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We’ve talked about a lot of pre-workout supplements for building the strong, massive, muscles you want. And these are important. But this time, we’re going to talk about a post-workout supplement called Trig X2. The purpose of a post-workout supplement is to help you recover better after your toughest workouts, so your body builds up muscle to the best of its ability.

According to the official website, when you use Trig X2, your muscles will grow faster, your metabolism will be increased, your endurance will be enhanced, your energy will be increased, and the way protein is synthesized will be improved. There are claims of clinical trials having proven the effectiveness of Trig X2, but no citations exist.

How Trig X2 Works

trig x2 reviewFiguring out how Trig X2works is a bit of a puzzler. It’s promoted as a post-workout recovery formula, but the listed benefits are mainly the same as they are for pre-workout supplements, namely increased energy, boosted metabolism and fat burning, better mental clarity and focus, even pumps during your workout.

The only mention of mechanism of action refers to the increase in Nitric Oxide which opens up blood vessels so more oxygen and nutrients get to your muscles.

Trig X2 Ingredients

There is an official Trig X2 website, but it does not contain a listing of ingredients. In the brief description of how it works, L-Arginine is mentioned, so we have to assume that this is one of the ingredients. This is a precursor to nitric oxide, so it would be beneficial in this case, but we would feel more comfortable if we were dealing with a more complete list.

Where to Buy TrigX2

If you want to purchase Trig X2, you’ll have to go through their “free trial” offer. What happens is you order a month’s supply but only pay shipping up front. If after 14 days (from the order date), you like Trig X2, you do nothing. At that point, you’ll be charged for the bottle you already received, and automatically signed up for a monthly shipping program, for which you’ll be charged $89.99 each month. If you don’t want this to happen, you need to make sure you call and cancel before your brief trial period is up. There are numerous complaints from customers who’ve been caught up in these scams, and just as many discussions about how difficult it is to get out of them once they’re put in place.

Popular Muscle Stacks Involving This Supplement:

– Trig X2 and Muscle Factor X
– Trig X2 and 1285 Muscle
– Trig X2 and Sytropin

Benefits of Trig X2

  • None.

Drawbacks of Trig X2

  • The ingredients are not known.
  • The description of what it is (a post-workout supplement) doesn’t match up with the explanation of what it does, which points to it being a pre-workout supplement.
  • The only way to purchase it is through a deceptive free trial offer.
  • There are no Trig X2 reviews from customers to be found.
  • You cannot buy Trig X2 in GNC


Getting in shape is hard enough. You don’t need to muddy the issue by taking an ineffective supplement and/or getting caught up in a monthly billing hassle with a company that you can’t track down. Our recommendation is to stay away from Trig X2.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By Hayden l,  Aug 6, 2013

Hey rob I have been using trigx2 for awhile now and I have had great benifits. My first 2 weeks I put on 10 pounds of mucle and lost 15 pounds of fat. vI've worked out almost my whole life and never had these kind of results.  I'm also taking mucle factorx a pre workout supplement and also thermo factorx also and the combenation of these supplement have made me feel better after every workout better then I ever have I would recomend aNyone of these products too anyone wanting to put on extreme mass and very lean mucle. Hayden out.

Was this review helpful to you?

By Franky,  Aug 27, 2013

I tried this product, and found I had more energy while using it, but overall increase of benefits feel about the same of lower priced products.

I called to cancel, as well as emailed for cancellation since I did not receive a cancellation number. I was still charged for an extra bottle @ $89.  When I called their customer service number[again], I waited over 10 min before speaking to a live person. The woman who answered was breathing heavily on the phone as if she ran a mile with asthma.  I requested to cancel subscription, after which she began 21 questions about the reason why I am cancelling. I also asked for a refund for the 89 since I had already requested cancellation, and they sent another bottle and charged my account anyway.  The woman replied that yes, she SCHEDULED a cancellation, but that was NOT my question. after a few repeats since she "had trouble hearing" at this point, she said she can refund 25% of the 89. In frustration I agreed.  Throughout the customer service call I felt as if I was calling a scamming company. I felt like they try their best to prevent people from cancelling, from having you wait on the phone for over 10 minutes, (I called twice once in the morning and once mid day, same wait time) to asking many/repeat questions, and finally acting like they didn't understand your request for cancel.  This has to be my worst customer service experience, or very least, top 3. I do not recommend this product as its results are comparable to lower priced, non subscription supplements from GNC.

Was this review helpful to you?

By Jon,  Aug 29, 2013

Wow these people are real winners!

After an unanswered email, I called and finally got someone after 10 minutes waiting. The guy was very polite and friendly, but at the same time very pushy and stubborn when it came to the refund.  I told him I was unimpressed with the product and even more so the shady and misleading "trial".
When I asked about the money back guarantee, he went into a sales pitch about how he and his friends have had great results, etc etc and how he wanted me to be able to enjoy these too and give it a second chance. After pressing, he offered 25% back.
I asked what happened to money back?  He launched into another sales pitch and when I said it wasn't good enough, he offered 50% back without returning the product. When I persisted he claimed that it would take up to 30 days to get my refund, but only 3 days to get half back.
When I said I didn't mind waiting, he said that since it was so close to the thirty day period, he was worried the returned pills wouldn't get to them in time, especially if they were "lost or stolen".  This is where I gave in finally, paranoid about them pulling something.
Bottom line these guys are shady, and just barely shy of a scam. Don't bother.  We shall see if I actually get my refund.

Was this review helpful to you?

By Jack,  Sep 8, 2013

But signing up for this trial, you just end up on a subscription without warning. I did this and then called in for a refund, but the best I could do was get a 50% refund instead of the full $89 they took.  These people are crooks, do not buy anything from them. Waste of money

Was this review helpful to you?

By Rob,  Sep 18, 2013

The "fine print" is there- albeit one must search through it to FIND it. I cancelled their auto-ship a full 2 weeks prior to them attempting to "dun" my cc for their auto-ship (auto-CRAP) feature and am STILL dealing with them now because they screwed up my email addresses (their fault- NOT mine)

Word to the wise- DO NOT DEAL with them.  I cancelled a FULL two WEEKS prior to their auto-renewal and they STILL are arguing with me. (I documented EVERYTHING)


Was this review helpful to you?

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User Questions and Answers

I ordered online and my card was declined. Then a sales rep called me back and told me all I would be paying was 2.95 for shipping. He NEVER told me that they would be taking Two hundred off my card. This is against the law. What to do?? -nina

Call and tell them that. Since your order didn't originally go through online, you may not have technically agreed to the fine print in the terms where they explained the trial.  You'll also want to call your credit card company and tell them not to accept any more charges from this merchant.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. I have cancelled this order last month and I will not be billed for the product that you keep sending me make sure I am off your list.

    1. Hey Brandon,

      I understand your frustration, but this is a review website. We don’t sell or distribute products, and we definitely don’t recommend that you sign up for “free trial” products. If you need to get in touch with Trig X2, their customer service phone number is 1-800-859-2916, with hours of 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday. Their email address is Hope you get it straightened out!

  2. I try the product I got sick call to cancel and they charge me, and I did’t get my money back so sad that you trust this companies
  3. Rob,

    I too got screwed with this scam. I was hoping you could email me to ask you some questions about Nitrocut.

    Tired of using supplements that dont work.
  4. Buyer beware!! Do not buy. This doesn’t work and you will play hell getting it canceled before they keep charging your credit card almost $100 every 30 days.

    I agree with Marc that these guys are criminals and just want to rip you off.
    1. Hey Kenn,
      It should. I know lots of guys that have had to resort to that.

      Best of luck!

  5. Reading everything it looks as if Nitro Cut may be what I need. I’m looking for a supplement to lean out and build muscle but basically lean out.

    Is nitro cut the wY to go?
    1. Hey David,
      Yes, as long as you’ll be working out, then Nitrocut will be perfect for your goals. The primary effect is that you’ll be able to workout harder so you’ll get better results. If you’re doing lots of cardio, you’ll be able to go longer. If you’re lifting, you’ll be able to lift harder.

  6. I fell for the free trial. I received the bottle called and cancelled my auto ship program.

    I was told my order was cancelled and that I would not be billed or receive any further product. I contacted credit card co. and told them that no more charges are valid from trigX2 in the future.

    I told them I cancelled my order. I used a credit card not a debit.

    If Idecided to send back the unopened bottle I would have to pay $15.00 restocking fee and of course shipping. So I decided to buy the bottle which was offered at 50% off making the total $44.99 rather than approx. $30.00 to have the bottle shipped and then turning around and shipping it back to them and paying a restocking fee without even trying the product.

    Of course my card was charged 89.99 but in 7 days I was told I would be refunded 44.99 so I’ll see what happens. I wish I wouldn’t have purchased this product but I am going to try it out rather than returning and paying shipping and restocking.

    Hopefully it works and doesn’t kill me, lol.
    1. Hey Tate,
      As far as I know they don’t contain gluten, but just to be sure, you may want to check with the companies. The phone number for Nitrocut is 1-888-666-7715. Phen375 doesn’t have very good phone support, so the best way to contact them is by emailing

  7. After reading all these problems about cancelling the auto-ship option I decided I had better try and cancel within the two weeks, and in fact called the day after receiving the bottles.

    Note: search for the terms and conditions and read it so you can have it in front of you as ammo when you are on the phone with them as they try everything to keep it from being cancelled and have a script ready to steer the conversation away from the cancellation.

    Note 2: The 14 day free trial period begins the day you sign up, not when you get it! Beware of this… it did not come up with mine since I called on 11/13 and ordered on the 11/5

    Here’s how I cancelled (supposedly since we shall see if they try to charge it which will be easier to handle since I will be able to just tell the CC company it is an unauthorized charge since I followed there terms for cancellation and documented (got EE name and ID).

    I called the 800 number… on hold for at least 15 minutes maybe 30… just did my work while it was on speakerphone.

    Human, Kyle, picked up and pulled up my info.

    I explained I wanted to cancel the auto-ship and pay feature. He started to ask me why I purchased it and used the sales trick of giving me two options for me to choose from.

    I politely explained I just want to cancel the auto-ship. He tried again.

    I said the same thing, and said before I answer any questions I just want to make sure my auto-ship is cancelled.

    He tried to say that I would be required to return any unused portion of the bottle. I said, Ok, but that is not actually in your terms and conditions, but rather for people who have already paid the $89.99 and want there refund.

    I repeated over and over that I am just following their terms and conditions set and am asking for the auto-ship to be cancelled.

    He said he appreciated my candor but was required (in order to cancel) to get some survey info. I said that is fine and will be happy to answer his questions but in fact his questions were not a pre-requisite to getting my account cancelled so “please just cancel the auto ship and we can discuss your survey after."

    This took about 5-10 minutes but I remained firm and just kept referring back this statement, “I am just following YOUR terms and conditions I agreed to when I asked for the free trial."

    When I ordered these I also got the free 1285 muscle but had problems with the site and not realizing I was already going to get it tried again and ended up buying the TrigX twice, so I was now very worried.

    Although he was still trying to discuss my other orders I steered the conversation to the other order.

    I must have tired him out since he just cancelled that auto-ship without much drama. once it was done I tried to get some sort of email confirmation- nope. Tried to get some cancellation # – nope.

    I was told the order would not officially cancel out until the end of the 14 day trial period. *perhaps* that is true.

    He offered to give his EE ID and name. I took them, but he only offered his first name.

    I asked for his last name at which there was a very long pause and said he could not give it but quickly offered his bosses name, first name only. He mentioned that is their policy… hmmm they have ALL MY details but cannot get theirs…

    Interestingly enough, after it was all said and done he did not even try to ask any more details or survey about my needs.

    That is their ploy to divert what we intended to do.

    everything was generally quite fishy, and their tactics were those of trying to cloud the truth and divert our attention. I especially remember him talking about how they have to ask all the questions and “survey” to confirm we are not just getting the free trial without the intention of continuing!

    The main thing with them is to just keep referring back to their own terms and conditions of the free offer and that you are just following their rules and your rights as a consumer based on their offer.

    Hope that helps others!

    It’s one of those calls that sucks to make but in the end you’ll be glad you stuck to your guns. Hopefully enough complaints to the Dept of Consumer Affairs will warrant some investigating but I can tell they have covered many of their tracks with all the legal info provided, but I suspect are breaking some laws about allowing the customer to reasonably cancel.

    I also don’t recall anyplace where we check a box agreeing to their terms and conditions.

    Good Luck!
    1. Jo,
      I went through the same thing, but my situation was much easier. I got a full cancellation number for tracking.

      No real issues, but hoping that I will not get charged.
      Did the same thing with Optimal Stack, that was a much longer and harder discussion all together. In the end with them I was charged for the bottle I just received at a 50% “Employee” discount which if I want to continue, I can, but as of right now, no automatic payments for future bottles will be charged.

      I also got a cancellation number from them.
      Again, sticking to your guns and being persistent and throwing their terms and conditions at them will help.

      1. My experience was closer to Sam’s for the initial requests to both Optimal Stack and TrigX2, though they did try the normal diversion tactics and sales pitches for discounts at half price, etc.. However, what I would suggest in addition to the excellent recommendations that both Jo and Sam give above, is to keep an eye on your bank accounts for the next few weeks following your cancellation.

        TrigX2 charged me two weeks after confirming my cancellation. When I called again armed with the date, time of call and who I spoke to, they quickly acknowledge the billing error and advised they would “close the account." The manifestation here is a simple scam where as they can legitimately charge your card a ridiculous amount of money and simply hope that you don’t 1. check your account & 2. call to dispute it. Very unethical way to do business…
  8. hey rob,
    i am bout 6′ 180lbs. not in horrible shape yet. just few extra pounds. am wanting to tone and bulk up. have just come off shoulder surgery and am in phys therapy. just got to point of adding light weights to the sessions. i run bout 2 miles a night and lift some weights concentrating on legs and abs. is there a good supplement without being outrageous priced that will help me lose some of the body fat and add muscle? i cant do extreme weights as of yet tho because of the surgery. do ya have any advice?
    1. Hey Brad,
      Go with Testo Fuel. It’s an all natural testosterone booster that’ll get you burning more fat and building more lean muscle, and it will help you get the most out of your current routine.

  9. Ordered the combo of the trig x2 and 1285 Muscle to get a free trial. SO i called back 2 days later and cancelled it. The representative assured me that I wouldn’t be charged and it was all good, blah blah blah, liars.

    I get charged 89.99 about 14 days in and another 99.99 a month after that. I call in and a new rep tells me that I didn’t close my account with Trig x2…………. wtf.

    I already cancelled, they said I was good to go. lied right to me over the phone. Someone needs to record these and get this business shut down.

    I got all into it with the rep then, who told me she could only get me a 50% refund, I said hell no, I want 100% and I’m sending you nothing, just like the original agreement. She then got scared and said ok I can get you 100% of your last payment, which was only a total of 99.99, So i’ll be getting only half of my money back.

    Does anyone know how I can help to shit this business down? Please people shut them down, they are shady, call who ever, email whoever.

    Trig x2 number i called 800-898-0384
    1. Yeah, a lot of these companies are really difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, for the most part, they get away with it because they cover themselves in the fine print.

      That’s not true of all of them, though, as I know of some that have been shut down.

  10. all i see here is bunch a cheap f***s all they care about is getting a free trial supplement no one cares about results and side effects .any one knows if the s**t works or not . free free free thats all they care about , if you want everything free join the obama care lol
  11. I am 43, 5’7″, 205. Been doing crossfit for several weeks 3-4 days and then cardio mix of rowing, biking, running the other days of the week. Trying to lose 25 lbs and not seeing any gains.

    Drinking tons of water, cleaning up diet and working hard during workouts. Have taken a few fat burners without much luck, trying to do it naturally without supplements, but not getting anywhere.

    Prior to the crossfit, I was mixing strength training and running and still no weight loss. Trained for 4 months for half marathon, ran it in just under 2 hours and lost no weight throughout the training process.

    Thoughts? So much info on internet and ads it is hard to know what to believe.

    1. Hey David,
      Sorry to hear about your struggles and frustration with losing weight. It sounds like you’re doing enough training and cardio, so I’d look to your diet as the most likely culprit. Take stock of what you’re eating (and drinking) to figure out where you may be going wrong. Ultimately, it’s about energy in vs energy out. Give Phen375 a try. It’s appetite suppression can’t be beat and it not only burns fat but also prevents your body from storing it. Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook. There’s a lot of good information in there about choosing meal plans. Best of luck to you David, and hang in there!

  12. hi rob i see every one asking you for advice well .i am about 199 looking to lose like 15 pounds and gain about 20 in musile .what would you recommed me takeing to burn fat and gain nusile
  13. Wow these people are real winners!

    After an unanswered email, I called and finally got someone after 10 minutes waiting. The guy was very polite and friendly, but at the same time very pushy and stubborn when it came to the refund.

    I told him I was unimpressed with the product and even more so the shady and misleading “trial”.
    When I asked about the money back guarantee, he went into a sales pitch about how he and his friends have had great results, etc etc and how he wanted me to be able to enjoy these too and give it a second chance. After pressing, he offered 25% back.
    I asked what happened to money back?

    He launched into another sales pitch and when I said it wasn’t good enough, he offered 50% back without returning the product. When I persisted he claimed that it would take up to 30 days to get my refund, but only 3 days to get half back.
    When I said I didn’t mind waiting, he said that since it was so close to the thirty day period, he was worried the returned pills wouldn’t get to them in time, especially if they were “lost or stolen”.

    This is where I gave in finally, paranoid about them pulling something.
    Bottom line these guys are shady, and just barely shy of a scam. Don’t bother.

    We shall see if I actually get my refund.
  14. Hi rob,
    Im looking for a pre workout as well as a post workout that does have results. Im about 5’9, 216 pounds and I dont process proteins very well.

    I don’t want to break the bank but I’m definitely not wanting to go about this as cheap as possible. And if possible I would like something that opens up the veins and increases blood flow as well as providing a back up generator for energy.

    Any suggestions???
    1. Hey Cody,
      NitroCut would be perfect for you. It does everything you’re looking for. It’s technically a pre-workout supplement, but you can take it before working out and/or before meals. It definitely gives you that energy you want and it’s a nitric oxide booster so you get unbelievable pumps too. You’ll also be amazed at how quickly you recover after your hardest days. I know I was.

      1. So I’ve been dieting for 4 months, went from 262 to 210. The problem is I still have a large belly and huge man boobs.

        Had those since 6th grade. How do I loose the belly and boobs?

        Also broke my leg awhile back and can’t do much physical work with the bum leg right now. Thanks jason

        1. Hey Jason,
          For losing weight, you should use Phen375. It’s a great fat burner and appetite suppressant. And if you’re up for it, NitroCut is a great pre-workout supplement. You’ll get the energy you need and it’ll help you recovery faster too.


  15. Just note, when you cancel they require you to return the unused portion of the bottle or they WILL charge you for the bottle. So it certainly is NOT a FREE trial – u just pay for it LATER

  16. Do not waste your time with trig X. This company which is based out of the USA in Cypress is on of the many now scamming people with a very deceptive “trial offer." I paid $5.99 for the trial. 14 days later I was charged $89.98, and then 14 days after that I was charged $99.98…and I never received any product.

    Besides that the product is low grade and doesn’t have any recovery benefit at all.

    Recommendation: Only buy products with the GMP stamp of approval. Get on a nutrition plan that optimizes your hormones so your testosterone levels rise naturally and you produce the necessary growth hormone to initiate hypertrophy and/or retain lean muscle mass.

  17. I just got the muscle factor X and the trigX2 bottles but I want to know when and how to take both of them and how many a day??? Pls help I want to start using them ASAP.

    1. Hey Pedro,
      From what I’ve read, you’ll want to take the Muscle Factor X in the morning and the Trig X2 later in the day, say afternoon. Other than that, follow the directions on the bottle to make sure you’re getting the correct doses.

  18. Hey so anyone who has used trigx2 if it worked at all did it work better taking it before or after your workout?
    1. Hey Eric,
      There are lots of weight gain supplements. They usually come in the form of a powder you make into a shake.

      They’re packed with protein and carbs for calories and usually include some vitamins too. I haven’t needed to try any of these, so I can’t tell you which to use.

      I’d go to GNC and check there if I were you.

  19. I have recently bought the Trig x2 and the MuscleRev Xtreme. I have not used them yet but today will be my first actual workout day.

    I’m hoping its not a scam, I will check back here I guess with results.
  20. This isn’t a scam. You just need to read the terms and conditions like Marc said.

    If you call within the 14 day time-table, then you can cancel the subscription. I just called, and the customer service is quite friendly.

  21. Hi. I was wanting to order Trig X2 but now I’m hearing all this scam stuff and everything.

    I am trying to get an edge on the feild coming this fall. Any suggestions?

    Or any other supplements?
    1. Hey Joey,
      It sounds like you’re looking for a Pre-Workout supplement. If that’s the case, I would definitely go with Nitrocut. You’ll get the edge you want and you won’t have to worry about the marketing scams that a lot of other supplements use.

  22. boy is this a real scam. and even when you try to cancel, by phone, Demetri tries to sell you MORE via XX% off or an extended trial period. STAY AWAY!

  23. Hi Rob

    I ordered a free trial and contacted your company a few times via the website to cancel my free trial yet I was still charged the monthly price. I want to cancel.


    1. Hi Chris,
      Please contact that manufacturer of Trig X2 on their official website.

    1. Hey Carlyle,
      It may indeed work, but be aware of the free trials terms and conditions. You would have to visit the official website to order.

  24. TRIG X2


    Folate (as folic acid) 400mcg
    Zinc (as zinc acid) 45mg

    Stinging Nettle (leaf) Powder (Urtica dioca) 300mg
    L-Arginine (base) 300mg
    Long Jack (root) 200mg
    Fenugreek 100mg
    Bacopa Monnieri Extract 100mg
    Saw Palmetto Powder 50mg
    Milk Thistle 50mg
    Yohimbe 90 mg
    Korean Ginsen 90mg
  25. hi rob, i ordered a trial offer of 1285 muscle & trigx2 last july 9, 2013. it’s been a week today & i receive nothing from them, i’m here in canada. you mean, i’m not going to get the item with the trial offer & it’s just a fee for shipping? thank you!
    1. Hey Loufel,
      You should get the item, it I’m guessing it’s getting caught up in customs or something. But I would call the company and tell them you still haven’t got it.

  26. Hey rob,
    I just ordered trig x2 and due to a prior experience I am well aware of the “free” trial scam. However, I just got my order in today and canceled immediately.

    It only took about 4 days to ship here ( I live in Connecticut) and the customer service (8008592916) was excellent. I believe if you don’t use a large amount of pills they won’t require you to ship it back, but if you have used a majority of the pills then they might want the rest (idk) but the didn’t require me to mail them back and they canceled my subscription.

    I’m still aware there’s a chance ill be charged anyways but I have received a cancellation email so I’m sure I can dispute a payment of 89.99 or w.e it is. I still have my 30 day supply and will try to keep you updated on the effectiveness of these supplements and the whole customer service aspect as well.

    I do hope you are unbiased about your reviews and that you take my comments into consideration. If you are aware of the fine print you can get what you want.

    Thank you.
    1. Hey Marc,
      Yeah it depends on the product, some make you send it back and some don’t. Keep us posted on your results.

    2. Hey Marc,
      I did the same thing you did today. Did they ever wind up billing you the $89 dollars or not?

      I’m considering canceling my credit card if they do. I just don’t want it to be a scam.

      And I also don’t want to pay $89. Please let me know what happened!

    3. Hi Mark, I’ve been trying to cancel. I have sent two messages via the contact us page and received no cancelation confirmation.

      Looking for how you went about cancelling your trial?
      1. i just called their customer service and insisted on a refund of the 2 charges i received 14 days apart…one for $89.98 and the other for $99.98. They issued the refund and cancelled my account….supposedly.

        I won’t know until it posts to my account. Customer service # is 1 800 898-0384. I was on hold for 20 minutes before they picked up. Don’t take NO for an answer!

      2. TRIG X – if you would like to cancel your membership and stop receiving future shipments, you must call US : 800-859-2916

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