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It has been published by several reputable medical journals that the average American does not get the recommended 7 – 8 hours of quality sleep a night. Somnapure, which is manufactured by Peak Life, promises to give you a restful nights sleep, without the side effects of traditional sleep medications. But does this insomnia remedy really work? We decided to review this product for its effectiveness, to give you an insight as to what it does. We explore the ingredients behind these pills, poured through countless customer testimonials, and examined exactly how it works.

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What is Somnapure?

Somnapure is a natural sleep aid designed to help you fall asleep faster, improve the quality of your sleep, helping you wake up feeling refreshed. Made up of all natural herbs and extracts, it is available over the counter without a prescription, and promises no side effects and is not habit forming.

The fact of the matter is that it is hard to trust that any product can be entirely without side effects because that is just not really ever the case, although some can have a very low chance of side effects which is not that uncommon.

You may have originally learned about Somnapure from one of their heavily marketed TV spots:


The basis behind this product is the ingredients. Somnapure includes a potent variety of ingredients that have been used for centuries to promote healthy, natural sleep. The ingredients are as follows:

somnapure reviewMelatonin -A naturally occurring compound that is secreted in the brain, melatonin has long been used to treat a number of ailments, including circadian rhythm disorders, headaches, mood disorder, and even cancer.

Somnapure contains 3 mg of melatonin, which places it on the higher end of the dose spectrum (1 – 3 mg is recommended).

L-Theanine -Commonly found in green tea, Theanine has been shown to help reduce stress levels as well as produce a calm and soothing effect. However, there has been no research to confirm these findings.

Valerian Root Extract -Valerian root has long been used to treat insomnia, and some have claimed it is a miracle drug. You can find valerian root in many different forms, including sprays, elixirs, even brownies. This is the primary ingredient in Somnapure.

Hops -Hops are actually the primary stabilizing agent in beer, but have also been shown to have the same effects as Valerian root.

Somnapure also includes Passion flower, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile Flower.

Their have been no clinical studies pertaining to the effectiveness of Somnapure alone, but there have been several concerning the ingredients.

Reviews of Somnapure

We searched through a number of websites to find reviews of Somnapure, and the results we found were mixed. It seems to have literally worked for about 50% of the people who took it, and the other 50% got little or no effects from it.

For example, on Amazon you’ll see that literally 51% of people rated it 5 stars, while the remaining 49% rated it 4 stars and below.

reviews of somnapure on Amazon

It seems to me that the vast majority of the negative reviews have more to do with the fact that they feel they’ve been scammed by the free trial of Somnapure, rather than the supplement simply not working. (more on this below)

review 2

review 3

The reviews on Youtube were generally positive, which you’ll note in the few I found below:


My Personal Results

The directions state that you should take 2 pills about 30 – 45 min. prior to bedtime. In my opinion, I think Somnapure actually does work very well.

I don’t typically suffer from insomnia, but like a lot of other people there are a few nights where I have trouble falling / staying asleep.

I only tried it on about 4 – 5 separate occasions, but for me it worked great.

I fell asleep quickly, stayed asleep for about 7 – 8 hours straight, and woke up feeling very refreshed.

The problem with a lot of these over the counter sleep aids is that typically they help you get to sleep, but then you wake up with sort of a hangover that seems to persist for most of the day.

This was not the case with Somnapure.

In fact, the only downside I would note was the smell.

It literally smells like shit, there’s really no other way to put it.

After a little bit of research I came to the conclusion that the culprit here was Valerian root, which seems to have a pretty nasty odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Original Somnapure and Somnapure PM?

There’s some pretty big differences between the original and PM version, most notably that the PM version promises pain relief to help you fall asleep.

Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of insomnia, and they may be on to something here.

So what makes this new and improved formula so different?

While the original Somnapure contains traditional sleep aids like L-Theanine, Melatonin, and Valerian, Somnapure PM contains weird ingredients.

What do I mean by weird?

Well, according to the information gathered from the CVS website, it contains Milk, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nut, Fish, shellfish, Soy, and Wheat.

sompnapure pm ingredients

According to the label on the box, it contains 400 mg of Bromelain, 4 mg of Melatonin (giving it 1 more mg than the original), and a complete tranquility blend that consists of Valerian root extract, Hops extract, and Lavender.

somnapure pm label

I’m not sure if the CVS website is entirely accurate, but that’s what they’re telling us.

Price-wise, they’re nearly identical. Somnapure PM retails at around $16, while the average price for the original Somnapure hovers around the $14 mark.

Review-wise, the testimonials I’m reading for Somnapure PM are almost identical to that of the original formula. 50% say it works, the other 50% say it didn’t do a thing.

My guess is the people that are leaving bad reviews likely have very SEVERE cases of insomnia, that of which prescription medications may be the only thing that may work for them.

Are there any side effects with Somnapure?

They “say” there are no known side effects associated with Somnapure, but as with any over the counter sleep aid it’s always possible.

For example, the ingredient melatonin has been well known to cause side effects like headache, depression, daytime sleepiness, dizziness, and stomach cramps.

The ingredient Valerian root also has it’s downsides, with commonly reported side effects like dry mouth, anxiety, and thinking problems being quite common.

One reviewer on Amazon said that he developed a rash after 2 days, however I personally feel that is unlikely based on the proprietary formula.

review 1

Also, because it contains sedatives, it’s recommended that you don’t consume alcohol while taking Somnapure, as well as avoid operating heavy machinery.

Is it addictive / cause any withdrawal effects?

I only took it for a few days, and when I stopped taking it I didn’t notice any withdrawal or addictive effects from it. With that said, I would imagine your insomnia would return with abrupt cessation.

Is Somnapure gluten free?

According to the manufacturer, somnapure has not been certified as gluten free.

Can I break the capsules open and dump in a cup?

Not recommended, but I’m sure it’s possible.

Where To Buy Somnapure

You can find Somnapure both online and in several major reputable retailers. GNC, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens all sell it, and the price ranges from as little as $11.88 (Walmart, online only) to as much as $69.99 (90 day supply on their official site).

Here’s the full list of stores that carry Somnapure: Walmart, CVS pharmacy, Walgreens, GNC, Kroger, Shop Rite, Winn Dixie, A&P, Kinney Drugs, and Meijer.

Ordering online seems to be your best bet as far as price is concerned, and saves you the hassle of having to drive to the store to buy it.

The other alternative is to enroll in their auto-shipment program online. You get a chance to try it out for 14 days, and if it doesn’t work for you, can cancel your trial and you won’t be billed. Some people find this as a convenient way to purchase, simply because it’s a supplement you can take everyday.

However, many people don’t realize this when they’re signing up for the trial, and are shocked when they login to their bank or credit card statement and see the charges.

You can completely avoid this by purchasing it directly from the Amazon website.

How do I cancel my trial / sample of Somnapure?

Peak Life makes it EXTREMELY easy to cancel. All you need to do is simply contact them at their official customer service phone number (1-877-460-3326) or email them at

This is nice because a lot of online stores selling supplements make it quite hard to cancel auto ship programs and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it done.


Typically I don’t suffer from any type of chronic insomnia, but like most people, I do have my days where falling (and staying) asleep is not that easy. I finally got a chance to try Somnapure out, and I gotta say it was actually a pretty decent sleep aid. It didn’t smell like horse manure (like Alteril does lol), and it kicked in about an hour after I took it.

The first couple of nights I tried it I fell asleep pretty quickly (about 30 – 60 minutes or so), and woke up feeling very rested and content. I only used it a handful of times, but each time it seemed to work it’s magic. One thing I would definitely recommend is that you refrain from taking it with any alcoholic beverages, as this tends to amplify the “sleepiness” effect, but also seems to amplify hangovers 🙂

All in all, I personally think Somnapure is a very effective sleep aid that could work for just about anyone. If you’re on the fence about this product, I say go for it!

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5 Star User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Getting some sleep

By Bobby Towes,  Sep 17, 2014

Everyone is different, but this has been an awesome sleep aid. I have tried several different types of sleep products and not only do I get sleep but I wake up feeling like a million bucks.

Was this review helpful to you?
57 out of 61 people found this review helpful.

Jacque's Review

By Jacque,  Sep 5, 2015

just started taking SOMNAPURE past few nights. Works great, plus I don't wake up with migraines.

Was this review helpful to you?
42 out of 44 people found this review helpful.

Love it

By David Stephens,  Jul 13, 2014

for years I have a hard time getting to sleep.I have used Somnapure for a week and I have been sleeping like a baby.

Was this review helpful to you?
43 out of 48 people found this review helpful.

Laura's Review

By Laura,  Sep 23, 2015

I am on my second bottle. I hadn't noticed a huge change in my sleeping pattern. Till I ran out and spent a weekend with no pills, I couldn't fall asleep worried about bills, kids , mortgage etc....  And I kept waking up all night to use the bathroom than couldn't fall back asleep. I ran on Monday and got my bottle of "a great nights sleep" now I will make sure I don't ever run out. Love this product!!!!

Was this review helpful to you?
7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.

By Marcia,  Oct 2, 2012

I have been using Somnapure for about 2 weeks now. I have to say it is working great for me!  Finally after 10 years of sleep disorders, I actually sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed (not drugged with medications). I ONLY take 1 pill (not 2, the recommended dose) before bedtime.  It keeps me calm and rested through the night. I used to pass out around 10:30 and wake up religiously around 2:30 or so WIDE awake, brain racing, unable to fall back asleep.  After years of this, I just got into the habit of doing other things in the middle of the night since my brain was racing and my house was quiet. However, its NOT healthy and I felt terrible in the morning after going back to sleep around 5:30 and getting a couple more hours of sleep.
Somnapure helps me sleep all the way through the night and I'm really energized.  I feel like I can tackle other health issues now (like being overweight) now that I know my body can respond correctly. Thank you, God, and thank you Somnapure!!

Was this review helpful to you?
6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.

Great supplement

By Denise G,  Jan 17, 2016

I find Somnapure to work wonderfully. I had been taking Ambien which left me tired the next daty.  I sleep deeply, but wake up rested, no medication hangover.

Was this review helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.

good sleep

By patti lewis,  Oct 10, 2014

this product does work and i have been using it for months although i have racked up on it with my autoship, i have to cancel and order again when the time comes. ty somnapure! i love all natural even if it does cost more, your sleep should be top priority just like our diets

Was this review helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.


By Don Koonce,  Dec 25, 2014

Somnapure has worked very well for me. I take one tablet one hour before bedtime and I fall asleep within 15 minutes.  Before I started taking Somnapure, I would normally wake up twice during the night and have problems falling back to sleep. I still wake up, but I have no problem falling back to sleep quickly.  I sleep 6-8 hours and wake up refreshed.

Was this review helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.


By Shirley Linder,  Jan 30, 2014

At 79, I can recall not ever being able to sleep - as far back as age 10 (despite the fact I spent a great deal outdoors in very hearty activities. Prescription pills PUT me to sleep but left me groggy in the morning.  I discovered Somnapure several years ago and am very pleased with the gentle way it lulls you to sleep and leaves no problems the next morning. Today I am a published author and need my waking time to be truly WAKING and productive.  Just wish I could find a local supplier. Thank you!! (and what is this "if you are human?" WHO (or what) would be writing to you OTHER than a human? Good grief.

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

Somanpure is Awesome

By Bryson,  Jun 3, 2014

I actually have insomnia, and Somnapure has been the best solution for me. Somnapure is so much more effective with me as opposed to other supplements.  All natural ingredients, non habit forming, so pretty much amazing. Check it out and tell me if it worked or not for you.

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

By Craig Oosdyke,  Jun 23, 2014

It doesn't give you horrifying dreams. I do dream, nothing horrifying.  I get to sleep within 5 minutes. I truly like them and will purchase my next pills from CVS pharmacy.

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.


By Jeffrey Saltzman,  Oct 30, 2014

I've been taking it for two months and it works great for me. I was getting 3-4 hours of sleep/night and then napping in the afternoon.  Now I'm getting 6-8 hours of continuous sleep.

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.


By Catherine,  Aug 9, 2015

a miracle. This is coming from someone who used to take prescriptions sleeping and anti-anxiety meds.  This is the only natural sleep aid I have found that really WORKS!!!!

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.


By carol,  Jan 31, 2015

I tried the product, and had good results, best Ive tried, was a little taken back by the auto bill price of 34.00. but the rest I get its worth the price

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.


By Kathleen,  Mar 29, 2015

I have been on prescribed med's for years. 1st night and every night I sleep very well. People with sleep problems dont usually know how to get relax in evening .  Turn out all lights, put on nite lights, ( have one in every room ) Lower volume on TV..then I take 4 and one hour later I am sound asleep all night long...stop all liquids by 6pm.

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

By Anne P,  Dec 9, 2014

I have taken Melatonin alone for over a year, but I still felt that I was not experiencing a deep restful sleep. I woke often and sometimes had difficulty going back to sleep.  I would then feel tired in the morning. The Somnapure worked much better.  I have taken it for 2 weeks and I have felt better rested than I have in Years. I sleep deeply, and wake refreshed and alert.

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.


By Stormie Remus,  Nov 4, 2014

I have tried several sleep aids and this is the only one that works for me and extremely well. It is so true that you will wake up feeling awake and refreshed.  For myself as an insomniac, I'm very glad to have the Somnapure for sleep. I just can't put into words how great it works.  Give it a try. it is all natural ingred. too:)

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

By RM,  Apr 15, 2015

This product worked very well for me. I took it 1/2 hr before bed and fell asleep quickly.  There is no benadryl hangover but the tablet does smell like urine so don't breath when you take it.

Was this review helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

Works For Me

By Nicky C.,  May 19, 2015

Not sure why so many people have noted challenges they've experienced with Somnapure? I've been using Somnapure for years and I always have a bottle in my medicine cabinet at home for those nights when I can't wind down.  For me, I've been very happy with my experiences using Somnapure and I've recommended it to several friends which all have experience positive results, just like me.

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somnapure-fantastic result

By rich eberhardt,  Jul 29, 2014

I've had insomnia for 3 months now. Bad. this product after one week really made a difference in quality and length of sleep.  First nights 4 hrs. then 6 then 7-8 and very restfull and relaxed. This product worked fantastically.  I also did the other natural remedies such as a bannan and otmeal 2 hrs prior to bed. Folic acid(B-12 vitamin) and chamomile tea also.  It can take time for your system depending on you but it SAVED me.

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 3 people found this review helpful.


By Debbie Canales,  Mar 9, 2014

The only thing I found that actually helped me get some sleep after my Total Knee Replacement surgery 8 weeks ago. Check with your Dr. first to make sure it doesn't interfere with your pain meds.

Was this review helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

Somnapure works

By Nora,  Apr 25, 2016

I have trouble going to sleep. I have been taking Somnapure for some time now.  It takes me about an hour for it to work. It most definitely works and I now recognize when I am there.  It is non habit forming. I have allergies but I am not allergic to Somnapure.  I would recommend it to friends and family.

Was this review helpful to you?

Felicity varkevisser's Review

By Felicity varkevisser,  Apr 25, 2016

I am very pleased with Somnapure - it definitely works for me. I have taken it for about 2 months now and no longer suffer with tiredness in the mornings.

Was this review helpful to you?

Solid hrs of sleep

By Maggie,  May 13, 2016

This product keeps me asleep for a solid 6 hrs or more. I wake up refreshed and relaxed.  Used to sleep for only 2 hrs at a time. Love this product!

Was this review helpful to you?


By Jean C.,  Jun 14, 2016

Have been using it for months. Love it.  Sleep great when I don't have a million things on my mind. Have learned to relax and sleep like a baby.

Was this review helpful to you?

Works for me!

By Lee,  Jul 10, 2016

I'd been having trouble sleeping for several months. Tried recommended dosage (2 caps).  Dreams were crazy and vivid.Did not get much rest due to dreams. Began using 1 capsule approximately 45 minutes before bedtime.  Works great!

Was this review helpful to you?

Loving it...

By mlstanf,  Jul 28, 2016

I have been taking Somnapure since last year and I'm loving it.I sleep thru the night and in the morning I feel great. I tried everything out there from the Drug Store and there was nothing that worked for me.  I saw the Internet Advertisement for two weeks free sample which I decided to try it and here I am today still taking it because it works for me but I had to take it for those two weeks to get into my system. Might be a possibility that some of you might need the Somnapure Plus.

Was this review helpful to you?

good sleep

By Darlene Johnson,  Aug 18, 2016

I have struggled with insomnia for years. I have RLS and that has caused a lot of it. however when I started taking Somnapure I started getting more sleep and the restless legs are less restless.  I won't be without it.

Was this review helpful to you?


By Jennifer Maru,  Mar 20, 2018

Somnapure has changed my life. I have had trouble sleeping since I was a little kid.  I don't like to take sleeping pills, so have spent most of my life struggling to fall and stay asleep. A friend begged me to try this for over a year.  Finally I did. I fall asleep quickly and sleep like a rock.  Best part is that it is all natural. I pray that they will never sell the company or go out of business.  It is the only thing that has worked for me without the sluggish feeling the next day. I am beyond thankful to Somnapure.  It is simply amazing.

Was this review helpful to you?

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User Questions and Answers

I tried they're trial size but didn't realize I was going to be billed $39.98 after 14 days. The product doesn't work for me. They've charged my account now how do I put a stop to this & get my money back? -Mary

You’ll have to contact Peak Life regarding your order.  Here’s their phone number: 1-877-869-3304.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
20 out of 22 people found this question helpful.

If I took more than two a night would it make me more sleepy -Richard

Yes it would. But I wouldn't recommend that you do. To be safe, you should really only take supplements as directed.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
12 out of 12 people found this question helpful.

The Somnapure i bought smells bad.I could smell it before i opened it.Isthis normal? -Eddie

Not at all. I've never heard of this before. I would say you got a bad batch.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
16 out of 21 people found this question helpful.

is it safe to take somnapure sleep aid if yhou drink beer? -Norma

There are no warnings on the label about not drinking alcohol, but I wouldn't overdo it.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
12 out of 13 people found this question helpful.

does Somanapure exfect your vision? -carrie

I haven't heard of that as a side effect.   I recommend you discontinue use and see if it gets better.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
8 out of 8 people found this question helpful.

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83 comments on “Peak Life Somnapure Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, and More”

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  1. I am trying this sleep aid for the he first time today. I will keep you all posted and give you my most honest opinion.

    There has not been one over the counter med that has helped me sleep. I’m crossing my fingers.

    I’m son exhausted with so many sleep less nights. Here’s to sleeping!

  2. I went to buy this product and read the label. It has Diphenhydramie in it, which is the same ingredient as in Benedyl an antihistamine.

    THAT will make you sleepy with out all the other stuff in it. This is NOT a natural ingredient.

    A recent article I read in a medical report says that Benedyl kills bran cells. No thanks.

    1. Hey Glynn,

      Somnapure Clinical Strength does contain Diphenhydramine, but the regular Somnapure uses only natural ingredients.

    2. I purchased mine from Peak and it does not have diphenhydramine in it. I am actually allergic to that drug.

      Somnapure works very well for me.
  3. I took Somnapure last night and one hour later checked my Blood pressure. It was normal.

    Usually it’s high. So in the morning I woke up and checked my BP.

    It was high. I took one Somapure capsule.

    One hour later checked BP again and it was within normal range.
    1. Hey Julie,
      That’s odd. There’s not really anything in Somnapure that would cause your blood pressure to go lower.

      Are we talking just a few points lower, or was it a massive drop?

    1. Hey Susan,

      Yes, the recommended dose is 2 pills. For me it took close to an hour for them to kick in.

  4. I went out and bought Somnapure last night and it was the first time that i have slept through the night. I had about 10hrs of sleep in 3 days and just could not fall asleep I was completely exhausted.

    Like i told you at the beginning that i took it for the first time and how amazed I was on hoe well that it works.I want to thank you for all of the comments along with your replies that you have posted on line. If it would not have been for you I don’t think that I would have tried Somnapure and reason being there are so many products out there that simply does not work or have side effects.I would like to thank you for doing such a good job in promoting Somnapure it really works and you do feel refresh and with a clear head when you wake up in the morning.

    Once again a huge thank you for all of your comments and replies that you posted on LIne.
  5. How does Somnapure compare to Irwin Naturals Power to Sleep PM in actually user experience? I have been very pleased with Power to Sleep PM, has more sleep/relaxation inducing ingredients, and it’s actually cheaper than Somnapure on internet sites.

    1. Hey Kellie,

      I haven’t actually tried Power to Sleep so I can’t compare them, but if it’s working for you and it’s cheaper than the competition, I’d stick with it.

  6. ingredients from bottle?
    valerian 500 mg
    lemon balm 300 mg
    l-theanine 200 mg
    hops 120 mg
    chamomile 50 mg
    passion flower 50 mg
    melatonin 3 mg
    i take 10 mg melatonin right now and i have a very hard time falling asleep. i will try th somnapure tonight. hope it helps.
  7. Rob, I have taken many sleep aids over the years and even prescription Ambien . Does this product need to build up in your system to work , like most herb based products?

    Or do you feel the affects the first time taking it?
    1. Hey Carol,

      Actually, it works pretty quickly. Melatonin, Valerian Root, and L-Theanine will all affect you within 30 minutes to an hour.

  8. This product worked for me the first time I used it months ago but after that..nothing. I end up having to take Benedryl 50mg and still toss and turn 2-3 hours a night.

    I really need something that helps without perscription.
    1. Hey Bill,

      I’m sure you would get quite sick. I would recommend strongly against trying it.

  9. I asked for the 14 day trial of Somnapure natural sleep aid . But did not want eny more of it , but peaklife sent me a months worth enyway,and I do not want it . what do I do about this problem.Please help me.

    Thank you
    1. Hey Linda,

      You’ll have to contact Peak Life regarding your order. Here’s their phone number: 1-877-869-3304. When you sign up for the 14 day trial, they send you a month’s supply and you have 14 days (from order date) to contact them and let them know you don’t want to receive any more on top of the 30 day supply. If you don’t, they’ll keep sending it to you month after month.

    1. Hey Cp,

      Sure. Give me a few weeks, and I’ll let you know when it gets posted to the website.

  10. I just tried for first time. I took it at 11:00 pm.

    I slept about five hours and forced myself to get up. I had breakfast and fell asleep again on my chair watching
    TV for another three.

    Hours. I wonder how many hours the daily sleep effect lasts?

  11. For Mark (May 22 2015 message):
    Sometimes the simplest solution is the most practical: Have you considered going to bed at 10 PM instead of at midnight? Once you can stop fretting about your early-rising neighbor, perhaps you can relax enough to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.

    1. Hey June,
      You’ll have to contact Peak Life regarding your order, we don’t sell this stuff. Here’s their phone number: 1-877-869-3304


  12. i just order my samples hope it works am so sick of taking pills so i hope this one works and no side affect at all i pray not.
    1. Hey Denise,

      I had good results with it, just a little sleepy the next day. Make sure you’re familiar with the terms and conditions of the trial, so you know how to cancel the automatic shipments that may have been set up by ordering the trial if you need to.

    Since people ingest these products including myself WE WANT HONEST ANSWERS to our queries!!!

    1. Hey Jim,

      My preference is for Alteril, mainly because it doesn’t make me groggy the next day like Somnapure does.

    1. Hi Robert,
      You would have to contact them directly to cancel, here’s their phone number: 1-877-869-3304

  14. I would like to cancel my 15 day free trial. I order it on 06/08/15, I am allergic to one of the ingredients in this product,and as of 06/12/15 I haven’t recieved the product, so again please cancelmy order.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Deborah,
      You’ll have to call them to cancel, here’s their phone #: 1-877-869-3304

  15. Just some advice about the ingredients.
    Nightmares are from the Melatonin.
    Headaches this products has hops in it. Beer is made from hops.

    You have an instant hang over if it isn’t processed correctly.
    Diarrhea possibly a combo of the valerian root and the hops.

    Personally I like alteril.

    There is still melatonin in it, but it truly works wonders. And I am on prescribed trazodone and klonopin to help me sleep.

    They need a boost. Lately since I am out of the Alteril I have been taking 3mg of melatonin with my rx’s.

    I haven’t had any issues.

    Melatonin is made by the brain. The older you get, the less melatonin is created.

    Affecting sleep. I have found it in 1, 3, and 5 mg doses.

    We can safely take up to 6 mg every 24 hours. But if you have a sensitivity to it, you will have nightmares, or night frights.

  16. Like anything else it depends on an individuals
    body chemistry
    Didn’t work for me
    was hoping it would
    went from falling asleep naturally to using ambien.
  17. For those of you that are having trouble sleeping straight through the night, stop thinking this a problem. What is normal is to have two sleep periods, with a period of wakefulness in between. The first I saw it mentioned was in the book Don Quixote.

    But since then there have been articles in scientific magazines about the phenomena of two sleep periods.
  18. I made me sleep well and felt really calm and in control during the day, not only did it help with my sleep but my anxiety as well , but I am concerned that my urine has gotten really dark and cloudy, and I am haveing lower back pain, like maybe I could be having some kidney issues. Anybody else experience this.

    1. Hey Matthew,

      I haven’t heard of anyone having kidney issues caused by Somnapure. I recommend you visit your doctor to find out what’s going on.

  19. You have to take the full 2 weeks trial supply without skipping. After then you’ll begin to experience improvement.

    I’ve taken Somnapure, 2 pills, every night for 6 weeks now. My sleep continue to improve..sleeping 6 hours straight some nights.

    If I wake up I usually fall back to sleep. I don’t lie awake anymore fighting to go to sleep.

    I also don’t experience any of the side effects that others mentioned. I had insomnia for more than 30 years, and I rarely use Ambien now.

  20. Sent for the free sample, next month got a bigger bottle and was charged to my account! Felt like I was ripped off!!

    1. I ordered a month’s supply online. I had no idea that I was signing up for automatic monthly mail order.

      Over drew my account. No happy!

  21. I haven’t used it but had to check a “star” to submit this comment. One of the reviewers wondered why the supplement smelled so bad.

    It’s the Valerian Root. That stuff stinks to high heaven. When I had it in my house I had to put the supplement bottle inside a canning jar to contain the smell.

    I’m glad it works for some people. For me, a hot bath just before bed is the simplest cheapest sleep aid I discovered within the last year.

    Like a miracle – for me at least.
  22. I have been taking Somnapure for over a year and get a good night’s sleep with NO side effects. It’s all natural.

    I have neuropathy from having had Chronic Lyme Disease so it helps calm my nerves. Anyone who said they have side effects, leads me to ask, what else do you take with it ?

    My MD is also a homeopathy and she said it’s the L-theanine in it that puts you to sleep. I buy it at Wal-Mart.

    It is also sold at CVS, GNC & Wallgreen stores. It comes with a $2 discount coupon that you can use at time of purchase.

    I do recommend it to my friends and they too have had good results.
    1. Oh forgot to mention that my cat loves the smile of it. It’s like catnip to her. she knows right-away when I open the bottle and comes running.

      She fights me for the pill. She’s so funny.

  23. I read through the reviews here as I do have trouble sleeping and have been wondering which approach may be the better. I want to say to those reviewers who tried the free sample, I have had a great deal of experience with “free samples”, they are seldom “free”.. the best way to deal with ANY free sample is to simply cancel as soon as you get it in the mail – this way you have your cancellation number, (save this), and will not be billed a large amount later. Next, to those who seemed to think they were speaking to the sellers, manufacturer’s or providers of the actual product, this is a REVIEW site.. meant to help us.. or anyone who is considering buying a product.

    It is a service, and not in the business of selling products. … Think of it as a “Better Business Bureau” for internet sales Thank you, Rob for the site. It is informative and a fantastic idea.

    Also, a lot of extra work to maintain . Good Job ! 🙂 Diana

  24. I ordered the product for $2.99 and immediately called them regarding the automatic payments. They cancelled the automatic payments.

    I don’t like how they were not clear regarding the automatic payments. I took one instead of two the first night.

    I awoke in the middle of the night with a splitting headache like someone hit me with a baseball bat. I was so groggy that I returned to sleep.

    When I awoke in the morning, I felt like I was going to experience a migraine. I also had strange dreams and diarrhea.

    So, obviously, I won’t be taking it again
  25. I have taken the 2 tabs for about 4 nights straight and still wake up every 2 hours as before but I have nightmares in those every 2 hours of sleep and I have had diarrhea for the last few days but never realized or thought of these pill causing it before I read all the comments this I can do without I am going to cancel, hopefully I wont have any problems it’s only been less than a week
  26. The comments I’m reading are enough to change anybody’s mind about taking a sleep aid.
    Matter of fact, counting sheep still works the best
    because of the cost ( 0) and no side effects(0)
    I think I’ll keep on with that but thanks for the reviews even if they may be paid testimonials

  27. Hey Dave,

    This is a review site. We don’t sell Somnapure or any supplement.

    What happened is that by signing up for the free trial, they automatically set you up for their autoshipment program. You’ll need to contact the company to cancel.

    Their customer service number is 1-877-869-3304. Good luck.

  28. my roommate had been on ambien for years. i bought a bottle of somnapure for her and now she no longer needs the ambien. she sleeps the whole 8 hours now without waking up. i first got a bottle at amazon but found some on ebay for 50 cents a pill with shipping if i buy the sample packs of 4 in a lot of 50. thats 200 pills for 50 bucks. i also just purchased a bottle of somnapure pm at amazon and am going to let her try that also.
  29. Somnipure PM gave me a scary rash on my neck, and upset tummy. Also with the neck rash, and look like bug bite, sorta went into panic mode.

    So, no more for me. Now i need a cup of sleepytime tea, or hot chocolate, to calm my nerves.

    Bad skin reaction.
  30. I have had problems sleeping for years and decided to try Somnapure. I have been taking two capsules each night for the past week.

    Unfortunately Somnapure isn’t working for me in any way whatsoever. I will continue taking the capsules until my supply runs out as Somnapure is rather pricy.

    However, it looks like I will continue to be plagued by insomnia. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Bill,

      When it comes to herbal sleep remedies, it’s really about finding the one with the combination of herbs that works best for you… which may be different than what works for me. That said, I would recommend you try Alteril. I didn’t like the smell, but it’s the one that works best for me.

  31. Well, I ordered the product with the intent to cancel during the trial period since it advertised that I could get at local pharmacy. I neglected to do that so I finally tried it after I already rec’d 3 shipments.

    I have been on a addictive script for sleep and wanted to get off! Tried melatonin, valerian root separately and had no response.

    Well tonight was the 2nd time I took and it did indeed get me to sleep w/o my script. However on both occasions including tonight I had very weird upsetting dreams that ultimately woke me up an hour or so after falling asleep!

    I will be calling to cancel hoping I don’t go thru the negative experiences others had. I may try cutting back to one vs. 2 that is recommended but don’t like the idea of automatic billing so I’ll see where that goes when I call.

  32. Did not work for me at all. Read some of the above responses, 75 dollars automatically after 18 days?

    That will make you lose sleep.
  33. I’ve been taking Somnapure for about a month. I wasn’t sleeping at all now I find I fall asleep but still wake up between 2 and 3 and don’t fall back to sleep until about 4:30, then I seem to sleep really well until about 7.

    What I am trying to find out is if anyone has experienced really bad diarrhea while taking this product.
  34. As a pharmacist, I would not purchase, nor recommend, a product like Somnapure when it seems virtually impossible to find the exact contents/capsule – e.g., how many mg of melatonin – 1, 2, 3 or other mg /capsule? The same with regard to the other ingredients.

    They have to be on the product lable, but the company and others seem to hide those important facts.
    1. To the pharmacist that said the strength of the supplements in Somnepure by Peak Life. My bottle gives the strength of all the ingredients such as 3mg of Melatonin, 500mg of Valarian Root Extract, etc.

    2. I am on my second bottle of Somnapure. Got both from Amazon.

      First one was tablets and second was supposed to be capsules since I needed a pill glide to swallow the tablet. Said capsules in photo and on a strip of paper taped on the bottle.

      I received tablets. Amazon apologized and offered to send me a prepaid label.

      Seems there are two different products and two different labels. Contents amounts are listed on the tablet bottle but ingredients differ from capsule bottle.

      I gather from what I have read here that there are extra ingredients in the capsules.
  35. I ordered the free trial and luckily when received I noticed it said I was signed up automatically to be sent more. I immediately called and cancelled and they were actually very nice.

    They then gave me a special buy 2 get 1 free. As far as using this it does seem to relax me when I go to bed. still wake up about 3 times during the night but go back to sleep.

    My bottle does not look the same as this bottle though. Mine is green and says Somnapure PM.

  36. I think one capsule is enough as 3 mg. of melatonin may be too much for some people. I also take Midnight which has only 1.5 mg. of melatonin, and the combo is about right for me.
  37. I tried the free trial and when I found out they charged so much for more, I cancelled right away. I later found some on sale at a CVS and even got a $2 discount, so I’m going to take it awhile longer.

  38. Alteril is a great product. Most people I have refered it to have had success with it as well.
    Resue Stress is another product for times when your mind is too busy and wont let you sleep, It is a spray, just about 5 pumps into your mouth that tastes like a Margarita in a bottle will put a stop to your busy brain and let you sleep.
    Sleepy time Tea is also a good attempt to get rest.
    Hope these products help someone sleep.
    PS talking to God also seems to help too.
    just saying!
  39. Glad I looked up more info about Somnapure… had no idea about the auto-ship with order of the sample. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I was able to cancel my order quickly over the phone. Even though the person helping me was none-so pleased when I said I really didn’t want any more of the product.

  40. I also tried Alteril and it did work great, with no middle of the night wake-ups. But, I am concerned about the safety of L Tryptophan .

    I am uncomfortable with the current research which is inconclusive on safety.

    I also have used Somnapure and found it effective, but have similar concerns with continued use of Valerian Root.

    Thanks for your response.
    1. I think a moderate dose of valerian is safe, but it does seem to cause strange dreams. It is also used for general anxiety and is ingredient in some herbal sleep teas, so you could try a different form and see if it works better.

  41. I have been awake for almost 30 years. I’ve tried every prescription that never really helped and want a more natural approach.

    I tried Somnapure at its recommended dosage and was wide awake all night. I doubled the dose the next night (4pills), waking up every hour, so no real rest just chopped episodes of dozing.

    The next night I added valerian to it….nothing. Last night I took 6 Somnapure, 10 valerian @ 450mg, additional 5mg of melatonin and I dozed on and off for about 4 hours.
    I NEED HELP!!!!

      1. I’m sorry, but, what the heck is wrong with you? Why would you speak that way to someone who says she is suffering?

        You sound to me like a person who could use a strong dose of basic human compassion.
  42. Thank you for the analysis of ingredients. Few sites are so straightforward, honest, and willing include a breakdown of the components, and explanation of the history and traditional usage of each.

    Thank you.
  43. I took the recommended dosage only one time and slept very well, although in the morning I felt terrible. I think I will take half the dosage the next time and see what the results are.

    I am not a small person so for me to react this way tells me it has way too much of something in it to take the recommended dosage.

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