Scitec Attack 2.0 Review- Should You Use It?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-22-2020

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Scitec Attack 2.0 Overview

Pre workout supplements can be divided into several different categories, and sometimes they can overlap into several categories at once.

There are pre workouts that contains stimulants and those that don’t.

There are pre workouts that contain some post workout ingredients and there are those that don’t.

And there are pre workouts that contain creatine and those that don’t.

There are plenty of pros and cons with each category and each overlap.

Which one you choose really comes down to personal preference.

Scitec Attack 2.0 definitely has some category overlap.

It doesn’t contain stimulants, and it does contain creatine.

So let’s take a look at what that means.

Scitec Attack 2.0 is a European product.

You can buy it online in the States, but it’s far more popular in Europe.

It’s a pre workout powder that provides energy and pumps through the pathway of nitric oxide, and it also gives you that boost in muscle energy that you get from loading your body up with creatine.

Scitec Attack 2.0 ReviewScitec Attack 2.0 Ingredients and How They Work

The ingredient profile of Scitec Attack 2.0 is pretty extensive, so let’s dive right in.

Some of it you may recognize from plenty of other workout formulas, but there are some that even surprised me.

  • It starts off with 5 different kinds of creatine for a total of 5 grams per dose.

    It includes: Creatine Monohydrate (the most common form), MicronTec Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Pyruvate, Creatine Citrate, and Creatine Phosphate.

    What creatine does is boost your muscles performance in short-term, high intensity exercise (like lifting weights).

    When your muscles put out that energy burst at just the right time, you have more power to lift more weight, and your results show it.

    Research shows that you’ll get results with 3 grams daily, so 5 grams is plenty.
  • Next is L-Arginine for the nitric oxide boost.

    NO is a vasodilator which means that your blood vessels open up, allowing more blood to flow through more freely.

    This means not only better pumps when you lift, but also more oxygen and nutrients delivered to your muscles right when they need them, giving them energy and power.
  • Finally, there’s an amino acid complex for protein synthesis and post workout recovery.

    They’re called BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), and they support a quick and complete post workout recovery.

    If you’re not sore the next day, you can work out harder and get better, faster results.

Scitec Attack 2.0 is called a pre workout supplement, but the instructions say that you can take it pre, post, or half an hour before a meal.

As long as you’re feeding these components to your body daily, you’re getting the support you need.

Scitec Attack 2.0 Pros and Cons

Advantages of Scitec Attack 2.0

  • Its reasonably priced.
  • It’s a fairly complete workout formula.
  • The Scitec Attack 2.0 reviews I’ve seen are favorable.
  • It’s non-stimulant.
  • Disadvantages of Scitec Attack 2.0

There isn’t a whole lot of customer feedback available online.

Where to Buy

You can find Scitec Attack 2.0 for sale online. The 320 gram tub (which is about 32 servings) sells for
about $20.


Scitec Attack 2.0 looks like a good multipurpose pre workout formula.My one concern would be that it tries to do too much, but at least judging by the few online reviews I found, it seems to be working.

So, for the price, I say give it a shot.

The nitric oxide boosting properties contribute to good and effective blood-flow through the extremities which helps a lot in workouts, especially resistance training, and the formula overall is full of ingredients proven to be effective in workouts.

Have You Used Scitec Attack 2.0?

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If I take the attack at 4.30 pm will it interfere with my sleeping??? -martin

There are no stimulants in it, so you should be fine.- Rob

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Can women also use attack 2.0. -charlene

Absolutely. It works as well for women as it does for men.- Rob

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