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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-7-2020

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The Marketing Behind Testomenix
Well, I’m Here To Tell You This Is ALL Complete B.S.
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Testomenix Pros and Cons
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With more and more people turning to healthy lifestyles as a way to ensure longer, more productive, and fulfilling lives, nutritional supplements have found the biggest market in their history.

For many men, this means choosing a natural testosterone booster like Testomenix for some very good reasons.

testomenix review

Testosterone is the male hormone, known for fostering strength, building muscle, improving libido, and increasing overall vitality.

When we’re teenagers and in our 20s, our bodies produce more testosterone than we need, but as we age, that production wanes until eventually – usually in our late 30s to mid 40s – the loss becomes noticeable.

Low testosterone manifests itself in several ways, including:

  • Lack of energy.
  • Diminished drive and focus.
  • Muscle loss (including a drop in results from workouts).
  • Fat gain (despite increased effort to maintain or lose weight).
  • Decreased sex drive and/or ability to achieve and maintain hard erections.

Clearly, these are not symptoms any man would want to lie down for and accept.

If your situation is severe enough, you may be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, but for several reasons, this might not be the best choice.

It requires a prescription, it can be expensive, it may involve injections, and perhaps most importantly, it means side effects you want nothing to do with.

This is where natural testosterone boosting supplements come in.

They provide relief for the symptoms of low testosterone without all the drawbacks involved with TRT.

Of course, not all pills or powders are alike. Some work, some don’t.

Some are worth the expense, some aren’t.

We spent some time researching Testomenix to see how it stands up.

Here’s what we found.

The Marketing Behind Testomenix

Recently I was scrolling through some random site (can’t remember which one) and I came across an ad that looked like this:

testomenix ad

I could smell a scam from a mile away, but I figured I’d click on it anyway to see what the fuss was all about.

Once I clicked on it, it took me to a page that “looked” like the Today website, with a title that announced “Why Every Judge On Shark Tank Backed This $4.95 Product”.

testomenix on shark tank

Throughout the article, they talk about how brothers Mark and Dave Martin, developed some new “great step forward in muscle building history”.

So what is this miracle $4.95 product?

None other than Testomenix.

According the the Martin brothers, this product has the ability to:

  • Build muscle mass
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase testosterone
  • Optimize hormone levels
  • and much more

Apparently, the Sharks were so impressed that every single one of them pulled together their resources to invest $1 Million in exchange for 25% of the company.

They even quote Mark Cuban as saying Testomenixis revolutionizing muscle building medicine”.

There’s images of a buff looking before and after picture of “The Rock”, who’s also quoted as saying “Testomenix is ground breaking”.

the rock on testomenix

And other celebs like Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy, and Chris Hemsworth are getting in on the action as well.

gerard butler on testomenix

tom hardy on testomenix

chris hemsworth on testomenix

Well, I’m Here To Tell You This Is ALL Complete B.S.

There have been several supplement companies that have been using this exact same trick to fool you into thinking that their product was seen on Shark Tank.

It is far from creative and in the past, myself as well as several others have done our homework to show how easy it is to prove that it is a sham and to show you what you should be looking out for to determine on your own that a scheme is afoot.

I’ve outed several of them already, including a testosterone booster, a weight loss pill, and many others.

In some cases, they’ve even gone so far as to change the name of the people involved.

For example, in the above one they say that Mark and Dave Martin were the guys involved.

But if you look here, the names change to Ann and Samantha Martin.

It’s a complete scam guys, don’t fall for it.

What Is Testomenix?

Testomenix is a natural testosterone boosting supplement.You won’t find it in stores, but it is available through its official website and at Amazon.

It bottle comes with a 30 day supply of 60 caplets, and it claims to provide all the benefits we’ve come to expect from similar products.

Taking 2 Testomenix caplets daily should provide you with:

  • Increased energy.
  • Greater sex drive with improved performance
  • More muscle gain from your workouts.
  • Decreased body fat.

One thing you’ll notice from the website, which is their primary form of marketing, is that while many testosterone boosting products focus on one side of the two main benefits, Testomenix highlights both the sexual benefits and the muscle building ones.

This doesn’t necessarily indicate a difference in formula in any big way – if your T levels increase, you will see all the benefits of those boosted levels.

It’s really just a marketing choice.

Some products go for the muscle building crowd, while others choose to target the middle aged guy who wants to improve his sexual experience.

Testomenix doesn’t distinguish between the two; rather it claims to be able to help everyone with any of the issues they face due to low testosterone.

Testomenix Ingredients

Of course, the real question is Does Testomenix Work?

And one of the best ways to start to figure that out is by breaking down the formula.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t share anything about the ingredients, but I took the liberty of ordering a bottle and this is what the ingredients profile looks like.

testomenix ingredients label

The bulk of the formula is made up of a 1484 mg proprietary blend called Flow-Viv Max Test Blend which includes:

  • Horny Goat Weed (aka Epimedium) which isn’t a direct testosterone booster, but can help improve blood flow for better erections, providing one of the many benefits of increased testosterone levels.
  • Tongkat Ali which is believed to increase free testosterone levels by inhibiting the activity of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

    SHBG is a protein that attaches itself to testosterone molecules, essentially causing the difference between total testosterone and free testosterone.

    When a molecule is attached to SHBG, it becomes useless.

    Inhibiting this action effectively boosts free testosterone levels.

    The science on this is not conclusive, however this is the mechanism by which Tongkat Ali is believed to increase usable testosterone.
  • Saw Palmetto which is often used in supplements formulated to improve prostate health. It helps prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT (It’s the DHT, not the testosterone, that may compromise prostate health).

    By inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT, saw palmetto helps maintain higher levels of testosterone itself.
  • Orchic Substancewhich comes from bull testicles, and is used to help men maintain their own testicular health and increase testosterone levels.

    According to Web MDthere is no scientific evidence to support this just yet, though it is still a popular ingredient in testosterone boosting supplements.
  • Wild Yam which helps maintain the balance between the male and female sex hormones.

    Men and women have both testosterone and estrogen. In women, the balance is heavily weighted toward estrogen while men have far more testosterone than estrogen. They are so closely related, in fact, that some of the excess testosterone in men is converted into estrogen. Wild Yam helps ensure your balance between the male and female hormones remains optimal.
  • Sarsaparilla also promotes a healthy balance of hormones while increasing libido and drive.
  • Nettle Extract is yet another herbal ingredient in this formula that supports prostate health by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT, leaving you with more free testosterone than you would otherwise have.
  • Boron is a trace mineral believed to help increase natural testosterone levels.

    In fact, there are a few studies showing that it does just that.

Overall, the formula is not bad – it’s similar to many others we’ve seen before and will see again.

While there are some helpful ingredients, there are a few important ones missing from the mix. D Aspartic Acid, L-Arginine, and Tribulus Terrestris come to mind.

How to Use Testomenix

The recommended dose 2 caplets taken daily.

They don’t specify a time, so take them whenever is convenient, though it’s best to try to keep to the same schedule each day.

They also don’t specify whether or not to take it with food, so this is left up to you as well.

If it were a significant matter, they would specify on the label.

Testomenix Reviews

Testomenix is sold on Amazon, which means we have access to tons of customer feedback left by actual users of the product.

The vast majority of which is very favorable.

Testomenix Amazon Review Breakdown

Here are a couple examples from happy customers:

Testomenix 5 Star review 1

Testomenix 5 star review 2

Still, not everyone is thrilled with Testomenix.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

Testomenix 1 star review

Notice all three are “Verified Purchases” which means that the people writing the review actually purchased Testomenix.

This is important because there are plenty of products selling on Amazon that actually hire people to submit fake positive reviews to boost their ratings.

One way Amazon tries to address this is by distinguishing between reviews from actual customers and those from potentially random people.

Reviews on Testomenix are generally positive, and this is a good sign for its overall effectiveness.

Where to Buy

We’ve already established that Testomenix is sold on Amazon. The price there for a single bottle is currently $39.95, which puts it squarely into the reasonable range.

Alternatively, you can go to the Testomenix website through one of the many Testomenix “review websites to sign up for their free trial.I have to caution you, however, that the “free” trial isn’t really free at all.

When you first sign up, you pay only a small shipping and insurance fee totaling $4.95. Most customers think they’ll receive their trial bottle and that will be the en But this is very much not the case.

Hidden in the fine print are the actual terms which state:

Testomenix Terms

It’s no accident that these terms are written in tiny faded print.

They are just as happy to have you miss it and be surprised 18 days later when the $89.99 charge shows up on your credit card.At that time, you’ll scramble around trying to find a phone number to call and cancel, but it will be too late to refute the first charge.

If you have gotten caught up in this Testomenix scam, be sure to call as soon as you notice the issue to cancel and avoid any more future charges.

The number to call is:800-344-9507. They also have an email address:service@testomenix.com.

Testomenix Pros and Cons

Advantages of Testomenix

  • The formula is all natural.
  • Customer reviews on Amazon are mostly favorable.
  • It’s fairly inexpensive if you buy it at Amazon.

Disadvantages of Testomenix

  • The formula, while mostly likely quite safe, doesn’t contain any real testosterone boosting powerhouse ingredients.
  • The free trial they offer is really nothing more than a scam.

Testomenix – The Bottom Line

Testomenix is a lot like dozens of other supplements we’ve reviewed.

The formula is decent, but not great, and it’s offered through a free trial offer that tries to gloss over the fact that signing up locks you into monthly payments you probably have no interest in making.

What makes Testomenix a little different is that in addition to the free trial, it’s also sold on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

For this reason, if anything about Testomenix appeals to you, go ahead and order it at Amazon and give it a try.If it turns out not to be for you, at least you’ve avoided the hassle of a the phony free trial.

Either way, I would say skip it because they don’t deserve your hard earned money after all of the BS that they have pulled over on so many people; let them swindle someone else, not you.

Have You Used Testomenix?

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