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Update (10-14-2018): We had one of our site visitors test out Snore B Gone to see if it really works. Click Here
to read his full review.

snore b gone review

The statistics are staggering. . .

Nearly 40 million adults suffer from chronic snoring in America alone.

For some it has reached a fever-pitch, as snoring causes everything from poor sleep quality, to relationship problems, and even serious health issues like heart disease. Source

So when I recently came across an advertisement for a product called Snore-B-Gone that promises to eliminate snoring immediately, I couldn’t help but be curious.

So I took a closer look.

Now, I typically tune out ads, but this one had some substance to it.

And I know that many of my readers suffer from snoring, so I wanted to share an in-depth review of the Snore-B-Gone snore guard. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 9.17.01

Alright, the ad starts with a video clip that NBC Nightly News produced (see screenshot above).

They found a man who snored so much that he was constantly tired throughout the day, he was experiencing mental and physical problems, and it got so bad that his wife kicked him out of the bedroom for it.

This must happen A LOT more than couples want to admit.

The guy tried three different snoring treatments.

A snoring chin strap, a snoring pillow, and *supposedly*, the Snore-B-Gone mouth guard.

They filmed him during his sleep, trying each of these products. content/uploads/2018/06/alone bed bedroom 271897

Here’s what they found. . .

The sleep pillow just flat out didn’t work, and the chin strap had spotty results.

But when he allegedly tried Snore-B-Gone, his sleep was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

But wait. . .

I say “allegedly” because the guy never actually tried Snore-B-Gone.

In fact, Snore-B-Gone wasn’t even one of the featured products on the NBC piece. NOPE!

The scammers at Snore-B-Gone just overlaid a picture of their product onto the original video!

Here’s the REAL clip. . .

Snore-B-Gone was NEVER featured on NBC Nightly News.

Their ad then goes into another man’s testimonial, who was headed down the dreaded CPAP road when he found Snore-B-Gone. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 9.16.08
Image cred:

To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a legit testimonial, as it sounds a bit scripted. I mean, who speaks in bullet points?

Here’s what ‘David Smith’ says. . .

“I found out that snoring isn’t just a little problem, it’s a big health concern.

Snoring is an indicator of OSA (Obstructed Sleep Apnea), which leads to all manner of health problems, like:

  • Acid reflux
  • Frequent nighttime urination
  • Memory loss
  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack

Alright Mr. David Smith, everything you say is true, so we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Needless to say, Snore-B-Gone was the miracle answer that fixed everyone’s snoring problems.

Of course it did, as it was their ad!

Now, I won’t disqualify a potentially wonderful product simply because of scammy advertising. It’s not my style.

Instead I want to get into the nitty-gritty mechanics and design of Snore-B-Gone to see if it works, and how it works, to stop snoring in its tracks. content/uploads/2018/06/snoring is forbidden
Stop snoring in its tracks! image cred:

But first. . .

1. What is Snore B Gone?

At its most basic level, Snore B Gone is a light-weight mouth piece that supports the jaw and keeps the airway open and unrestricted throughout the night.

Thus, no more snoring.

snore b gone anti snoring device

The product’s website, Snore B, does a pretty good job of selling the benefits of the device. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 9.50.38 am
Snore-B-Gone Marketing.

Image cred:

The website puts a ton of emphasis on the science behind the product, and how it’s medically proven to stop you from snoring and improve your sleep. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 9.56.58
Image cred:

They even go so far as to say it’s “The #1 Doctor Recommended Anti-Snoring System.” BUT. . . they don’t go out of their way to share these so-called clinical or scientific studies.

I had to really dig around to find the study they referenced, and even when I found it (tucked away at the very bottom of the website), I’m pretty sure the study was simply about the effectiveness of snore guards in general.Makes you wonder. content/uploads/2018/06/untitled design

2. How does Snore B Gone Work?

According to the website, the Snore B Gone mouth piece “puts the lower jaw in an upward/forward position.” This position supposedly increases the “three-dimensional space in the airway,” which slows the air velocity and the soft-tissue vibration.

Seems legit.

In other words, it clears your blow-hole so that you can finally sleep like a lamb.

They have a nifty illustration on their site of what this looks like in action. . . content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 10.08.23
Image cred:

Snore B Gone FAQs

3. Does it really work to eliminate snoring?

I can’t say definitively if it works or not.

However, from what I gather from the sheer mechanics of the device, and the results that the guy experienced on the NBC Nightly News video clip (yeah, right!), I would venture to say maybe it’s worth a try.

As you’ll see, I come across another similar product with essentially the same design, and it gets rave reviews.

So I can imagine Snore B Gone really does work to eliminate snoring.

4. Does Snore B Gone help with sleep apnea?

Well, snoring does point to other more serious sleep disorders, like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 10.18.17

And according to WebMD, the causes of sleep apnea are exactly what Sleep-B-Gone looks to correct, a blocked airway. . .

“In adults, the most common cause of obstructive sleep apnea is excess weight and obesity, which is associated with soft tissue of the mouth and throat.

During sleep, when throat and tongue muscles are more relaxed, this soft tissue can cause the airway to become blocked.” Source

Obviously, it’s best to treat the source of the problem, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

So if your snoring (and your sleep apnea) is caused by obesity, or perhaps smoking, then you should consider trying to lose weight by eating healthy and exercising.

And quit smoking while you’re at it. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 2.33.31

In the meantime, it does seem like Snore B Gone could help with sleep apnea.

Now I wouldn’t set off for the nearest pawn store looking to get rid of your CPAP machine, as Snore B Gone is probably not a good substitute.

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5. What else does Snore B Gone help with?

When you’re losing sleep or having your sleep disrupted by chronic snoring, you’ll likely experience a range of symptoms.

Some of these symptoms are more serious than others.

But all of them can be corrected if only you could stop snoring.

The Snore B Gone website promises to. . . content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 12.20.51
Image cred:

6. What is Snore B Gone made of?

Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t disclose any information about what materials the product is made of.

7. How Do I Put It On?

Thanks to Sean for this!

1) Remove mouthguard from all packaging.
2) Get 2 containers.

Place the mouthguard in 1 and fill the other with cold water.

I threw some ice cubes in to make the water really cold.
3) Boil water.

Boil enough water to cover the mouthguard.
4) Pour boiling water into the container with the mouthguard until the mouthguard
is completely submerged.
5) Leave mouthguard in boiling water for about 25 seconds.
6) Carefully remove mouthguard from boiling water and place in mouth.
7) Bite down firmly for about 10-15 seconds to make an impression in the mouthguard.

Don’t bite too hard so that you would damage the mouthguard.
8) Remove the mouthguard from your mouth and place in the cold water for one minute.
9) Remove from the cold water.

Our Personal Results

So we had a gentleman named Sean test out Snore B Gone as part of our STEPuP program.

Watch Seans Youtube Review Below Or Scroll Down To Read More

snore b gone video review

His review follows below:

I have been searching for a product to help with my snoring and decided to give Snore B Gone a try.

I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea a little over 10 years ago.

Ever since then I have been sleeping with a cpap.

The cpap works great, but there have been times that I have gone on trips and forgotten it at home and wished I had some product to help me sleep because I do not sleep without my cpap.

I have seen over stop snoring devices in the past and figured I would give Snore B Gone a try.

Initial thoughts: Snore B Gone looks like a mouth-guard.

snore b gone mouth guard

One of the things I did notice is that there is a gap between the top and bottom rows of teeth to help you breathe if you sleep with your mouth open.

The instructions are not good.


Step 1)Gather two small containers.

Fill one with hot water and one with cold water.

Step 2)Place entire mouthpiece into one container and add hot water until the mouthpiece is submerged (DO NOT BOIL MOUTHPIECE IN POT).


You never say to boil water.

You tell me to fill 2 containers with different temperature water and then tell me to put the hot water over the mouthpiece, so which is it?!

Luckily, my wife has some experience with mouth-guards and she told me to boil water first, then pour the boiling water over the mouth-guard.

That worked.

Other then the instructions being less then stellar, the product looked great.

It comes in a hard-plastic case and the mouth-guard itself is plastic wrapped.

snore b gone hard plastic case snore b gone plastic coating

Now for the real test, sleeping with the mouth-guard.

I have slept with Snore B Gone for 4 nights.

The first 2 nights, I slept for about 3 hours before waking up.

Wasn’t sure if the device wasn’t working or if I was just in my head.

I asked my wife if she hear me snoring at all and she said she did not.

On the third night, my wife did wake me up and told me I was snoring.

When I asked her about it the next day she told me it was just a light snore. Nothing like what I used to do.

On the fourth night I slept well for several hours before waking up.

I do have a sleep tracker that I wear, and it doesn’t show any large amounts of awake time or movement while I was wearing the Snore B Gone vs. the cpap.

The only issue I seemed to have is that the longer I would wear the device, the more it seemed to hurt my bottom row of teeth.

Not a huge deterrent if the options are sleep or no sleep.

In Conclusion: I feel that the Snore B Gone would be beneficial to try if you are having problems snoring.

Obviously if you have a medical condition like sleep apnea, this may not fix the problem, but it definitely helped me sleep.

I will still use my cpap the majority of the time, but if I ever lose power I will be glad that I have the Snore B Gone.

8. Snore B Gone Reviews

When you’re shelling out money for a product that promises to give you better sleep, you want to be sure it works.

One way of knowing if it’ll work for you is finding out if it works for other people.

That’s why reviews and testimonials are so important. . . but they have to be real. content/uploads/2018/06/service user reviews
Image cred:

I cannot say the Snore B Gone reviews I came across are 100% legitimate.

Since the product is not sold on third-party sites like or, we don’t have access to all the juicy reviews.

Of course, you’ve got the reviews from the Snore B Gone website. . . but even if they are real, why would they share anything other than glowing reviews? content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 10.55.51
Image cred:

Then I went searching for video reviews, to see if people were getting real results from the product.

Here’s what I found. . .

snore b gone commercial

Yup, it’s obviously a video made by Snore B Gone, as it comes from the product’s own YouTube channel. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 11.05.06

But the crazy thing is that the supposed “reviewer” wasn’t even talking about the Snore B Gone device.

Instead, he was talking about something called ‘Sleep Solutions Bogo’, whatever that is.

It gets even weirder. . .

There are several of these same exact videos on YouTube.

Each one has a different person introducing and leading into the same video review over and over: content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 11.02.38

Alright, alright.

It’s clear that the company is trying some interesting (and rather shady) tactics to score web traffic.

And I’m left high and dry looking for actual reviews from actual people.

9. Is Snore B Gone the best snore guard?

I wanted to compare Snore B Gone against one of the best-selling and highest reviewed snore guards on the market.

After all, there are A TON of choices out there, so which one is right for you? content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 11.21.44

The one product I came across that really caught my interest was the P&J Health Snore Stopper Mouth Piece.

The price tag is a very reasonable $26.95, and it can be found on with some pretty impressive reviews.

P&J Health Snore Stopper Mouthpiece is sold on
P&J Health Snore Stopper Mouthpiece is sold on

The P&J snore guard works the same way that Snore-B-Gone does, but it also addresses the problem of teeth grinding at night, known as bruxism.And they offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.

10. Where can I buy Snore B Gone?

Right now, you can only buy the product on the official website,

And you can’t simply select to purchase the device, you first have to give your personal shipping information, along with phone number and email to even get access to the order page.

This is becoming pretty standard though.

11. Snore B Gone Price

It looks like you can finally say goodbye to snoring for a total of $129.94. And right now they’re offering a ‘buy one get one free’ deal.So technically you’re spending only $64.97 per snore guard.Still pretty dang expensive. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 12.04.08
Image cred:

12. Is there a guarantee?


There is a 100% money-back guarantee on Snore B Gone.

They don’t say anything about the time-frame, so I’m assuming they’ll grant it into perpetuity (forever).

For some strange reason, they don’t actually have the guarantee written anywhere on the main sales-page/website.

You don’t even learn about it until you get through to the order page.

They should really fix this, because guarantees are a big deal, and they eliminate the buyer’s risk. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 28 at 12.10.11 pm

13. Recommendation

Look, snoring is a serious problem.

It really can affect your relationships, your sleep, and even your health.

And men especially have to watch out for the consequences of poor sleep.

It’ll cause everything from testosterone levels to decrease, to heart disease and even heart attack.

So I wanted to dig deep into the Snore B Gone snore guard to see if it could be the solution that SO many people so desperately need.

What I found was a sleek website, but not much of anything to really back it up. . . leaving me with some unanswered questions.

I’m hoping to soon find other customer reviews of the product, so I can get a good, well-rounded understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

As for the price, it’s a bit steep at $129.94 for two snore guards.

But then again they do offer a money-back guarantee, so I suppose maybe there’s not much to lose and a great nights’ sleep to gain.

Have you tried Snore B Gone?If so, write your review in the comments below!

User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Snore B Gone

By Barbara Draxler,  Jul 2, 2018

I have tried Snore B Gone for three nights now. I have only had it in my mouth for about 4 hours per night.


It is very cumbersome, not like the picture of the sleeping couple. My biggest complaint though, is that when I take it out, my normal bite is changed.


It seems to work with the top and bottom teeth lined up, but my lower jaw is thrust forward, and when I remove the device my bite is wrong. I cannot bite down in my normal bite position.


My bite does adjust after a great while. I am concerned that this is not good for me.


The second morning, I woke with a headache that I contributed to straining my jaw in an awkward position. According to my husband, my snoring is mostly gone those few hours I wear the device, but I cannot wear it all night.


I do not want to change my bite, nor have headaches from wearing the device. I am looking into returning it soon.


I did notice a similar device more recently on Amazon for at least $70 less!

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57 out of 58 people found this review helpful.

Snore B Gone

By Sally,  Aug 1, 2018

I tried Snore B Gone for 4 days and then discontinued as it took at least an hour after removing the device before my bite was aligned correctly and would continue to be painful for the rest of the day. It took about a week after I quit using it for my bite to go back to normal and not be sore.


It did help my snoring, but the bite issue was not worth it.

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38 out of 38 people found this review helpful.

B gortney's Review

By B gortney,  Aug 4, 2018

The product shown is not the one I received. I got a plastic boil and bite you can find everywhere.


I now have to pay to ship back, plus a restock fee. I call B.S.


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34 out of 34 people found this review helpful.

Snore b gone

By Mario Rodriguez,  Jul 27, 2018

I want to say thank you! Oh, my God, I don't remember the last time I had such a great night sleep.


I have been using Snore B Gone for about 2 weeks now; I tell you, the price I paid for it doesn't mean anything for the benefit I get in return. Thanks to you professionals out there; I can sleep good and without snoring but most importantly it saves you from an array of health complications and that is priceless.


Thank you, thank you and thank you.

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12 out of 22 people found this review helpful.

Ted edwards's Review

By Ted edwards,  Nov 14, 2018

I ordered a Snore B Gone mouth piece in July and still have not received the product in November. I was billed and have paid but no product.


Tried to contact the company and received another group of people wanting me to give them my personal information. I don't know if this is a real product.


It was an ad that I respond too. It was not from the this web site.


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How do I return this unopened box of Snore-B-Gone? -albert

According to the Returns information listed at their website: Product Returns/Exchanges: To return products for a refund (less S&H and a $9.99 restocking fee) you must first request an RMA number. You must request your RMA number within 30 calendar days of ordering your product. To obtain an RMA number you must contact customer service at 888-317-5763 or Please allow 10 business days to process your return. We will send you a confirmation email that we received your product and we will send you an email when your refund has been issued. To ensure that your account is correctly noted, you must send back product returns to the address provided below along with your RMA number written clearly above the address as exemplified below. Please be sure to write your RMA number legibly in order for us to properly apply it to your account. Returned Products must be sent to the following address: RMA NUMBER:

  • Snore B Gone
  • 2303 Kennedy St. NE
  • Minneapolis, MN 55415
 - Rob

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