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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 4-10-2020

/wp content/uploads/2011/03/ripfireThere have been hundreds, if not thousands, of Nitric Oxide (NO2) producing products popping up all over the Internet, and it can be mind boggling to keep up with them. It seems like when one goes out of business, about 5 more come in to fill the gap in this market. Ripfire Xcelerate is an all natural blend of amino acids and various kinds of L-Arginine which promises to build lean muscle mass and get you shredded fast. We see these claims all of the time, and the fact that there have been some studies indicating that NO can help with certain ailments supports some of these claims. Read our review of this supplement here to get the facts from an independent source.

“The Future Of Bodybuilding Supplements”

This particular product is said to boost nitric oxide levels naturally, which is supposed to boost energy levels and endurance, enhance workout performance, and help you train harder so you can build muscle faster. The science behind this formula, according to the manufacturer, was proven in an in-house test which resulted in participants obtaining an increase in energy, an increase in muscle definition, and the ability to lift heavier weights easily.

The company themselves actually provides a list of exercise routines and educational facts to help you grow muscle, something you don’t see from too many other products. Ripfire also challenges the consumer to take action, and order a 30 day trial of their supplement “risk free”, to see how much lean muscle they can achieve.

Let’s see exactly what they mean by risk free as well as what RipFire is made out of, how it works and if it is even worth your time and money.

What Does Risk Free Mean?

Alot of companies that enroll their customers into whats called an “auto-ship” program start off by offering a risk-free trial. There is some debate as to what exactly is risk free about it, but ripfire offers one of these trials for just $3.95 for shipping and handling for a one months supply. After the 30 day trial is up, however, they will bill you $100 every 60 day for a new supply of the product. Some will tell you that this makes it easy to order the product, and get it every month without having to worry about renewing it yourself every month, similar to the netflix business model.

The problem is, when you go to cancel your trial, if you haven’t done so before the trial period is up, you may be stuck paying for a product you don’t want anymore. Be careful and arm yourself with the cancellation phone number and mark your calendar.

The Ingredients in RipFire

There is not much different from the ingredients in Ripfire and most of their competitors. According to the label, this supplement contains: L-Arginine HCL (Hydrochloride), L-Arginine Ketogluterate (L-KTG), L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate (L-KIC), dipottasium phosphate, L-Citrulline, Dicalcium Phosphate, and Nictotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD).

What do all of these fancy sounding ingredients mean? Well, after a little bit of research, we found that almost all of these are amino acids which are essential for growth in the human body. They are actually produced in the body, but in much smaller quantities, and the addition of these ingredients does lead to some substantial benefits.

Take L-Citrulline for instance. In recent clinical studies, it has been found to help relax blood vessels, which helps back the claims made by Ripfire that it does this. L-Arginine is also found to do the same, and have an effect not uncommon to some very potent nutrients.


Ripfire seems like a pretty legit supplement. Good customer support structure, testimonials on their site, articles on how to build muscle and effectively; these are not things you see on alot of their competitors sites. Unlike alot of the other rehashed products out there that just change a few ingredients here and there, this one seems to really work effectively at burning fat and helping to increase energy for the gym. We actually ordered a bottle of this supplement today and took the challenge, and will be reporting our results in a few weeks. Please check back on this blog then to see what kind of effects we had from it.

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User Reviews

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By Beautee,  Oct 8, 2013

I got the free trial, cancelled a few days later so that I would not be charged. Of course they try to convince you to keep getting the product.  I got the product last year and finally used it yesterday it gave me energy but that was only one day. I will come back once a week until the product is gone to let you know if I see results.  I havent worked out in months so this should show some results if it works like they say. Until next week.

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By Walter,  Jun 12, 2013

Thanks for the awesome review! I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Ripfire and it worked well for me.

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By Beast mode again,  Feb 14, 2014

Ripfire xcelerate This product has worked for me and my brother. We have used 3 bottles a piece and I get awesome results.  Some of you might not be getting results because your expecting to get ripped without faithfully working out. If you're over weight this is not a magic potion that will change fat to muscle with one or two bottles.  I'm a personal trainer and I'm in the gym 5 days a week and I'm in pretty good shape before taking the pills, so that could be the reason I saw results after 2 weeks. Anyway, I enjoy the product and the reason why I'm on this site now is because I'm about to order another bottle.  Thanks Ripfire!! It's all good.

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  1. Ripfire is terrible!!!!! My husband took it and went to the hospital off and on being tested for anxiety, heart problems, and countless blood test.

    All to find out that he was having a reaction to Ripfire. I would definitely NOT recommend this!!!

  2. Don’t mean to talk shit but how many of you saying this product sucks are actually in the gym for two and half to three hours pushing yourselves to the absolute limet not cheating on you diet not drinking or smoking? No product does the work for you it just helps give you that extra little kick to get that extra set or rep in and RipFire X isn’t steroids.

    I train in MMA and bodybuild and have played with steroids and this product work good for me… Just saying.
  3. this product sucks i tried it for the hole 30 day it did nothing i worked out in the gym with it too hate this stuff no im trying a diet tea for sliming dow it have u ging to the bathroomfor afrew dys but after u use to it its ok an d now the tea have me loosing weight like that or u can use the slimfast it helps too so dot try hi stuff
  4. Nothing special with this product. pricey…cust service sucks. Super Pump Max far better and cheaper $35 @ vitamin shoppe

  5. I just applied for the trial. Im not even gonna take a chance on getting charged $100, how do I cancel this?!

    1. check your email, you should see a cancellation or customer service number there.

  6. I didn’t even open it nor did I know about the scam. The customer service lady hung up on me saying I was vein offensive and all I said was I didn’t Appreciate getting charged for something I didn’t even want.

    I’m still fighting them on it now but honestly, all I want is my money back. There is no way this bottle is worth a hundred bucks.

    I’m 20 years all btw and all I know is I feel like an idiot and it’s a lesson learned. If it’s free, it’s a scam. 2011, everyone is out for their own in the recession including bs supplement companies like rip fire.

  7. ha. Maybe it is in the name.

    I purchased rip fire having never taken supplements of any type before. I had already maintained a god work ethic and I’m not sure if it is because of my age (19) but I felt no change in my energy levels, however I did see better results after my workouts.

    I changed no routine diet, work, effort, ect… Rip fire really did work for me I am cut with muscle to my satisfaction. Little pricey but whenever you take a supplement as opposed to only using wieghts and exercise… It’s going to cost you.





    1. I strongly agree with u Rich. These products are all scams.

      I have a bowflex revoulution that I been using for 3 months straight and already have great results; my arms and legs are already buffed. The key is to lose more calories than what is being consumed.

      Like u said eating protein helps. Bowflex works quicker than these crappy products out there.

      I use to be one of those who fall into those free trials but then realized is all a scam.
  9. After accepting the one month free trial I constantly felt dizzy and sick feeling. After a few days I ended up in the hospital because of ripfire.

    Once out of the hospital i did not notice the free trial ended nor received any notification that it had done so. So, 45 days later, I received a notification that I owed the ripfire company two hundred dollars.

    So, this product did not increase my productivity but, put me in the hospital and stole two hundred dollars from my wallet. Horrible Product.

  10. I had a bad reaction. I started to get heart flutters and I ended-up in the hospital where I had a barrage of test.

    The conclusion of the medical treatment was that Ripefire and more then one cup of coffee do not mix.

    I can not recoment this product. I missed a month of workouts because of the side effects.

  11. Took the “challenge” and cancelled it within the 2 weeks. It was not easy to cancel.

    They tried all they could to convince me to stay signed up, even guilt-tripping me (so, you just want the free stuff and don;t want to put the time in?)
    Did not see any effect in either weight loss or muscle gain. Maybe in the first few days, but an extra cup of coffee does the same…

  12. i took it the first time today and i felt that it did increase my energy level and decreased the fatigue factor after a vigirous workout. not sure else what to think, but will leave futher coments as i either see results or not.
  13. The first time I took ripfire I felt great. It gave me really good energy for the gym, and my workouts felt alot more intense.

    But it felt like everytime after that it got weaker and weaker. Like, it gave me energy in the first couple of days, but then wore off.

    Anyone else experience this?
  14. I took the ripfire challenge too, but I have to say it actually worked pretty good, for the price. I only used it for the one month period, but I got really good workouts and my energy levels in the gym were amazing.

    I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
  15. Ripfire is an ok product, but i totally agree with your review. They seem to want to scam people out of their money by suckering you into this free trial.

    There are much better supplements out there.
  16. Ripfire did nothing for me but drain my wallet. I bought the supposed “free trial” of ripfire and took it for a couple weeks, and it did nothing.

    Then I checked my credit card statement about 4 weeks later, and they billed me like $100! I called them up and they said that i agreed to the charges, and I was like “heck no I didnt'”.

    Of course I went back and sure enough their terms said they would start billing me after 2 weeks or something. It was my mistake for even bothering with it in the first place.

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