Supplement Combo Promises “Shocking” Gains In Size

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I come across combo ads for muscle building supplements all the time, and most of them are just complete trash. They make huge promises without any data to back them up, and usually end up scamming unsuspecting customers with the allure of a “free sample” (which turns out to not be so free after all).

The latest scam combo offer I’ve come across is that of Alpha Fuel and Alpha Cut, 2 unique a proprietary supplements that apparently celebrities are using to boost muscle growth by as much as 200%.

alpha fuel and alpha cut

These “steroid alternatives” are being released by top trainers and athletes that have been using them for years, previously of which they were not available to the general public.

Until now.

But do they really work? Most likely not!

You see, what you probably didn’t know is that these supplements were never really featured in a Men’s Health article. In fact, the whole thing is a complete sham designed to get you to put your credit card number in, where they will bill you over and over for the product.

Even if you don’t want it!

Learn why they are a scam just like many of the others in my comprehensive reviews of each.

Click Here to read my review of Alpha Fuel

Click Here to read my review of Alpha Cut

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Do any of these testosterone boosters work. -Terry

Not the ones mentioned in the article above, but if you let me know what you're goals are, I can recommend something for you that will work.- Rob

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