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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 3-31-2020

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Sensaoil Overview

Sensaoil is a male enhancement product of Malaysian origins that is available to Western consumers only through third party websites.

Sensaoil is, as the name indicates, an oil based product, that must be applied directly on the penis in order to deliver results, such as better and longer erections, and penis growth.

While such claims are hard to believe, seeing that most products that are applied directly on the skin are not likely to provide the same effects as pills, it is worth taking a closer look at this product.

It seems that Sensaoil is made by a well established supplement manufacturer in Malaysia that also sells other type of sex related products.

However, its list of ingredients may be off-putting for Western customers.

How Sensaoil WorksSensaoil Review

Sensaoil has to be applied directly on the penile area, in order to work.

While this may sound very simple, the product may be less effective than desired or claimed.

As opposed to a similar cream that I reviewed called Man1 Man Oil I recently reviewed, it’s made with olive oil that helps lubrication, but the other ingredients are supposed to have a role in combating make sexual issues.

Sensaoil contains Ginger extract, known to be effective in promoting better blood circulation, which may explain why this product is advertised as a great aid in sustaining erection.

The oil also contains Lavender for relaxation, and Black Pepper, which is believed to sustain overall health. The secret ingredient in Sensaoil, however, is a special extract, called Hirudin, which is obtained from leeches, and seems to be very popular in the country of origin of this product.

This is also the substance that is believed to be able to sustain penis growth, but it may not sound too appealing to Western customers.

Sensaoil Benefits

  • It is easy to apply
  • It may stimulate local effects for combating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • It contains natural ingredients
  • It is cheap

Sensaoil Drawbacks

  • It contains an extract that is not familiar to the Western market
  • It may not be able to really support penis growth
  • The official website is only in Malay language

Where to Buy Sensaoil

Sensaoilcan be purchased from the official website, provided that you can manage to navigate through it.

A better bet for buying Sensaoil is to appeal to third party sellers, such as Alibaba.

It must be noted that Sensaoil is not available for purchase in brick and mortar stores.


Trying out a new product, especially when it is about a male enhancement formula, can be daunting.

In the case of Sensaoil, this can be more so, because the oil contains a special ingredient, obtained from leeches that customers from Western countries may not feel too comfortable to use.

Also, as far as Sensaoil claims are concerned, it is a bit hard to believe that just applying some oil on the penile area can truly make the penis grow in size.

And by hard to believe, I mean that it is virtually impossible to believe given that there is absolutely zero evidence to support such a claim.

There are not even any capsule based supplements that have such an effect and there is a wealth of proof to support that such penis growth “remedies” simply do not work and the only way you can achieve such gains is a through a combination of the right exercises and possibly an extender.

In case you want to try Sensaoil, you can obtain it from online retailers.

The product is cheap, so you will not risk too much money by doing so.

Have you used Sensaoil?

If so, leave your review below!

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Hi there i'm interested to buy sensaoil for my own use. How can i purchase it or is there a minimum order? Thank you -SHAM is a review website. We don't sell Sensaoil.  You'll have to check with their website to place an order.- Rob

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    1. Hey Salar,

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