us through this review, we’ll make sure you’ve found one.

Today’s discussion is about Pronabolin.

It’s available online both through its website and through, so it’s readily available. That’s a good start.

But is there anything else good about it?

What Is Pronabolin?

Some testosterone boosting supplements target bodybuilders and gym rats – guys who want to improve their workouts and pack on the muscle.

Others go for the aging crowd, and by that I mean guys anywhere from their 30s to their 50s who’ve started to notice the effects of declining testosterone, and want to do something to stem the tide.

Pronabolin belongs to the second category.

pronabolin-reviewStarting in adolescence, your body was swimming in testosterone.

It’s what made you grow, it’s what made you strong, it’s what made you driven, it’s what made you horny. Your levels peak in your early twenties, then start to drop off from there.

It’s usually not till your early thirties or so that you begin to notice some of the changes:

  • You just don’t have the energy you used to.
  • Your workouts – the same ones you’ve always done – are all of a sudden harder to get through.
  • You see that spare tire showing up around your midsection.
  • Sex isn’t as important as it was, and you may even be having trouble performing.
  • You’re a little moody lately.

These are all effects related to falling testosterone levels.

It’s not usually a problem to the point where you need actual hormone replacement therapy, but you don’t want to just do nothing.

And that’s where something like Pronabolin comes in.

It’s a daily supplement, all natural, that claims to boost your body’s natural testosterone production, and diminish the symptoms listed above.

Pronabolin Ingredients

Unlike a lot of natural testosterone boosters, Pronabolin posts an image of the label online, and it includes all ingredients, including amounts.

Let’s take a look at the formala:

  • Tribulus Terrestris (650 mg).It’s thought to increase your body’s production of testosterone by signaling the pituitary gland to release increased Luteinizing Hormone, which in turn signals the testes to produce and release increased testosterone.

    The evidence for this is only anecdotal, but there is clinical evidence showing that Tribulus improves erections and increases libido.
  • Fenugreek See Extract (300 mg).It may not increase testosterone directly, but like Tribulus Terrestris, it counteracts some of the symptoms of low testosterone.

    It improves resistance training and improves blood sugar levels leading to better, more consistent performance.
  • Digestive Blend (250 mg) includes probiotics to help provide digestive ease and improve absorption of the other ingredients in the formula.
  • Coleus Forskohlii (125 mg) which has been shown to help with weight loss by decreasing your appetite and improving the way your thyroid works.

    In one test, Coleus Forskhohlii helped increase serum testosterone, but the dose they took was 500 mg per day, well over that which is in Pronabolin.
  • Milk Thistle (120 mg) provides antioxidant and liver support.

    It may also reduce blood glucose levels.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (100 mg) which is commonly supplemented in cases of heart conditions and diabetes, and it’s used for weight loss.

    It may improve erectile function as well.

    There’s no direct connection between alpha lipoic acid and testosterone, but it can improve some symptoms of low testosterone.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia (100 mg) which may be credited with increasing free testosterone levels.

    It inhibits the action of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which attaches itself to testosterone molecules, preventing them from being useful.

    By inhibiting SHBG, Eurycoma Longifolia allows more testosterone to remain free and useful.
  • Horny Goat Weed (100 mg) which again, may not directly affect testosterone levels, but instead, acts on one of its symptoms.

    Horny Goat weed increases libido and improve blood flow for better erections.

    It works similarly to Viagra, in fact, it’s often referred to as “herbal viagra”.
  • Black Pepper Extract (15 mg) is added to Pronabolin to help improve absorption of the other ingredients in the formula.

How To Use Pronabolin

The recommended dose is 3 capsules a day, taken together on an empty stomach.

It’s recommended that on workout days, you take them prior to working out and on non-workout days, you take them in the morning.

It’s also acceptable to take 1 or 2 additional capsules if you feel it’s necessary.

Pronabolin Side Effects

Pronabolin is regarded as generally safe, though there are a few possible side effects associated with a couple of the ingredients.

For instance, Fenugreek affects blood sugar.

This may or may not be a problem in your individual case, the likelihood is that it will not.

But it does exist as a possibility.

You’ll also see in some of the customer feedback below that taking Pronabolin as directed on an empty stomach has caused nausea in some customers.

Pronabolin Customer Reviews

Because Pronabolin is sold on, there is available feedback from customers who’ve used it.

Currently, there are just over 30 customer reviews, and there is no consensus whatsoever on how well it works.

That’s right, opinion is very very mixed.

Of the reviews, 29% give 5 stars, 26% give 3 stars, and 26% give 1 star.

That’s about as mixed as it gets.

Here’s an example of a typical 5 star:


The middle of the road reviews look pretty much like this:


The label does recommend taking it on an empty stomach so you may want to watch out for this.

And the unsatisfied customers have this to say:


So for some, it simply doesn’t work.

Where to Buy

At this point, you can find Pronabolin available for purchase through their website or at

At the website, if you want just one bottle (a 90-count one month supply), you’ll pay $79.95. There are saving packages available, where you’ll pay less per bottle if you buy more bottles at once.If you buy 3 months worth, you’ll pay $69.95 per bottle, while buying 5 months at a time will get you to the $54.95 per bottle price.

If you choose to buy through, you’ll pay $89.95 for one bottle.They also run a discount for multiple bottles.

Right now, 5 bottles are funning for $274.75, which is about $55 per bottle.

Return Policy

Pronabolin does offer a money back guarantee with the following terms:


It’s a fairly good policy with one red flag.It states that they “cannot accept returns on overly used products”, but it does not state what that means.

You have no way of knowing how many pills it’s acceptable to have used.

I can imagine a situation where a customer finished a bottle, determined it didn’t work, then called for a refund and was refused because he’d used the whole bottle. This term should really be specified.

Lack of clarity here can lead to problems.

Pronabolin Pros and Cons

Advantages of Pronabolin

  • It’s all natural.
  • The ingredients (including amounts) are listed online, so there are no surprises.
  • There are some positive reviews from customers who’ve used it.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Pronabolin

  • The money back guarantee is a little unclear, not specifying how much you’re allowed to use before the guarantee no longer applies.
  • The formula addresses some of the symptoms of low testosterone, but doesn’t do much to actually raise testosterone levels.
  • There are some negative reviews.

The Bottom Line

Pronabolin is a pretty run of the mill testosterone boosting supplement.

It’s generally safe (with the notable exception of nausea experienced by some users).

Ultimately though, I don’t recommend it as particularly effective.

The most effective testosterone boosting formulas contain D-Aspartic Acid and a few other ingredients that the Pronabolin formula doesn’t have.And at the price of almost $80, I can’t in good conscience recommend that you use something that’s not likely to have much of an effect.

I mentioned early in the review that I wouldn’t leave you without a solid recommendation, so here it is.If you’re looking for something that works, check out my TestoFuel review, complete with my own personal results.

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By ced,  Dec 15, 2017

I received the free sample in the mail. I called to cancel, but they said I needed to take it longer.


They sent me another sample, and then without me ordering they sent me a $70 bottle, saying that I didn't cancel.

I called and talked to Michael, and he said that I couldn't get a refund unless I completed the entire cycle. The entire cycle included purchasing 2 more bottles at a discounted price of $59 per bottle.


The only way it would work was for me to get a detox. The bottom line is that with Pronabalin, I had zero results.


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