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Vigorect Overview

They call it an “oral gel shooter.” Vigorect is a fast-acting male enhancement product that comes in a packet.

It’s a gel-like liquid that you ingest about 30 to 45 minutes to an hour before you’re planning your sexual encounter.

It apparently tastes like berries, and makes sure you can achieve and maintain a solid erection for as long as you want and need to.

It looks as though there used to be an official Vigorect website, but that no longer exists.

Usually that means the product is no longer being manufactured and is on its way out.

In this case, Vigorect is still available through some third party retailers, so it’s not completely gone yet.

That being the case, lets take a look at the formula to see if we can determine if and how Vigorect works.

Vigorect ReviewVigorect Ingredients and How They Work

There is no complete ingredient list to be found on the internet, but we were able to track down the primary active components.

They include:

  • Butea Superba which is a well regarded aphrodisiac that supports libido and increases energy and stamina.
  • Choline Bitartrate which supports blood flow to the penis.
  • Vitamin B5 which increases energy and vitality.
  • L-Arginine which increases the body’s production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator that relaxes blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to the penis for better erections.

As we mentioned above, you would ingest one packet of Vigorect liqui-gel about 30 to 45 minutes before having sex to improve erections and libido.

Vigorect Pros and Cons

Looking at both sides of an issue is the best way we know to make sure you end up with an objective conclusion about whether or not to buy.

Advantages of Vigorect

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • It comes in single packs so it’s inexpensive to try.
  • It’s fast-acting.
  • There is no commitment required.

Disadvantages of Vigorect

  • There is no official Vigorect website anymore.
  • The product has likely been discontinued.
  • There’s no money back guarantee.
  • There are no Vigorect reviews from customers or clinical tests to help determine whether or not it works.

Where To Buy

You can purchase Vigorect at this time through Amazon and a couple other retail websites.

The cost of a single dose packet is $6.


While I wouldn’t go out of my way to find Vigorect, I would say that if you come across it and have an opportunity to use it, give it a try.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?


By Jasper,  Jan 9, 2019
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

OK, if I give it three stars why do I say avoid it? Because if you see it for sale chances are the product is over ten years old.
A little background here: I'm pretty well traveled, and I have been using and experimenting with various sex enhancements for thirty years.


Liquids, gels, and jellies containing sildenafil or tadalafil or who knows what else cascaded on the market in the years between the FDA approval of Viagra and the approval of Cialis. The idea behind putting various penis preparations in a gel or liquid made to be ingested like a pill or dissolved in the mouth is that already being in liquid form the active ingredients get into the blood faster and therefore reach the brain and the penis faster.


Full on hard erection sooner; happy the man with a hard on. Except it doesn't always work that way.


Gels such as Vigorect have never worked as well for me as troches or pills. In the case of Vigorect that's beside the point.


While true I tried the stuff, used it three times in 2005, the results were positive. Not positive enough to guarantee an erection worthy of penetration each and every time.


I moved on to better things. As it turned out, this lack of effectiveness was more due to the fact that my own body and physiology did not respond to a gel delivery system.


I later learnt it did indeed work well for other men. Several friends reported using one gel pack of Vigorect and having sex two or three times a night. At the time and the time of my own encounter with Vigorect it was a bar fad. You chatted up a hot babe in a bar, talked her into "your place or mine," before you departed the bartender made you a Vigor Shot.


Otherwise known more appropriately as a VizzJizzFizz. Vigorect gel shot stirred into soda water and quickly downed.


By the time you were at your place or hers your best six was rock hard and ready for a rodeo. While I did not respond to Vigorect, many did, for them a good time was had by all.

Why did it work?


Because it contains tadalafil, same active ingredient as Cialis. Yep that's right, it was essentially non-prescription Cialis.


That's why it worked. I was unable to determine if the U.S.


FDA ever took action. No matter, it never saw much sales in the States.


Health Canada did indeed take action and recalled Vigorect in 2007 because it contains tadalafil as an unlisted ingredient. Nothing the matter with that in and of itself, unless you take it with alcohol or another prescription drug, which men were unknowingly doing.


VizzJizzFizz after a night of drinking, or taking Viagra or Cialis on top of Vigorect which already contains tadalafil could get you a free ride in a big SUV to the ER or the coroner would make a house call. Not good.


I wasn't going to post this but for two reasons. One it is still for sale some places on the web, if the pre 2007 formula it has tadalafil, who knows how effective it would be after ten plus years.


If a new formula it's probably some mostly ineffective herbal prep that won't help your penis a bit. Two, I helped a bartender friend of mine move and we discovered three boxes of the stuff, stamped in English and French; pretty good indicator it was a target of the Canadian recall.


There is a slight chance, but still a chance, it is available in a few out of the way places along our northern border. Avoid it, take it and you're askin' for trouble.


Even if the years have not affected the tadalafil, because it's a gel the solubility of the tadalafil therein may be affected. Tadalafil can also be found in more effective forms than ten year old Vigorect.


Again, though I am not a doctor and my advice should not be taken as medical advice 'cause
I'm just another reg'lar horny ol' swingin' dick like the rest of the you: Avoid it!!!

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Worked for me

By Chris,  Sep 3, 2019
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

I tried Vigorect several years ago about half a dozen times over a two year period. While it seemed to take longer than the recommended 30-45 minutes for it to take effect (more like 99 minutes for me), once it started working, wow!


Not to get too graphic but I haven't had a boner like that since I was a kid! And three times in 18 hours off of one dose!!!
So, my problem now is, where can I get it?


I haven't been able to find it on line anywhere. I've had prostate issus and I've tried Viagra and Cialis and levitra with okay results but not great.


Nothing has ever worked as good as Vigorect for me. I just wish I could find it again...


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