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Rob Miller | November 8, 2013
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Vasoderm Overview

Most of the male enhancement products on the market are pills.

You take them either regularly or in the moment, their herbal ingredients make their way through your system, and they have their effect on your sexual desire, your stamina, and your ability to achieve and maintains a hard erection. Vasoderm is a little different.

Instead of pills,it’s a topical gel-like substance.

But it works like pills in that use over time prepares you to achieve those rock-like erections.

In other words, contrary to what you might think, Vasoderm is not a sexual lubricant.

It is a male enhancement formula with a topical delivery method.

Vasoderm ReviewVasoderm Ingredients and How They Work

The primary ingredient in the Vasoderm formula is L-Arginine.

This amino acid is one of the most commonly found ingredients in male enhancement formulations of all kinds. It’s a precursor to nitric oxide.

This means that it helps facilitate an increase in nitric oxide production.

Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and the penile cavities, so more blood rushes in during arousal.

This is what creates those strong, hard, powerful erections.

Other ingredients include Gingko Biloba and Vaso Erectile Peptide for further increases in penile blood flow.

Vasoderm is to be used once daily.

You apply 8 to 10 drops, mixed with 3 to 4 drops of warm water to the entire shaft of the penis.

They recommend the warm water to open up the pores for the best possible absorption.

When you’re planning a sexual encounter, you should also use Vasoderm about 20 to 40 minutes prior.

Vasoderm Pros and Cons

Making yourself aware of both the good and bad aspects of a product is a good way to ensure that your decision to use it or not is based on solid evidence.

Advantages of Vasoderm

  • It doesn’t require you to take a pill.
  • There are no systemic side effects.

Disadvantages of Vasoderm

  • Vasoderm does nothing for libido and stamina, only erection quality.
  • It requires daily use.
  • We found only one Vasodermreview from a customer who used it, and he said it did nothing except irritate his wife’s genitals.
  • There is no indication as to whether or not it can be used with condoms.

Where to Buy

There’s no official Vasoderm website, but we did find it available through a few online supplement shops.

A single bottle is said to have about 25 uses, and it sells for $36.99.


If your sexual issues are completely confined to erectile dysfunction and you’d prefer not to take pills, then Vasoderm is for you.While I don’t think its market is vast, it’s a good niche product that has a certain degree of usefulness for a number of men.

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