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/wp content/uploads/2011/03/rockhardreviewI have been somewhat of a guinea pig for male enhancement products recently, partially because im not so sure they work, and partially because they are fairly cheap. I decided to try Rock Hard Weekend after browsing some of the hundreds of male supplements listed on amazon. My order arrived in about 3 business days, and it cost me about $6 for one pill, plus the shipping. Below is my review of this supplement, including my results, how it made me feel, a couple of bad side effects, and Rock Hard Weekend reviews from other guys.

The Test and The Results

So i woke up at around 7:30 this morning and decided I was going to take a male enhancement supplement today. Part of my daily routine revolves around trying one different type of supplement each day, and I have just gotten a barrage of these types of pills daily, so i decided to get to taking them. I started off trying out Stamina RX just last week, and my results were awesome to say the least. So, I kind of expected great results from taking Rock Hard Weekend.

Just like always, I take my supplements about an hour after breakfast, so I’m not taking them on an empty stomach. I usually start off with the lowest dosage possible, but for this particular product its not possible because there is only one pill in the sample. According to the directions, I am supposed to take 1 pill up to 45 minutes before engaging in sexual activity, so with my girlfriend not being home for another hour, I should be good to go.

I pop the pill, and just like the ad promised, I was rock hard in about an hour (with a little physical stimulation of course). Well, about 5 minutes into sex with my girlfriend, I get this ridiculous knot in my stomach like I ate one too many hot peppers. What was worse is it didn’t go away for about 2 hours, and that was after a couple doses of tums.

Now, keep in mind that Rock Hard Weekend did live up to it’s claim of “Rock hard” erections, and it was certainly fast and effective. I don’t know if i just got a bad batch or what, but my experience with it was not so great. Looking at the label, I found out that it does contain Niacin, which can cause nausea, diarrhea, and gas.

Overall Conclusion

I think thatrock hard weekendreally does work as advertised, but my side effects were not worth taking it again. I could have been an exception, and may have had just a bad allergic reaction to it, but i wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy.

Everyone responds to different supplements differently, but for me it was enough to know that it was not my choice for my daily male health.

My recommendation: try it our yourself, but make sure you take it with plenty of water and on a full stomach. If you experience any side effects, keep an eye on them and if they escalate do what you need to get medical help.

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Originally posted on 03/09/11

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    1. This nonsense has had my stomach jacked up for about a month it didnt even work but it definitely gave me the worst diarrhea ive ever had in my life
    2. Hi Shamsul,
      Don’t know how old you are or to what degree, if any, you have ED. To the best of my knowledge none of the creams penetrate deep enough to reach the erectile chambers of the penis, even if they have ingredients which stimulate nitrous oxide production.

      Also remember anything you put on your penis will be felt inside your wife or girlfriend. You may be better off taking one of the ED prescriptions such as Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (tadalafil) or a supplement such as Vigrx or Hardon Helper and using a good general lubricant such as Astroglide on your erect penis to help with penetration after you are partially to fully erect.

  1. Thank you for responding to my question yesterday Rob, I will try Vigrx, my question ow is if I try Vigrx, you recommend either Bathmate or Size Genetics along with Vigrx. I have looked at the review on the following link for a penis extender:
    Would you give me your opinon on this product as it is very well reviewed and a fraction of the cost of the Size Genetics.
    Thank you,
    Jason Russell
    1. Hey Jason,

      No problem. I’m not familiar with that product, but it looks like it’s similar to the SizeGenetics extender. In my opinion, the most important factor to the success of a device is comfort. Read all the customer reviews you can find, and see what guys say about how comfortable it is to wear. If it’s uncomfortable, you won’t use it, but if you use it, it should work. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Rob,
    I never know on these reviews if someone is actually reviewing the product or is just pretending to and actually promoting a product.
    Not to insult you but do you actually review and if so what do you recommend for a good male enhancement pill?

    Thank you,
    Jason Russell
    1. Hey Jason,

      We haven’t personally used all the supplements we review, but we have used lots. You can tell in each review. If I’ve used it or if one of my testers have used it, it will specifically say so in the review and we’ll talk about our personal results. If not, we talk about our research which includes things like ingredients, availability, and pros and cons, but we won’t talk about personal results. That being said, we never recommend a product highly unless we’ve personally tried it and gotten great results. As for a good male enhancement pill, check out VigRx Plus. I’ve personally used it, and it’s been my top pick for years. I haven’t come across anything better so far.

  3. I’ve been a fan of RockHard Weekend in the past, but this new formula is worthless. A couple weekends and 6 doses does zippo.

    The previous batches I’ve had would only require half a dose for 2-3 days of extra boners. Will have to try something else.

    So disappointed, as this stuff used to be awesome!
    1. Hey James,
      Yeah, it’s a pretty common story. Lots of these fast acting male enhancement pills go on the market with a couple of undisclosed ingredients in their formulas.

      They actually use the active ingredient in Viagra or Cialis. They work, but they may cause serious side effects for people with heart conditions and other health issues.

      That’s why they require a prescription from your doctor. A while back, the FDA tested a batch of Rock Hard Weekend, and found one of these ingredients in it.

      They issued a recall, then needed to change their formula. So now it’s safe…. but it doesn’t work!

  4. Rick hard weekend worked or me . Worst headache ever.

    But after taking some motrin i was good and the sex was great!
  5. Rock hard weekend works, but the side effects are horrible. I got probably the biggest erection of my life, followed by what seemed to be the worst headache of my life.

    Overall, not what i expected, but i guess it did the job they said it would do.

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