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Titanium Muscle Gain Overview

Looking for supplements on Amazon is definitely a mixed bag.

You’ll find some well known, popular, and legit options.

And you’ll find some straight-up crazy shit as well.

Part of our job is to sift through and let you know which is which.

Not too long ago, I noticed a product called Titanium Muscle Gain.

It’s made to be professional strength yet formulated for the recreational bodybuilder as well.

And in addition to Amazon, you can find it for sale at a few different retailers.

So, what does this product promise, and does it deliver?

We found out and are ready to reveal the answer.

Titanium Muscle Gain promises to improve your athletic performance as well as increase your muscle mass and density.

They say that if you combine a daily one capsule dose of Titanium Muscle Gain with a regimen of proper eating and lifting hard, you’ll grow muscles like you’ve never been able to before.

So those are the promises, pretty straight forward and to the point.

Now let’s see if the facts back them up.

Titanium Muscle Gain ReviewTitanium Muscle Gain Ingredients and How They Work

Titanium Muscle Gaindoesn’t actually publish its ingredients, which is something we never take as a good sign.

If you can’t tell us what’s in it, how are we supposed to be able to tell if it works?

Luckily, we tracked down a list anyway, and it includes:

  • Vitamin B6 which facilitates several bodily functions.
  • Zinc which is essential for the body’s testosterone producing process.

    There is a direct correlation between lowered zinc levels and lowered testosterone levels.
  • Magnesium which is also important for testosterone production.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which signals the body to increase its production of testosterone.

    Increased testosterone leads to more strength and energy, as well as increased libido and better mood.
  • DHEA which is a powerful male hormone.
  • Deer Antler Powder which may help increase growth factors.
  • Tongkat Ali which increases the amount of free testosterone available to be used by the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid which is a fat burner.

The recommended dose is only 1 capsule per day, and it’s recommended that you take it for 2 months.

Titanium Muscle Gain Pros and Cons

Advantages of Titanium Muscle Gain

  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s safe and legal.
  • There are tons of favorable Titanium Muscle Gain reviews on Amazon.

Disadvantages of Titanium Muscle Gain

  • The company doesn’t disclose the ingredients.
  • There’s no clinical evidence that it works.
  • There’s no money back guarantee.
  • The number of positive reviews on Amazon is suspicious.

Where to Buy

You can buy 3 bottles of Titanium Muscle Gain, a 3 month supply for $46.99.


With so many bodybuilding supplements on the market, you don’t have to settle for a product that decides not to tell you what’s in it.Even though we were able to find that ingredient list, it’s still disconcerting that Titanium Muscle Gain doesn’t release it willingly.

Go with an above board, trustworthy product, and skip the Titanium Muscle Gain.

Have You Used Titanium Muscle Gain?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Not bad so far

By David,  Sep 30, 2015

I haven't been taking this for a long time but I've noticed some differences and side effects. I'm feeling a difference in my chest size, leg size, and seeing a visible difference in my biceps.  However, this product has made me and my training partner a bit emotional, I'm assuming because of an estrogen increase because our body's are trying to balance the testosterone levels with the estrogen.

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User Questions and Answers

How exactly should I use this ? Should I use before working out? What happens if I take more then 1 a day -Isiah

The recommended dose is one capsule per day. They don't specify when to take it, which means any time is fine.  Just try to take it around the same time each day. I wouldn't take more than the recommended dose.- Rob

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Is this steriods ? Can this effect your penis ? Will it get smaller ? -Tom

It's not steroids, and won't make your penis smaller. It's a natural supplement designed to help you achieve better workouts and results.- Rob

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2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

Do i take this then workout out or take after I workout ? -Isiah

The directions state to just take 1 a day, but don't specify whether or not it should be taken pre or post workout.  I honestly don't think it makes a difference.- Rob

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3 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

I take this once a day. then do what after I take it ? -Matt

Sign up for my free "getting ripped" ebook for a great meal and workout plan that'll help you get in your best shape.- Rob

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1 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

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    1. Hey Tyler,
      Most people seem to start seeing results in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t by now than I would likely say it’s just not going to work for you.

      What’s your goal? Are you looking to just shred the weight, or looking to cut up / bulk up?

      Let me know and I will recommend a workout / supplement regiment for you.

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